Parents of Francis Dabney Parish

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Francis Dabney Parish

Born 1794 in Virginia, USAmap

Son of [father?] and [mother?]

[brothers or sisters?]

Husband of Deborah A. Smith — married 16 Apr 1814 in Nelson County, Kentucky, USA

Father of Elihu Parish


I am looking for Parents

People have said:

Francis L. & Mary (Dabney) Parrish is the parents of Francis Dabney Parrish (This is Proven a Francis Parrish is the father Francis Dabney Parrish' Marriage record) 'Elihue Smith Father of Debra ann Smith'


I know there is a Francis DavisParrish (this is not the same person) Born in 1807.

Francis DavisParrish is the son of Abraham & Ann (Evans) Parrish

My First research found he was the son of Abraham Parish & Elenor Yeager from the LDS,  The issue with this is the place where it says Abraham Parish & Elenor Yeager married didn't exist when they married so the info was wrong.

Then The next lead brought me to Thomas Lincoln Parrish & Elenore

My Issue was I found that guy in records of a nursing home and he was a war vet, and single, no info on children, and the birthdate was not consistant.

Since My findings with that Thomas Lincoln Parrish Keeps coming up but now to a Mary Edwards. 

So I don't know if that data is correct as I have found no facts, Given that, I have found 2 Francis L. Parrish one that is tied to Thomas Lincoln Parrish, The other to Abraham P. Parrish the Martha Ann Holland, which the Tree of Theodore Parrish agrees with. 

The likely of the 2 is Abraham P. Parrish the Martha Ann Holland, as parents of Francis L. Parrish but my issues is I have found no fact or census or bible to confirm this or his link to Francis D. Parish. 

A family tree is not fact unless it has notes of the data sourced and that data can be retrieved again.   My other issue is so many Tie the Nelson Parrish & The Francis Dabney Parish, I have found a away this is possible but have not found facts so far it is theroy, with factual info.


Nelson Parrish Sold Land to a Uncle Chistoper Dabney,  If this Francis L Parrish is the parent his wife was Mary Dabney, Looking up info on mary has been trying, but I believe they are related by marriage of the Dabney line, and the Francis Dabney Parrish I am trying to find info on, (people often put as a cousin or a brother of Nelson Parrish, but there is no facts of this),  Francis Dabney Parrish is older in age then Nelson Parrish SR.

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Francis L. Parrish

Birth: 1756 in Charles City, Goochland, Virginia, United States

Death: Kentucky, USA

Parents: Abraham P. Parrish the Martha Ann Holland  (Marriage date 4 Nov 1765 in Goochland, Goochland, Virginia, United States)

Wife: Mary Dabney (Marriage about 1784 in Goochland, Goochland, Virginia, United States)

These are a Virginia line there is people out there that say the Virginia line doesn't link back to Maryland, but if this is the correct line, this line does just that.

William Parrish & Elizabeth Perkins parents of Abraham P. Parrish

William Parrish

Birth 1722 in West River Hundred, Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States

Death 20 SEP 1790 in Goochland, Goochland, Virginia, USA


Elizabeth Perkins

Birth ABT 1722 in Charles City, Goochland County, Virginia

Death ABT 1798 in Charles City, Charles City Co., VA


So from all the research I have done, I don't know what is right.  The Francis L. Parrish son of Abraham P. Parrish fits the time line, but once again, I am having an issue finding the info that confirm this is correct given the amount of hostility that some from some people on this line has made it hard to find the facts.  I perfer facts rather then theroy.  but at this stage i am full of leads and theroies, ant help would be appreciated.


A flaw in this is Martha Holland died around 22 years of age, Francis & and Ann is in that time frame but other web sites have more then these children to her.



View Tree for Martha Ann HollandMartha Ann Holland (d. date unknown)

Martha Ann Holland (daughter of William Holland) died date unknown. She married Abraham P. Parrish on 1764, son of William Parrish and Elizabeth Perkins.

More About Martha Ann Holland and Abraham P. Parrish:
Marriage: 1764

Children of Martha Ann Holland and Abraham P. Parrish are:

  1. +Francis L. Parrish, d. date unknown.
  2. Abraham Parrish, d. date unknown.
  3. John Parrish, d. date unknown.
  4. William Parrish, d. date unknown.
  5. Thomas Parrish, d. date unknown.
  6. Elizabeth Parrish, d. date unknown.
  7. Ann Parrish, d. date unknown.
  8. Martha Parrish, d. date unknown.
  9. Barbara Parrish, d. date


& I am unable to varify the info and the owner of the website has past and the person it has been past down too has no Idea where her mother sourced the info.

