What phrases don't work in changes comments?

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I've been noticing lately when I enter a comment with what I changed on a profile, half the time it's cutting the comment off, or only adding half of it. Are there words etc that I should avoid? I've tried a few different things and it seems to be almost random. I like people to know what I've done without having to hit the change log. You can see my contributions list to see that it appears comments are incomplete.
in WikiTree Tech by Raewyn Vincent G2G6 Mach 7 (70.4k points)
retagged by Jamie Nelson
I sent a note directly to Jamie to see if it is on the list of "bugs"
Hi, Robin!  It's there ... it's just not at the "top" of the list yet, and I don't think she's been able to reproduce it. So, hearing from others who are having problems will be good. More info!
Thanks Julie. I just appreciate that it's been noted. I hadn't noticed the issue before, but I guess I haven't been using the bottom comments field much and when working in sensitive (protected or pre 1500) profiles, I definitely want to make sure people know what I'm up to without feeling hassled. Melanie was the one that confirmed it for me, which is good. I haven't found anything in particular that causes text to break off.
If you use your browser's autofill in the 2nd summary box, it won't recognize that any text has been typed, and won't sync with the 1st box (which is what actually gets saved). The same thing happens if you paste text into the field on a mobile device. To prevent this from happening, you can type a space at the end of the summary so the field will update, at least until we figure out how to fix it.
Oh, I'm not even messing with that field now. It's proven unreliable lol.
Why don't the make the comments fields just one but give two places to add something into it. And when adding to the first it would automatically be displayed in the lower one (and vice versa) so that you don't repeat or overwrite what you have already have inpurt.
The lower field is newer -- came with some changes (including the enhanced editor, I think).
Walt, that's what it's supposed to do, but if it doesn't recognize anything is changed in the second field, it won't sync.
But it doesn't --- you get down there and the fie field is empty. ndif you hppen to write something different I don't know what happens. It should auto fill in the 2nd as you wrie in the first and vice-versa.
Walt, I think synchronization is what it was meant to do, but clearly there is a bug.

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Don't include the '<' type format characters.  Use quotes in place of the formatting, so it would be 'ref name'
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (654k points)
There are times I've avoided things like that at all costs, but doesn't make a difference. I think Melanie might have alerted there could be a bug in the second comments field...only thing that makes sense to me at this point.

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