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Why is the Australian Flag locked down for privacy?


in The Tree House by Deborah Talbot G2G6 Mach 6 (63.5k points)
I'm not sure where you found that page. Is this a more useful page - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Australian_Flag_Images?

Gillian -- that image is from that page.  The image does not display in the table because it is privacy protected.  (Bold and red is mine.)

Flag Image Image File Description Flag Image Image File Description
Australia 1901-1903 Flags_of_Australian.png Australia 1901-1903 Australia_1903-1909 Flags_of_Australian-1.png Australia 1903-1909
Australia 1909- Flags-5.png Australia 1909-

Oh, er... silly me... thanks. I'll see if I can find out how to fix it up.
I am sending a note to the Team regarding this situation. It looks like the flag of Australia has been disconnected from all space pages it used to be associated with.
Thanks, Ellen!
Thanks Ellen, appreciate your assistance!
I don't know what effect I had. The link now goes to a flag of Ireland...
It's actually the Australian flag - just incorrectly named. I found I could edit the name. So I think it's ok now.
Thank you, Ellen .. and thank you Gillian.

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The profile has a privacy lock on it. It is not an open profile.

It is not the flag itself that is locked, It is the fact that the "primary" image on that profile is locked - because the profile itself is not open. The profile manager has chosen to use the flag as its primary image.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
What profile?
Robynne meant the free space page … everything about them works the same as profiles.

Also, she's absolutely right, but the image needs to be disconnected from the category page and should only be linked from there.  As long as it is connected to any private page - not just as a thumbnail - its display will be suppressed everywhere, even if it is only linked.

I'm sorry - I still don't get what page.  Other than the Australian Aboriginal Flag all the other flags on the category page display fine, except the current Australian flag, which is privacy protected.

The category page isn't privacy protected. I cannot find the Aus flag on the space page Flags.  I can find the other flags just fine, but NOT my national flag. 

My understanding has been that you can have an image on a private page, and it will be privacy protected; but if you also have it attached to any open profile, it will be viewable and not privacy protected.

That image has nothing to allow it to be connected by anyone.

I also don't see any difference in the way it is set on the category page, and the way all the other flags are set there, so am not understanding how that is a problem.

Sorry, Melanie, I haven't tried (and don't have time now) to look to get to the bottom of it, but here is what I'm sure is happening:

  1. the particular image in question was uploaded to whatever page is part of the image name (in this case, "Flags").
  2. I expect that page is public or open and if that is the only page attached to the image then the image will display anywhere a link to it is placed.  Note that this is regardless of the privacy of the page from which it is linked.
  3. In this case, because of the privacy problem, I theorize that someone attached another page to the image, instead of linking to the image from the other page.  I further theorize that this additional attached page is private.
  4. This explanation accounts for the existence of the problem.  If any page that is attached (or connected or whatever the official term is when we click the radio button or enter the name of a page on the image's page) is private then the image will not display anywhere - even on the original page to which it was uploaded - unless the user displaying it is on the trusted list of any and all private pages to which the image is attached.
The way all the other flags are displayed on the category page, but not this one, can be attributed to the fact that all the other flags are not attached (connected, or whatever) to any page that is private.

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