If some one can help that would be awesome.

Francis Dabney Parish 

Married Debrah Ann Smith 


April 17, 1814 • Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA




Francis Asberry




I have records for Francis Dabney Parish  (he is my 4th great-grand father)



Let me know where you hook in.

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There were some relatives of Bartlet Parrish from Virginia and they lived in Indiana, there was a Francis Dabney Parrish. I think my Parish/Parrish line connects with both of these. My fourth great grandfather was Albert Parrish of Virginia, born about 1805. I believe these lines connect in some way. I am continuing research on this.
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Lookup Barlet Parish of virgina 


He was born 6th of may 1777 in Louisa, Virginia, USA

Died 16 December 1847 in Lawrence, Indiana, USA

Bartlet was baptized in the Goochland Dover Church on 23 June 1777, son of Joseph Parish and wife Mary Priddy [Pretty]. Note that this register list all Parish families with one R for births and marriages, but two Rs for will and death records. Census records find the name as both Parrish and Parish. Bartlet grew up around Fluvana County, Virginia where he may have met his first wife, believed to be the daughter of George Franklin. Bartlet appears to have moved to Kentucky with his inlaws. His first wife died shortly after the birth of daughter Polly Parrish in January 1809. He married Patty Franklin, on the 26th of April 1809, daughter of George Franklin, as his second wife, and probably sister of the first wife. Bartlet appears to be living with his father in law in the 1810 census of Fayette County, Kentucky. Later he moved his family to Nicholas County, Kentucky where he is found in the 1820 and 1830 census records. Patty appears to have died by the 1820 census. She probably died soon after daughter Susan was born in the summer of 1816. Susan was not living with Bartlet in either the 1820 or 1830 census, and is believed to have been raised by other family members.Bartlett's marriage record and tombstone have his name spelled as Parrish while most all legal documents in Kentucky and Indiana have it spelled with one R.

Joseph /Parrish/


    BIRTH 1749 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA


      FATHER James /Parrish/

        MOTHER Mary /Barnett/



          Mary /Priddy/



            Virginia, USA


              Charity /Atkinson/


                22 September 1767

                Louisa, Virginia, USA


                  Martha /Allegree/


                    18 December 1797

                    Fluvanna, Virginia, USA

                        NOTES (1)

                        Joseph aquired property in Fluvanna Co., Virginia on April 5, 1778. The property was formerly part of Albemarle County and aquired from Nathan Hall. The property on the North bordered Louisa County, and the property of Joseph's brother John Parrish. In 1792, Joseph's father-in-law, William Priddy, passed away and named Joseph Parish and third wife Martha Allgree Howard as heirs. In 1805, at the death of Mary Priddy's brother George, Mary's mother Jean settled the estate with the children and Joseph and Martha signed the settlement. In 1812, Joseph signed over a portion of his land in Virginia to son Bartlet. Bartlet and Joseph are both listed as property holders in the 1812 taxes, but no records located after that time

                        Mary /Priddy/





                          Louisa, Virginia, USA


                            after June 1796

                            Louisa, Virginia, USA

                              MARRIAGES (1)


                              Joseph /Parrish/



                                Virginia, USA

                                The marriage of Francis Dabney Parrish Proves his father was Francis Parrish..    I am looking for the father of Francis Parrish. about 1770 


                                Not Francis D Parrish 1794.Virginia, USA



                                Barlet Parish 


                                interesting about Barlet Parish.. that is tipical of what I have been finding the 1 r or 2 rr thing.. Typically when others do there name, or at death, but signing and offical documents it seems the family sticks to one r. This is the second time I seen this, but I am not convinced, I know the Albert Parrish is in the line, but and I know we are from indiana, because that is where I am starting my research from given my line.. 

                                Francis L. Parrish, Married to Mary Dabney, just wish I found a will or family line bible, to confirm, or court records.. News papper article even... something to show parents.  Isaac and Ann (Barnet) Dabney, more info on that even... because that is said to be Mary Dabney parents. The information I found were of a different family in the Dabney line..  same name different dates. No daughter Mary

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