Two Cadwallander Jones attached as sons of Richard Jones and Ann Jeffries

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We've got two different Cadwallander Jones, a generation apart, attached as sons of Richard Jones and Ann Jeffries.

They are not the same person, but they cannot have the same parents.

Can someone help figure out which Cadwallander (love that name) belongs to which parents?  Many thanks.
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for what it's worth, sharing the following from [this page]:

  • Geni: Capt Peter Jones & son Peter (use with caution - much information does not appear reliable; for example, names his parents as Richard Jones and Anne Jeffries; they were not).
  • Find A Grave: Memorial #77053902 for Major Peter Jones (1624-21 Nov 1674) has no sources (and also names his parents as Richard Jones and Lady Anne Jeffries; they were not).
Jillaine - you say "...While both Cadwallander Jones list Richard Jones as father, Anne Jeffries is married not to Richard Jones but to Peter Jones."

Could you share which Peter and the support that whichever one it was married Anne Jeffries?

That's just how WikiTree has them now: if you look at Cadwallander in the original post his parents are Anne Jefferies and Richard Jones.  If you  look at Ann Jefferies profile, she is married to a Peter Jones, not Richard.
then WikiTree is probably wrong in having them married.

ah - thanks Joe, for telling me the "click path" I had to take to find

the Peter profile she's attached to as wife is newer than when I did the research for the Virginia Peter Joneses page.

I've put the family on my to-do list. There is no evidence that any of the Virginia Peter Joneses married a person called "Lady Anne Jeffries".

Cheers, Liz

You're welcome :-)  I did some work on the Somerset Bluet/Jones connection a while ago and had to merge a couple of Cadwalladers then.  There are more documents being catalogued by the Somerset Archive - they are going through the records from the muniments room at  Dunster Castle. The key to the puzzle is figuring out where Richard Jones fits in between Virginia and Somerset (via London).

I've been working on the new Peter Jones profile & looking at proposing a merge with Jones-6845 ... from his (Jones-6845's) profile:

Note: The Jones/Jeffries couple (if they exist) are not the same family as the Peter Jones associated with Abraham Wood:[3]

Richard Jones (1608-1681)
Ann (Jefferies) Jones (1612-1703)
- Cadwallander Jones
- Elizabeth Jones
- Richard Jones (1635-1674), m Margaret Llewellyn may also be their son.
Somehow Cadwallander's parents got detached. Do we know for sure who they were?

from Changes:

from profile:

A previous version of this profile claimed that Richard Jones of Virginia was the father of Cadwalla(n)der Jones. While Cadwallader Jones did have a father named Richard Jones, that Richard was a merchant of London where he died.[7] Cadwallader's father Richard never lived in Virginia. Therefore, we've detached the Virginia Richard Jones as father of this Cadwallader.

Yep... I'm clearly having trouble following all this. Um... never mind. :-)

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Here is part of a document that confirms Cadwalader Jones' father:  1682-1686 Old Rappahannock County, Virginia Deed Book 7, Part I; [Antient Press]; Page 6-10

THIS INDENTURE made the (blank) in the year of our Lord according to the computation used in England One thousand six hundred Eighty & one and in the year of the Reign of or: Soveraigne Lord Charles the second &c. the three and thirtieth Between CADWALADER JONES of Virginia, Son & heire of RICHARD JONES, late of LONDON, Merchant deceased, and JOHN JEFFREYS of LONDON Esqr, of the one part and Sr: ROBERT JEFFEREYS, Knight, one of the Aldermen of the City of LONDON of the other part Witnesseth that the said CADWALADER JONES and JOHN JEFFEREYES for the sum of Five Shillings apiece to them paid by the sd Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYES and for other valuable consideration them hereunto especially moveing have sold unto the said Sr. ROBERT JEFFREYES all that ye Lordship and MANNOR of LEY with the rights and appuirtenan ces called or known by the name of LEY with the rights and appurtenances thereof within the Parrish of BEERFFERIES in County of DEVON and all that the Capital Messuage or Man con House of the said MANNOR called or known by the name of LEY wth apptenances and all those lands and hereditamts, with their appurtenances in TEMERTON-FOLLETT in the said County of DEVON and all that Cottage with the appurtenances in HAWCOMBE in the said County of DEVON and all Copice of Copice Wood containing by estimation Fifteen acres being in BEERFFERIES and all houses, buildings barns Stables gardens woods proffitts libertyes franchises and hereditaments whatsoever to the said MANOR Lordships and premises belonging whereof the said CADWALADER JONES and JOHN JEFFERIES or either of them now hath any Estate of Inheritance in fee simple of all and singular the title of said premises To 

by Kathie Forbes G2G6 Pilot (624k points)

