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The new Nordic Project is an umbrella project that covers all the Nordic countries and Nordic geographical area.

The purpose is to co-ordinate the efforts of WT members who want to help improve Nordic profiles.

Please read the sections about "Project goals" and "How to join" on the Nordic Project Page before posting here.

If you want to actively contribute, assisting with the Nordic Project goals, then please post an Answer in this thread.

If you only want to be informed add “Nordic” to your followed tags or the tag for any of the Nordic countries.

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closed with the note: New join thread for Nordic Project will be posted soon
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Maggie Andersson G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
closed by Maggie Andersson
I have been finding myself working on several lines lately that are in Denmark, Sweden,Holland, and maybe Iceland too..  Yes I would like to join... to monitor, and when possible to improve profiles.  I am too tired at the moment to go look up a bunch of names to share... although Rex or Gustaf Regnell comes to mind from last nights obsession.  He came from Sweden in the early 1900's, and married Edith Wall, whose grandparents family came over from Scotland.

Dear all,

Here is a fairly good document for tracing family lines in the northern part of Sweden. I have just managed to roll up a great part of my grandfathers ancestors from early 1800 back to year 1490. 

Bygdén, Leonard [1] et. al. ; 1923 - 1936; "Hernösands stifts herdaminne: bidrag till kännedomen om prästerskap och kyrkliga förhållanden till tiden omkring Luleå stifts utbrytning"; Volume I - IV; Almqvist & Wiksel, Uppsala och Stockholm, Sweden

Kungliga Biblioteket [National Library of Sweden] 

- Volume I : 

- Volume II:

- Volume III:

- Volume VI:

[1] Dr. Anders Leonard Bygdén (1844-1929), Professor in Logic and Metaphysics to Uppsala Universitet, Sweden; Dean of Uppsala University Libraries, Sweden

If some of you should ending up with “Birkarlar” here is a trustworthy document explaining the concept.

Bergman, I., Edlund, L-E. (2016); Birkarlar and Sámi - inter-cultural contacts beyond state control: reconsidering the standing of external tradesmen (birkarlar) in medieval Sámi societies.; Acta Borealia, 33(1): 52-80;

I am man from Finland who is searching ancestors and cousins all around the world.

My earliest known paternal gf Erik Bragge died in Hiitola, Finland 1740. My earliest known maternal gm Reetta Kokko born in Yli-Ii, Finland 1687. I' d like to use DNA matches too. I have test from FT DNA: MtDNA full, Y-37 and familyfinder autosomal at. 

I want to join in project Nordic and Finland

Hello all-

I'd like to join this project. Multiple branches of my maternal family can be traced to Norway, mostly in the Rogaland & Vest-Agder regions. I've already added quite a bit to my family, & am currently working on adding profiles to other people I've managed to confirm lived on the farms my families lived on (including Anda, Tengesdal, Nja & a few others), having been able to get some scans of bygdebok entries for a few of those farms, which I hope to add on to with other sources.
Most of my ancestors are Norwegian, some Danish. Its nice to find a project that covers this topics. If possible, join me in.
Can I join Finland Project? I am a new member.
Hi, I was really excited to see the Nordic Project.  All my life, I was told that I was French and Cherokee. When had my DNA tested I found out that I shared no Native American blood  LOL   As it turns out, much of my DNA is Scottish, Danish, Sweden and Finland.

I do enjoy WikiTree
Hi-Marie George here.....I am interested in all things Norwegian, but I have found that my oldest ancestors are from all over the place, Russia, Mecklenberg, Denmark, possibly Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and even France!!

Hello Marie George,

if you would like to join the Nordic Project, please join here:

Thank you!

