2011 cleanup "challenge" for Dutch profiles - DONE!

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Prior to the sourceathon we added unsourced to all the 19cen profiles that had not been edited since 2011. I trust that now that they are in unsourced list, we will give them the attention they need. But what about all the profiles from before the 19cen?  As of today, there are 369 open profiles that need our attention. UPDATE: As of 11 November, there are 307 remaining! UPDATE 2: As of 17 November there are 13 remaining!  Thanks for adding sources and the Dutch maintenance categories as needed.

All of the people were born prior to 1811


Note also that after the sourceathon it became possible to search only for open profiles, so the link above is only open ones.

I thought it would be nice to welcome 2021 by not having any profiles that hadn't been touched since 2011. That gives us a bit under 8 weeks, so we can do this this! (I am hoping we can do more than simply add unsourced to all of these :-)  which was great pre-sourcathon but maybe this time we take the time to try to improve them more.)

in The Tree House by W Robertson G2G6 Pilot (100k points)
edited by W Robertson
I proposed a merge for one profile, so the total number will be reduced by one.
Every little bit helps!
I come across so many of the profiles that you have tagged as unsourced when I'm sourcing Dutch profiles. Thank you for all your work!!

I recently have been using the new Bio Check App to find and tag even more Dutch profiles, so I may have inadvertently been helping this goal this week. :) I know even if I can't find a source, someone with more Dutch sourcing experience can come along and find the profile more easily now.
Thanks, Jayme! Before the sourceathon, Astrid, Eef, and several others added unsourced to an impressive number of profiles. It is so good to get these early profiles into our flow so that we can source them.
Also, at least on the Bio Check App, it looks like it makes a difference if you search Netherlands versus Nederland. 189 profiles come up for Nederland, but I'm sure there's some overlap between the two searches. :)
I think on wikitree+ Netherlands includes Nederland (as well as provinces and a few major cities), but Nederland only finds that.
I’ll help.

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Started the easiest way: at the bottom (most recent birth dates) and took the time to cite original BMD sources for Jan Schaal.

by Living Terink G2G6 Pilot (277k points)
That was my plan too! I got distracted today by Iowa profiles in need of a lot of help, including a non-existent location (my town in the wrong county, for people that never lived in this town).
Yes, so much to do, so little time...

But then, never a dull moment on WT!

@Jan laugh You are sooooo right!

Right rhymes with Night! frown I hate we need to sleep (wasted time laughlaugh)


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I'm working on going through the list too. :) I'm starting with labeling the unsourced ones and then I'll work on some of the ones with a lot of stuff from gedcom imports.
by Jayme Arrington G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
Great, Jayme!
I'm going through now and sourcing all of the profiles that I marked that I'm able to. I'm mostly focusing on the 18th century ones. When everything updates around Monday, I think we'll have significantly less than 307 left untouched. :)
Great! I think the data is pulled early Sunday morning in Central European Time, and the reports come our on Monday or Tuesday. This means some of your work won't impact the count until the reports that come out over a week from now. Thanks for your work on this!
I think we may have almost finished. :):)
It sure looks this way! I hope the maintenance categories were added as needed if more sources weren't found. Otherwise these poorly sourced old profiles will be hard to find again and we will have missed our opportunity to pull them into the project work.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi W.

I will start with the profiles from Noord-Holland
by Margreet Beers G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Thanks Margaret!
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W. you re a star!

I am just busy on some other things but I will put the list to my bookmarks as I think it is a wonderful idea.
by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (259k points)

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