Can a Pre-1500 member help complete merge proposed by Andrew?

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Hello folks

Talbot-124 & Lacy-1789 are being merged. I ended up as profile manager for Talbot-124 when it was orphaned; I adopt lineal orphans. This merge agrees with my research outside of WikiTree and I think we have the basics ready to go here.

After the merge there will be some additional profile bio editing needed to articulate why the alternate hypotheses (for parentage) are being preserved in bio but not connected; and of course, we'll need to connect the parents and source that.

Isaac in California
WikiTree profile: Sybil de Dinan
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The profile manager of Lacy-1789 is pre-1500 certified and he seems well versed in the specifics of this merge and these profiles.  I do not see how bringing in other member who have not yet researched the merge to complete it will be helpful.

by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Jack is one PM and has accepted it. Isaac is PM of the other. But indeed that seems to be enough, so I'll go ahead. Isaac will you add a medieval tag? I think that a general call for feedback is in order because as noted on the profiles there are a couple of ways to tidy this situation up.

I will do the merge anyway because I think the options involved do not affect that decision unless there are issues I am not aware of and which have not been mentioned by Jack or anyone else so far.
SJ, the website requires a merge approval from me which the website also prevents me from giving due to Pre 1500 policy. (This despite I initiated the match last year.) The website also instructs me (and others in this situation) to post G2G help requests like this, as I have done.

Unfortunately with life and work responsibilities, and the ongoing misadventures of #2020, sadly I do not have time to jump thru the Pre 1500 hoops and become certified right now. Hopefully soon!


In this case Isaac I think your question needs to ask a pre-1500 certified Leader to assist so that they can temporarily adopt the profile and approve the merge.  Instead of this route, the approval will default approve after 30 days.

Hello SJ, thanks for your speedy follow-up. If your advice here summarizes the current policy-driven workflow for how project Leaders need to personally execute merges like this, then might I suggest whoever wrote (or now owns) the boilerplate instructions provided by the website to post here to G2G update the blurb to include that detail?

Broadly speaking, I am just trying to do what the website tells me to do in this case. (Approving a merge I lack the authority to approve, for a profile I "manage" but am prevented by policy from editing or administering.) If the instructions I am following are currently inadequate, we can avoid future G2G posts going to the wrong ppl if we update the instructions / post template.

By extension, we could also avoid this entire class of technical gremlins if somebody with access to the database dumps a report listing all the Pre 1500 profiles currently managed by non-Pre 1500 WikiTree members (and perhaps the orphans which create the backdoor to this situation, as anyone can adopt an oprhan even if they can't edit it or approve merges). It is presumably a large but finite list, and might be helpful to queue into medieval project todo lists.

The trick is for the non-badgeholder to approve first.  If you receive a proposal from a badgeholder, reject it (unless they've changed the rules) and propose it back.

However, as Andrew says, this one is fully approved.
That's a handy workaround to know, RJ.

Thank you
Andrew is one of the project coordinators for the Medieval project.  He can complete the merge.  Feel free to send me a PM if you need further assistance.  Thanks.
Comment deleted -- overtaken by events.

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