Missy (Berryann-1)

Leader, Nordic Project 

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Hello! I am here to volunteer for the Nordic Project. I can add many profiles from my grandfather's family as they emigrated to the United States from Norway and he has done extensive research on his ancestors.
by Sarah Sterling G2G3 (3.1k points)
Any Information on Polke, Polk,
Hi Lisa, not in my family, they are Gasmann, Manall, and then go by patronymic naming convention. Maybe someone else has this? Were the Polks Norwegian?
Hi Sarah! I will contact you with more information tomorrow (Friday).
Thank you for creating this topic. I hired a Danish genealogist to help me compile records for my great-grandfather, who immigrated about 1870. I could only afford to get the most basic information, so there are many details I would love to learn more about, including connections to the (then named) Danish West Indies. I know my g-grandfather spent some time prior to coming to the U.S., and that his father lived there with his second wife and family.
Sarah, I have sent you private message.
Hi Maggie,

Any chance I could get a badge? I am slowly but surely working on adding family members. I just did the pre-1700 certification as well yesterday so that I can go back farther as well. Thanks! I know it's a silly request, and it's no rush because of the holidays. I just like the "bling" so to speak.


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I can help with the Nordic Projects. I have no ancestry in Scandinavia, but lived in Norway for 3 years and read all the Scandinavian languages but Finnish,
by Jerry Coffey G2G Crew (620 points)
Hi Jerry and thanks for your offer! I will contact you with more information tomorrow (Friday).
Hi Jerry, I sent you a private message.
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Looking forward to joining my first project, specifically the Danish sub project, as my Scandinavian heritage is what interested me in genealogy research originally
by Erik Siersdale G2G Crew (770 points)
Hi Erik! I will contact you with more information tomorrow (Friday).
Hi Erik, I have sent you a private message.
Hi Erik I'm very interested in the Danish sub-project for the same reason as this the least known part of my family tree.
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Hello from Iceland! I'm interested in the project and happy to see if I can help with the project in any way. I've been working on building my tree which includes substantial Canadian and American offshoots. As well as having loads of, as of yet, unexplained DNA cousins in the other Nordic countries as well as around the entire Anglo colonial world... that don't seem to have Icelandic roots... and I'm trying to figure out.
by Sigurður Eysteinsson G2G2 (2.6k points)
Hi Sigurður! It would be great to have more Icelanders in the project. I will contact you with more information tomorrow (Friday).

Hi Sigurður, I've sent you a private message. 

Hej Maggie!
I received the post. I tried to join the GoogleGroup but received this error message: "...
 * You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.
 * The owner of the group may have removed this group.
 * You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.
 * This group may not be open to posting.
So, I replied to your e-mail. Not sure it got through to you so I decided to post it on here as well.
Kind regards
Siggi Jónas.

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Maggie and Juha,

Tack så mycket/Thank you very much for volunteering for this Project! It is exciting to see the diversity of our new volunteers. heart

Since I was already a member of the Swedish Project, I realize that I was just moved over. I just wanted to pop in to say thank you and hello to the new members joining.

I am also willing to help anyone new to Swedish research.

Missy smiley

by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (180k points)
Thank you Missy! And thanks to those who want to be active contributors to the project!
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I would like to support the Nordic project with my assistance especially for and with research in Denmark. I still have many profiles left from my deceased father's handwritten notes, that I haven't created yet -it takes time to check the sources!
by Ole Selmer G2G6 Mach 3 (34.1k points)
edited by Ole Selmer
Hej Ole, du har automatiskt blivit överflyttad till den nya gruppen och borde ha fått den nya Nordic badgen också. Om inte, hör av dig till mig.
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I work on and off mostly in my local region (Rogaland and Sunnhordland) for the more recent centuries, and try to source Norwegian profiles in general for pre-1500 - I was already in the Elder Scandinavia group :)
by Rakelle Teschner G2G6 Mach 4 (42.8k points)
Hej Rakelle, du borde blivit automatiskt överflyttad till den nya google gruppen och fått en ny Nordic badge också. Om inte, hör av dig till mig.
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I would like to join

Mt greatgrandfather Olaf Heidal moved to the US from norway. My DNA is Finnish...
by Vinny Feminella G2G1 (1.6k points)
Would love to assist; many thanks! (My Norwegian great grandparents migrated from Buskerud to join their children in North Dakota in the late 1800s.)
Vinny and Linda, I will get in touch with you both tomorrow Saturday.
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I am looking to learn more about my Swedish ancestors - Ryberg, Lindelof, Persdotter, Hedlund.  I also find a large number of distant Swedish cousins based on DNA matches in  I want to learn more about "farm names"  common in some areas.
by James Bogart G2G3 (3.6k points)
+7 votes
Hello. I'm very interested in joining this project and contributing. I have much ancestry in the region.
by Crystal Davis G2G2 (2.4k points)
Hi Chrystal!

