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I am looking for a location for these photos , I think they were taken about 1910, when my grandmother was at music or finishing school in Germany. The interesting thing is that many of the people in this photo look like relatives and there are several Catholic priests, which fits with the family. I am wondering if this was a family trip from England when she went to school in Germany. 

There are also several girls in school uniform, it's difficult to tell if one of them could be my grandmother as they have hats and many have dark hair.



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The group is clearly on a trip through the Rhine valley.  The second photo was taken on a bus tour in front of Cologne Cathedral.  For the first photo, the group is posing in Koblenz near where the river Rhine and Moselle come together at the Deutsches Eck.  In the background - looking across the river Rhine - is the imposing fortress of Ehrenbreitstein.

If you have the originals of the images, checking the print markings on the back might tell you if the photos were taken from the same roll of film (and so likely from the same trip). Counting the numbers of people / comparing them between pictures might also confirm whether this was one trip or maybe two different outings.

My maternal GG-grandfather Reinhold BRANDT was Garrison Commander of the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress from 1902-1903.

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Good idea, I hadn't thought of counting the people. I will look through the many boxes to find the originals

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The photo with the bus is made in Cologne, Northrine-Westfalia, Germany in front of the Cologne Cathedral
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Well, the second photo was taken in front of the cathedral in Cologne. The sign on the bus says: "Round trip through Cologne".
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The season could be spring, the trees and bushes in the background have leaves, the people mostly have coats, but they don't look cold. A lot of them have the same button on their lapels, dark background with a white cross, does anyone know what it is?

If I'm correct on the date 1910, could it be something to do with Oberammergau and the passion play?
I don't think that it is Ammergau. It might be somewhere in the Ahrtal in Rhineland-Palatine.

And to your remark with the school girls in school uniform.

As I know in Germany pupils never wear school uniforms.

Only since a few years there has been a discussion about.

From the 1870s to the 1930s in Germany, only a student cap was a headgear for pupils and in some cases also for pupils of secondary schools such as grammar schools, upper secondary schools and secondary modern schools, but also of girls' boarding schools.
If this was a family or other group trip involving my grandmother, the students and others in the group would be English.

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