The Early Colonial Settlers site thinks Cadwallader's mother was a woman named Frances Baldwin, first married to Richard Towns(h)end.  Basis is this:  

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 3; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 240

COL. RICHARD LEE, 300 act. Glocester Co., 20 Mar. 1653, P. 27. Upon the N. side of York Riv, abutting upon land of Richard Jones, dec'd., now in possession of Francis Jones, relict of sd. Richard Jones, & E. S. E. upon land of Robert Todd. Trans. of 6 pers.*

and this:
Stafford County, Virginia Order Book, Page 98 (contd) Court held 10th September 1690
863. FRANCIS DADE and FRANCES his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of ROBERT TOWNSHEND late of this County deced and JOHN WASHINGTON as Guardian and next friend to MARY TOWNSEND another daughter and coheir of Robert Townsend deced sheweth that FRANCES TOWNSEND Mother to the said Robert in her widowhood did the 7th day of February 1650 procure a pattent from Sr. WILLIAM BERKLEY
Which leads to two possibilities:  Cadwallader was the son of Richard and an earlier wife, and was born c. 1637 OR he was the son of Richard and Frances and was born after 1650 when we know Frances was still a widow.

It seems less likely to me that Frances was the mother since we know she didn't marry Richard Jones until after February 1650 and Richard was dead before March, 1853.  There was time to have a child, but Frances was at least in her mid-thirties (her Towns(h)end children were born in the 1630's).
Ooops; should have read this first.

So you think Richard's first wife might have been Ann Jeffries?

The Virginia Genealogist researcher/author believes Cadwallader was born about 1652 (but did he reach that conclusion because he was convinced that his mother was Francis?).  But he does point out that this would have made Cadwallader a good 10 years hyounger than his wife Katherine Debnam.  BUT if, as you suggest, Cadwallader was son of a first wife, deceased, then he would have been older and closer in age to his wife Catherine.
Given all the England stuff about the Jeffries, it seems like a good possibility to me.  We need someone to figure out who John and Robert Jeffries in London were and how they were related to Cadwalader.  It could all make sense if Cadwalader was a Jeffries descendant through his mother and thus had a claim to the Jeffries estates.
The Jeffries’  were merchants with links to Virginia. You will find members of the family mentioned in the wills of Col. Richard Lee & his son Francis. The above indenture may be simply business & not a familial relationship. I have some notes on them. I will see if I have anything helpful.
The indenture also confirms the Richard Jones, father of Cadwallader was ''late of London, Merchant, deceased'', so not of Virginia.

Still plugging away to see what's been published about Cadwallader Jones.  He's mentioned, apparently, in the 1674 will of Robert Baldwin-- Robert being brother to Frances Baldwin (who m. Richard Jones)Source: John Anderson Brayton, "The Ancestry of Frances (Baldwin) Townshend-Jones-Williams," in The Virginia Genealogist, 48:170-171 [will of Robert Baldwin is transcribed on p. 181].

NOTE: The will names his Townshend nieces and nephews (Frances had m1 a Townshend), but calls Cadwallader Jones his cousin, not his nephew! So I don't see how this proves Frances Baldwin was mother of Cadwallader Jones! But why would Robert make a bequest to a stepson of his sister?

Thanks, Joe, I've detached Richard Jones of Virginia as father of Cadwallader. Cadwallader did have a father Richard Jones (the London merchant), just not the Virginia man by that name.
Niece/nephew and cousin seem to be somewhat interchangeable back then.  I’ve seen other Virginia wills from the period that called nieces cousins.
But using different terms in the same document-- the same paragraph, even? That he calls some of them niece, nephew, then in a subsequent sentence calls Cadwallader cousin? Seems odd.
I agree, but I’ve learned that stepchild, in-law, niece, nephew, and cousin were all variable terms - and often used in a way that is different from our modern understanding -  back then.  You can be pretty confident two people were related, but not so confident on how they were related.

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