I do not see any Nordic profiles in your tree, could you please tell how you will be contributing?
Yes. I will contribute by adding the rest of my lineages, complete with sources. I haven't yet added much here on WikiTree.
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I'd like to volunteer.  1851 census suggests my 3x great grandfather (my tree's dead end) was born in Norway, and my haplogroup appears to confirm this, so his surname was probably also an Anglicisation of his patronymic name.
by Ralph Allison G2G5 (5.1k points)
Hi Stephen, I would suggest that you post as many sources on the profile of your 3xgrandfather as possible, preferrable with links for others to review, and then post a question in G2G and ask for help to find out more about his origin.

Since I do not (yet) see any Nordic profiles in your tree, would you mind telling me how you would like to contribute to the project goals?

Hi Maggie.  The Nordic profile is Stephen Allison.

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Hi, I would like to join the Nordic Project. I live in Germany, but I have many Norwegian ancestors (some came from Denmark to Norway). I am interested in the exchange with the project members. And I am interested in improving profiles.
by Gudula Suskin G2G6 (9.9k points)
edited by Gudula Suskin
See comment further down.
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Hi, I'm from Finland and I've been doing some private research on my family history and I'd like to contribute my findings to WikiTree.

I'm still quite new to genealogy but I enjoy this kind of historical detective work.
by Arvi Koivulehto G2G Crew (860 points)
Sorry for the late reply, I seem to have some problem with my email. I will send you a private message later today.
+7 votes
Hi hejsan I would like to join the Swedish project, since I’m from Sverige and I am addicted to släktforskning...
by N. Ryding G2G Crew (630 points)
Hej och förlåt för sent svar, jag verkar ha problem med min mail. Jag återkommer till dig i ett privat meddelande senare under dagen.
+5 votes
Hello! I would like to volunteer for the Nordic Project. My grandparents were from Finland and they emigrated to the United States.
by Ruth Bosio G2G Crew (350 points)
Sorry for the late reply, I seem to have some problem with my emails. I will send you a private message later today.
+4 votes
Hi, I would still like to join the Nordic Project. I already tried to join on Nov. 24, but never got a response. Maybe I did something wrong. I live in Germany, but I have many Norwegian ancestors (some came from Denmark to Norway). I am interested in the exchange with the project members. And I am interested in improving profiles.
by Gudula Suskin G2G6 (9.9k points)
Sorry for the late reply, I seem to have some problem with my emails. I will send you a private message later today.
+4 votes
I would love to join and assist with the Nordic Project. My primary Nordic interest is Iceland since my paternal grandmother's parents were both born there.
by Boris Charlton G2G6 (9.3k points)
+4 votes
I'm getting back to activity on Wikitree and would like to join this project. My mom's parents were Norwegian and Swedish immigrants, and I'd like to return to trying to connect more of her lines to the larger tree.
by Kristina Gallant G2G2 (2.3k points)
Hi Kristina, since you were already a member of Sweden and Norway project you have been transferred to the google group and got the new Nordic badge.
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Hello, I am here to volunteer for the Nordic Project.  My 101 y/o lutefisk loving mother is Norwegian on both sides, from people who emigrated to Minnesota in the second half of the 19th century.  I am slowly entering this extensive family and hoping it might connect with the trees of my many cousins.  Through DNA, I have recently gotten to know a cousin in Norway, who is sending me a lot of our genealogy from there, and also can help with translations.
by Charles Landman G2G1 (1.2k points)
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I am interested in this Nordic Project. I am 1/4 Finnish. My Lappi Jarvi Finland ancestors came here in 1892. 2nd Great Grandfather Jacob Pellinen founded Maple Wis. His daughter Great Grandma also married a Finn/Swedish man also from Lappa Jarvi. I have Tarvonen, Pietila, Ahola, Lantela, Kankkonen, Alm, Soderena, and many more in my Finnish ancestry. I have done the Ancestry DNA test. These were very large families with many members. I would love to contribute. I am pretty new to Wiki-tree but have been doing genealogy for 30 years. Would love to join and help out even. Thanks Julie Marble Folden
by Living Marble-Folden G2G Crew (650 points)

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