Puritan Great Migration Project. Want to Join? [closed]

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PURITAN GREAT MIGRATION PROJECT:          Original ancestors who migrated between 1621-1640.

1. Do you want to research, improve profiles, write biographies, and merge duplicates in the Puritan Great Migration Project?  

2. Do you know how to work with and create inline citations? including inline citations for a repeated reference?

If so, you're a candidate for PGM project membership! smiley

Review the project page here.

Then request the badge by posting an answer (not a comment) to this post.  

Please include a link to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research, and posting including how to work with and create inline citations.


Do you have ancestors who were PGM migrants and you want to honor them, but NOT become a PGM Project Member?  

A way to honor your migrating ancestors is to add this PGM sticker to your own WikiTree profile.  


To put a PGM sticker on your own profile, add {{PGM Descendant|[[WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name]]}} to your profile. (Copy and Paste to your profile then replace the highlighted area with your ancestor's information.) For example: {{PGM Descendant|[[Aldrich-908|George Aldrich]]}}

Thank you...

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Cheryl, I corrected the link to the project.  When I tried it, it wouldn't work.
Thanks much, to Darlene and Bobbie for "touching up" this PGM g2g for me.

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I am close to being able to join this project, I just have one question. One requirement is the completion of a profile to demonstrate my abilities to write, format and edit profiles, what I need to know does this profile have to be a pre-1700 profile or any profile I have completed? If not than here are four profiles I have worked on:

Didymus Benson (1818 - 1890)

John McClellan Benson (1862-1948)

Ralph Emerson Benson (1908-1965)

Roger Ellis Benson (1939-2003)

I would love any feed back on the information (to little / too much) the formatting of information and sources. Please feel free to private message me or leave a comment on my person profile page.

Thanks again


by Carrie Benson G2G2 (2.4k points)
edited by Carrie Benson
Hi Carrie,  It's nice to see that you desire to be a badged member of the Puritan Great Migration project.  I've looked over the profiles you submitted and will soon be sending you a private message.

Cheryl, PGM Co-Leader
I'll be adding the badge to your profile page, Carrie.  Very nice work on the profiles you submitted.  My hope is that you will enjoy being an active member of the project.

Please respond to the email you'll receive to be in PGM's large googlegroup, so you'll be able to follow the comments and know what others are working on and collaborate with other badged members.

Cheryl, PGM Co-Leader
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A reminder to our newer members:

Virtually ALL of the people who migrated during the time of the Great Migration (1621-1640) already have a profile on WikiTree and should not be duplicated.  If you believe you're a descendant, and have one of these early migrants in your personal family tree - please don't create a new profile.  Instead search diligently for the profile that probably already exists.  If you can't find a profile for your ancestor, post in g2g with the question using the PGM tag.  Another PGM volunteer can point you to the profile.

by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (246k points)
I have many ancestors who migrated during this time period. I’m currently working on the Descendants of Robert (of Roxbury) Williams.

I’m working on biographies of many of his lesser known descendants. As a trained historian in this time period; I look forward to working on this project.
Hi Mary Margaret,  Many thanks for working on profiles of descendants and acquiring the skills necessary to be in the PGM project.  When you're ready, and know how to do inline citations, please apply for a PGM badge if you wish to collaborate with other project members to improve PGM profiles.  (Need to reply as an answer, not a comment.)

Cheryl, PGM Co-Leader
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I’d like to join.  I have numerous Puritan ancestors.  I’m pretty new to wikitree,  but I really like it.  I have 10 years of experience in genealogy on other websites.  Here’s an example of a page I created for some of my ancestors.  


This one in particular is descended from Puritans from the early 1620’s.
by Jared Crayk G2G6 Mach 1 (16.2k points)
Thank you for your interest in the Puritan Great Migration project, Jared.

I'll be sending you a private message.
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I have several Great Migration ancestors. Please add me to the project. See  [[Duston-115|Vashti (Duston) Page]] and [[Duston-114|Unknown Duston]] for examples of my work.
by Clark Bagnall G2G Crew (530 points)
Thank you for your interest in the Puritan Great Migration project, Clark.

I'm sending you a private message.
Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration (PGM) project, Clark, we need more well qualified, active members!  I'll add the badge to your profile.
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I’d like to join.  I’ve learned a lot in the past few months including what things to do (cite sources at time of entry) and what not to do (changes suffixes without knowing if they used them during their life).  Here’s some examples of pages I’ve made: [[Carpenter-19687]] , [[Kennedy-20559]] , Some I’ve improved: [[Munn-173]] , [[Corse-12]] , and some I’ve identified as duplicates : [[Ward-6028]]   [[Northam-178]] and have taken over or have requested merges.  Here’s my own page that I created for myself : [[Crayk-9]], that I think shows that I have learned the coding part of it pretty well, and I know how to identify sources and make in-line citations.  I think I would be an asset to your project.  I have learned enough now, and am proficient enough with the wikitree website, that at the very least, I won’t hurt your project in any way.










Here’s another I cleaned up. I’m fixing all of the descendant’s information because there are numerous errors in spouses, children, and dates.


by Jared Crayk G2G6 Mach 1 (16.2k points)
edited by Jared Crayk
Hi Jared, pleased you've applied again.  I can see you've been digging in and learning a lot.

I'll be in touch via private messaging.

Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration project, Jared.  You're badged!  Soon you'll be added to the PGM primary googlegroup, so you can see the activity.  

Please review the PGM main project page. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Puritan_Great_Migration especially the project guidelines and editing guidance.  Be a knowledgeable, productive and collaborative member.

