? - 25 million Votes for WikiTree - er Profiles , and 750,000 members ! wow

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 - A few stats -

May 2015 We crossed the major milestone of 10,000,000 profiles!   (In about 6 years

(and the next 10m, in about 4 years)

15,000,003 profiles : 449,694 genealogists. (Aug 25th 2017 : 09:28 GMT)

- Congratulations to all in WikiTree - and growing all the time -

- A night to remember !

Our shared tree includes these Profiles from around the world : and edited by members
20,000,049 profiles (5,220,156 - DNA ) : 607,883  (27th Wed Mar 2019 15:12 GMT : )

25,000,011 profiles (7,397,210 with DNA ) : 750,211 - Wed 4 Nov 2020 = 14:33 GMT

[https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/users '''Top''' scoring members - '''16''' G2G ''Astronauts'']

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Timeline#2008 = the '''WikiTree''' History Link : ''TimeLine''

in The Tree House by John Andrewartha G2G6 Mach 8 (88.9k points)
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Who was the first person to join Wikitree , their family Surname, and their Country their family originally came from?

 - Well , Terri McGhee , it will have to be (Mr.) WikiTree-1 . himself = Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut .

 - these HistoryTree posts are about having a bit of fun with the stats , but also helping newer chums understand how the BigTree grows with the work we all achieve over time - cheers -    JA-50

Thanks for responding Chris Whitten. You had a very intriguing question, but you lost me on the stats. Of course, math was never my strength. Ha


Dallas, Texas

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I was hoping to catch the feed at the instant 25 million profiles was reached, but I ended up missing it by 330.

I backtracked through Recent Changes to try to determine what that point was (subtracting 1 for each created profiles and adding 1 for each merge); it's likely I ended up off slightly since other profiles may have been created while I was flipping back, but happily enough I ended up finding new member Timothy Addis-716 as the profile that bumped WikiTree above number 25 million (which would not be the same as the 25 millionth created profile, since over the years profiles have been merged and deleted which reduces the count).

Other profiles created near this one:

14:34: Kevin Ireland created James Ora Nichols (1893-1970).
14:34: Desireé (Erasmus) Schekierka created Johanna Fredericka Muller (abt.1863-1935).
14:33: Michael Milliken created Margaret (Rowan) Smythe (1876-1976).
14:33: Lexi (Coulbeck) Angel created Francis Archibald Westbrook (1904-1932).
14:33: Sigurður Eysteinsson created Alvin Sigurjon Anderson (1925-2003).
14:33: Nancy Douglas created Sargeant Prentiss Knut (1855-1939).
14:33: created Timothy Addis.
14:33: Kevin Ireland created Archie Herbert Nichols (1891-1967).
14:33: Wendy (Skillings) Taylor created Marvin Gilbert Hall (1915-1992).
14:33: Alan Fawcett created George Armstrong (1822-1876).
14:33: Alan Fawcett created George Armstrong (1822-1876).
14:32: Hans Hofmann created Charles C Marshall (1898-1918).
14:32: Kathy Evans created Mary W (Whitmore) Hayward (1807-1890).
14:32: Patricia Seiwell created Abigail (Pennington) Caudill (1803-).

by Nathan Kennedy G2G6 Mach 3 (30.0k points)
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I had been watching for a few days , and thought I would miss it , being at a meeting tonight - but then arriving home had a quick look , and 100 shy ! I suppose people were tuned into the Election - - -  however , the index for 14:33: Kevin Ireland created Archie Herbert Nichols (1891-1967).   is = https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:EditPerson&u=28366983  = , the one before your choice - (28mill +366983) - -

John, as always, thanks for tracking and reporting these stats. And Nathan, I love what you added here. Very cool. :-)
I missed it too--and was keeping an eye on it for days, too.  But we made it--that's the main thing! Whoo-hoo!
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Yeah! We did it! yes

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (267k points)
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Amazing! So how many billions of profiles do we still need to create?smiley

by Emma MacBeath G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
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This is very exciting news! :) Congratulations to all of WikiTree!
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
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 - As members read through this thread this week , they should also visit the History Tree , as it is here that the dates and actions within WikiTree are recorded - -

This Month is WkiTree's Birthday - 12 years , with the 25 million Profiles -

- an extract =

23 January 2009: Started using the term "profiles" instead of "Person Pages" and "WikiSpace Pages".

7 January 2009: Sent first Activity Feed e-mail update.


November 2008: First public registrations. This is the about the closest thing to an official opening of WikiTree we can put on a calendar.

and the History Link the WikiTree History Link : TimeLine

 - cheers - Happy Birthday , WikiTree

by John Andrewartha G2G6 Mach 8 (88.9k points)

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