What happened to Table view for the surname Platts? Possible glitch/programming error [closed]

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I just went to look at the table of people with surname Platts, which is essential to my work on that surname and all I'm getting is a list of posts tagged with Platts on G2G, which is completely useless to me. Please tell me the surname table has not been scrapped. The surname table is a VITAL tool to me, which I use extensively.

Edit: If I look at the surname Platt, I can get a table up for that name, it's just when I go here
and click on the table view button that it is being misdirected to G2G Activity. I think this must be a programming error. It was working for me before today.

ALSO: I get the same error when I click the "limit to watchlist" button for this surname (Platts). It works for the surname Platt.

I desperately need some help with this because I can't do what I need to in "list view". I've been working on thousands of Platts profiles, working every day for four years and it's always worked before. If I can't have this list, I can't do the work. it's making me feel sick thinking about how much work I've done and now I can't even sort a surname table for it.
closed with the note: The problem has now been sorted.
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Thanks Ellen for tagging this for me. One thing I am noticing is that Platts does not come up in the list of similar surnames at the top right of the PLATT surname table any more and it should do. Would this be linked?
For whatever reason, it thinks there are no people with the Platt surname, so it's defaulting to showing the G2G activity about that name.

Since it's only happening to this one name, I'm guessing someone entered something into one of the fields that is breaking the code that creates the table.

It's been added to the bugs list.
Thanks Jamie, but PLATT is working, it's PLATTS with an S on the end that isn't.
And now both are not working.  Maybe someone can check recent changes to profiles with both surnames.
I'm having this same problem when I click on some surname links from my watchlist. Here is a sampling:


Abbott, Williamson, Allen, Alley, Stanley, Hall, Hinton, Gross


Undoubtedly, there are more. And these are definitely not empty surname tables.
Lindy, can you confirm that Williamson, Allen, and Hall were all empty when you last looked at them?
When I use the surname search for certain names and the names list comes up, then I click on any of the links at the top of the page (such as include current last name), the list is empty and it defaults to the list of tags from G2G.

Names not working so far by the ebove route are Platts, Platt, Alley, Stanley, Hinton and Gross. They have also all disappeared from the related surnames list.

Williamson, Hall, Abbott and Allen worked for me.
Jamie, all the surnames that I listed were not going to the table pages yesterday. As I stated, these surnames were accessed from my watchlist, which itself was in table form.

Today some are going to the surname tables, but some are not; other surnames are also not going to the table pages.

Hopefully, my reply above makes sense.

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I tried it and get the same error, other surnames with an S added were OK. Definitely a bug.
by Michael Christmas G2G6 Mach 1 (10.5k points)
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Yesterday it was only Platts which I was unable to get a surname table for and Platt worked. Today Platt doesn't work either.

Names not working so far: Platts, Platt, Alley, Stanley, Hinton and Gross.

Also Thomson, Cullen, Davenport, Starr, Morrill, Hunter, Wild, Ashford, Lloyd, Collier, Mercer, Ayres, White, Potts, Salt, Helms, Castle, Bruce, Paterson, Patterson, Cramer, Perkins, Hyde, Dyer, Bellamy, Oakes, Drinkwater, Mumford, Corbin, Annett, Posey, Stevens, Stephens, Vance, Ham, Ritchie, Rutherford, Barber, Garrison, Hicks, Fish, Carlson, Maxwell, Runnalls, Holland, Carroll, Yates, Vanallen, Cromwell, Drummond, Cartwright, Flynn, Symons, Norman, Higgins, Chambers, Salter, Lowry, Barnes, Moran, Strachan, Bradshaw, Bingham, Drew, Dye, Bellamy, Harper, Talbot, Branson, Callahan, Jacques, Newman, Irving, Rouse, Wheeler
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (265k points)
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