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I would like to join the PGM project. I appreciate that PGM cases can represent ancestors who's histories can be more confusing and challenging than most, and help from other project members is valuable.  I have attached two profiles I have researched and edited that impact PGM ancestors:

Mercy (Unknown) Ellis: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Unknown-520905

Lettice Shakespeare: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Shakespeare-25
by Laurence Mohr G2G2 (2.1k points)

Nice you are interested in being a badged member of the project, Laurence.  

Welcome to the project, I'll be applying the PGM badge to your profile in a few minutes.

Will you please send me an email so I have your address?  Then you will be added to the googlegroup and enabling you to see the activity on PGM profiles.

It is hopeful that someone in the project will work with you for a while to help you get started on the right foot.  In the meantime, please be sure you review the project's pages (follow the links) from here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Puritan_Great_Migration  Thank you.

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I would like to join. As David and I are married and Robert Torrey is our son, I am the contact person for David and Robert's profiles since I am active on Wikitree.

David and I are planning a trip to Combe St. Nicholas Somerset and Cornwall in 2022 to do some possible family research into the Torrey line. David's goal is to show the Torrey connection to Somerset and the Norman invasion. While reviewing the Torrey branch, I saw that Capt. William Torrey needs editing. As he is already part of the PGM, and I have some experience with Wiki project expectations, perhaps I can be of some help to his profile. I developed Johann Martin Boltzius' profile while working with the Southern Colonists Project to support my mother's ancestors and I'm about to embark on the Tartan Trail in the Scotland Project to support my father's family. The Torreys are my contribution to my husband's father's line so any assistance and resources I can exchange with PGM would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

by Amanda Torrey G2G6 Mach 1 (13.6k points)
edited by Amanda Torrey
Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project. We would love to have you join the google group, if you send me a private message (that will give me your email) I will send you an invitation.
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Since I am currently working on several PGM profiles and have many others in may ancestry it would be of mutual benefit to become part of the project.  Examples of PGM profiles I have edited:

[[Holly-215 | Luther Holly]]

[[Holly-107- | Samuel Holly]]

[[Unknown-545972 | Elizabeth (Unknown) Kendall]]
by Mike Dobson G2G1 (1.9k points)
Great work on those profiles, Mike.

Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project.  We would like you to become a member of the googlegroup so you can follow along and add your comments to the discussions.  Will you please send me a private message, that will give me your email address, and you'll be sent an invitation to join the group.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for adding Wetherell-338 Hannah (Wetherell) King as daughter of Wetherell-205/Wetherell-266 duplicates Samuel Wetherell.
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I respectfully request the honor of joining the Puritan Great Migration Project. My ancestor is William Carpenter. Here is an example of a page I created for my grandfather and father:

Thank you for your consideration. My lineage is as follows.

1-Captain William CARPENTER II (987R-YXQ) (23 May 1605-7 Feb 1659) m. Abigail BRIANT (L584-XFC) (abt 27 May 1604-22 Feb 1686)

2-Joseph CARPENTER (LV2F-PX8) (6 Apr 1634-4 May 1675), m. Margaret SUTTON (LC8P-64V) (abt 1634-bef 4 Oct 1676)

3-Benjamin CARPENTER (KNDM-XHY) (-22 May 1727), m.Renew WEEKS (LXQ5-RRZ) (12 Aug 1660-29 Jul 1703)

4-Jotham CARPENTER (KZQN-XRX) (1 Jun 1682-14 Aug 1760), m. Desire MARTIN (2SDW-3T8) (20 Mar 1684-12 Sep 1727)

5-Renew CARPENTER (LHPL-MCV) (6 Jun 1714-9 Feb 1787), m. Private Jabez "4" ROUND Sr. (LHP2-BRR) (29 Sep 1708-11 Mar 1790)

6-Deacon Jabez "5" ROUND Jr (27BL-LD4) (8 Jan 1735-29 May 1806), m. Prudence CROSSMAN (L7BB-C8M) (1740-27 Oct 1825)

7-Elder Sylvester ROUND (27BL-7R1) (10 Apr 1762-4 Nov 1824), m. Mehitable Dryer PERRY (LCJ2-QHP) (7 Sep 1760-17 Jan 1837)

8-Sylvester "6" ROUND Jr (LC58-WM7) (9 Jan 1788-14 May 1869), m. Polly Elizabeth WALKER (LC56-VRD) (21 Sep 1794-)

9-Roxana "Roxy" ROUNDS (M729-TK4) (3 Jan 1817-13 Sep 1906), m. Robert MUNNS (KD31-TQS) (23 Dec 1811-)

10-Mary Elizabeth MUNNS (KH3K-27D) (2 May 1842-23 Dec 1930), m. Otis Blanchard 

by MaryJo Blanchard G2G Crew (320 points)
edited by MaryJo Blanchard
Thank you, MaryJo.  I'll send you a private message.
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I would like to joint the Puritan Great Migration Project. I am descended from numerous colonial families, but my current focus is on the First Families of Westerly Rhode Island, for which I've created a free-space page. I recently completed the profile for Thomas Painter who was a part of the Great Migration but who somehow didn't make it into Anderson's GMP.     

by David Randall G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
Hi David, nice to see you applied to be a badged member of the Puritan Great Migration project.

I'll be sending you a private message.

Cheryl, PGM Co-Leader
Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration project, David.  You are a badged member.
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Hello PGM-

I'm developing my WikiTree skills and would like to join the project.

A few of my older profiles include:

I recently assisted member Douglas Henry in merging and documenting -> Buck-7471, Buck-7472

It appears that some of my PGM ancestors include

Locke-186 Gale-694 Dixey-72 Clarke-2638

Thanks for your efforts (and help).

by Ronald Abarquez G2G1 (1.9k points)
I’ll be sending you a private message, Ronald.  Nice to have you applying for the badge.

Cheryl, PGM Co-Leader

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