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Need more categories created for communities in Newfoundland (when there is time no rush!) I made this post instead of requests so I don't overburden the categorization project.

Great Paradise, Newfoundland Colony & Dominion of Newfoundland categories, this community is now abandoned.

Rushoon, Newfoundland Colony & Dominion of Newfoundland categories,

Petit Forte, Newfoundland Colony & Dominion of Newfoundland categories,

Presque, Newfoundland Colony & Dominion of Newfoundland categories,

Saint Kyran's, Newfoundland Colony & Dominion of Newfoundland categories, possibly abandoned.

And perhaps a Harbour Buffett Dominion of Newfoundland category, there is already a Newfoundland Colony category for Harbour Buffett.

And Paradise Sound, can't find much on this location, this is up to the Categorization project or Canada project on if it should be created.

EDIT: Darby's Harbour, Newfoundland Colony and Dominion of Newfoundland, a now abandoned community.

Little Paradise, Newfoundland Colony and Dominion of Newfoundland, depopulated in 1968.

closed with the note: The categories were created
in Policy and Style by Rodney Power G2G4 (4.7k points)
closed by Rodney Power

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Okay, I think I managed to get through all that. Double check that I didn't make any mistakes.

There's a little bit of ambiguity with some of the places. Paradise Sound seems like it is probably a real place (not just a body of water), but I can't find a real answer where the community itself may have been..or if it was just a scattered bunch of houses around the sound. It's always a little uncertain whether apostrophes should be included in names like Darby's Harbour. We might need to go back in and change some of the category particulars.

In all cases, I only created and linked the [[Category:xxx, Newfoundland Colony]], and [[Category:xxx, Dominion of Newfoundland]] categories. At some point, I will go through all Newfoundland place categories and ensure a [[Category:xxx, Newfoundland]] or [[Category:xxx, Newfoundland and Labrador]] are created. We haven't ever really established default category criteria. For now it seems like the dominion and colony categories cover almost all of our needs.

by Brad Foley G2G6 Mach 5 (56.9k points)
selected by Rodney Power
And, this is a small point. There's no strict rule about which categories you should use on a profile. But I personally stick to birth, death, and residence. I don't include the town where someone gets married. The reason being, so many people get married in regional churches, if all of them are included in a category, the actual residents of a place get lost in the mix.

Although, it would be really, really interesting to start making church categories for vital statistics. At some point I want to make religious categories, that will help us create Methodist, C of E, Catholic churches etc.
Thank you Brad! I will stop including marriage for categories, it makes sense, in Bay de Verde a lot of people marry in Northern Bay, I can see how eventually that'll make things complicated. Let me know when you make religious categories.

Paradise Sound is confusing to me, I have a ancestor from there but cannot find anything on a community, it could've been a couple of homes spread apart like you said.

I had a issue with Darby's also, some sources have it without a apostrophe and some with, Saint Kyran's is same issue, I have also seen some sources with just "St. Kyrans".
My wife's grandmother (Emberly-30) was born in St. Kyrans in 1900. Unfortunately, we have very little solid info about her. These outports are hard to get information on. I think that the ability to categorize for these towns is going to help a lot. Thanks for the initiative on this.
I have a Emberley ancestor going back to early 1800s. Placentia bay seems to be the worst for records, I think it is because so many have resettled. I think so too, I hope you find more information on her!

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