Which Aagjen Freer did Isaac De Joo marry?

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On 31 Oct 2020 Ellen Smith wrote on De_Joo-6:

Which Aagjen Freer did Isaac de Joo marry? Possibilities (based on marriage date of 1744) are these three 1st cousins:

  1.  Freer-19, daughter of Abraam Freer and Jannetje de Graaf, baptized in 1721.
  2. Freer-912, daughter of Zalomon Freer and Claartje Westphal, baptized in 1722.
  3. Freer-319, daughter of Hugo Freer and Maria de Wit, baptized in 1725.

In The Freer Family: The Descendants of Hugo Freer, Patentee of New Paltz, Ruth Heidgerd identified her as Freer-19, but did not explain her reasoning.

Here is my analysis:

Geography: Birth place and residence place on marriage record are ambiguous. It is likely that Isaac and all three Aagjens were born in New Paltz, even if they were baptized in Kingston, so the birthplace is not a discriminator. They married in Dutchess County in 1744, so it is likely that both were living there by then. Abraam Freer and Jannetjen de Graaf are said to have moved to Rhinebeck (when?) in Dutchess County. Hugo Freer is said to have been received into the Rhinebeck church in 1742. The little information I have seen about Solomon Freer indicates that he was having children baptized in Kingston as late as 1743. In summary, there is evidence that Hugo was in Rhinebeck when Aagje married Isaac, but the lack of evidence related to the other two fathers does not rule them out.

Names of Children: Dutch naming customs indicate that Isaac and Aagje should have named their first two sons and first two daughters for their parents. Their recorded children are:

  1. Maria - Name of the mother of Agje Freer-319 (daughter of Hugo, baptized 1725)
  2. Henrick - Name of the father of Isaac de Joo.
  3. Christoffel - Does not appear to be the name of a parent of Isaac or any of the Aagjens. Probably named for Christoffel de Joo, the brother of Isaac who witnessed the baptism, whose name presumably came from Christopher Davis. ancestor of Margrietje Van Bommel (mother of Isaac).
  4. Lena - Not the name of a parent of Isaac or any of the Aagjens.
  5. There is a gap from 1749 to 1753. Was another child born in this period?
  6. Lidias - Not the name of a parent of Isaac or any of the Aagjens.
  7. Hugo - Name of the father of Aagje Freer-319 (baptized 1725). Also the great-grandfather of all of the cousins named Aagje Freer.
  8. Possible gap from 1759 to 1762.
  9. Jannetje - Name of the mother of Aagje Freer-19 (baptized 1721).
  10. Possible gap from 1762 to 1765.
  11. David - I do not see any instances of David in any of these families, except possibly as the patronymic used by some of the family of Christopher Davis.

Isaac and Aagje appear to have honored the Dutch custom in the name of Henrick, but they were not consistent. Notably, there is no child named for Isaac's mother Margrietje. If Aagje is Freer-192, Maria and Hugo were named for her parents. If Aagje is Freer-19, Jannetje was named for her mother.

Witnesses at Children's Baptisms: Identities of witnesses often help identify family relationships:

  • Maria - Witnesses Abraham and Catrina Freer could be https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Freer-318 and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Freer-320, siblings of Aagje Freer-319. The witness Abraham also could be the father of Aagjen Freer-19, but I do not find any other Freer women with the name Catrina (or Catharina or similar) to be the female witness with that Abraham.
  • Henrick, Christoffel, and Lena - Witnesses from the father's family.
  • Lidias - Witnesses Petrus Freer and Lidia Freer are mysterious. Aagje Freer-912 had a brother Petrus baptized in 1727, who seems to have no record after his baptism. Aagje Freer-319 had a brother Petrus baptized in 1739, which is rather young but not impossible for a baptism witness in 1757, and a sister Lidia baptized in 1743, even younger...
  • Hugo - Witnesses Hugo Freer & wife Maria De Witt are the parents of Aagje Freer-319.

I think the weight of the evidence (name of first child, name of subsequent child, and witnesses at baptisms) points to her being Aagje Freer-319, the daughter of Hugo Freer and Maria de Wit, baptized in 1725, but there may be other evidence I am not aware of. (This is not my family and I am not familiar with the literature and lore. I am only trying to help untangle a conflict.) Does anyone have other evidence or perspectives??

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I suppose that a departure from Dutch custom in the naming of the children of Isaac and Aagje might have been related to the fact that their fathers were from Huguenot (French) families, although their mothers had New Netherland roots.

Seeing no objection to my analysis, I am going to make Aagjen Freer-319, the daughter of Hugo Freer, the wife of Isaac DeJoo.

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