Want to notify someone of possible new notable on Wiki Tree.

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Whilst working on some maintenance categories I created a profile (and his father).  It turned out that they both have Wikipedia pages.  I, personally, would class the father as a notable but unsure of the son.  Who needs to know so they can assess them and add whatever is required?

WikiTree profile: Gottfried Lindauer
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I think they are both notable, and could have {{Notables Sticker|New Zealand, Notables}} added as a sticker.

I'm not sure how much narrower it can go :


The father, at least could have {{Notables Sticker|New Zealand, Artists}}
I believe the son would fall under scientists (phycology, also known as algology, is a branch of life science) -

{{Notables Sticker|New Zealand, Scientists}}
Cheers, I wasn't sure if I can just add them or if someone needed to be notified. Thanks

You don't need to be a member of the Notables Project to add the sticker and any appropriate categories. smiley

If a person has a Wikipedia page, a Dictionary of Biography page, or similar, it's pretty much assured they are notable.

The only time you really need to query notability is if there is little information to verify it (i.e. none of the above).

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Having a Wikipedia page automatically qualifies someone as notable.
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It should not. Lots of people have created wikipedia pages for non-notables in violation of wikipedia's notables policy. There should just be a rebuttable presumption that someone is a notable if they have a wikipedia page.
Some even have pages that are NOT violation of Wikipedia's notables policy, but that would barely fit Wikitree's ideal of notability without a Wikipedia / Dictionary of Biography / other similar page.  (Just check some Olympians.  They qualify on Wikipedia, but many (most?) would not necessarily qualify on Wikitree.)

The "must fit the criteria for a Wikipedia page" is the base minimum to decide if a person is notable on Wikitree.  (Note, the criterion is not that they must have a WP page, but must qualify for one.)  It is then up to the Notables Project, or the Wikitree community, to decide if they really are notable if they don't have an actual Wikipedia page / Dictionary of Biography entry / other qualifier.

One of my ancestors has a wikipage, well  more like two lines.I would not call him a notable and he  graduated   from Oxford University not Trinity, see  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Palmer_(priest)

i changed it to Oxford

Hmmm, didn't realize Wikipedia's standards had slipped so badly. They're normally ferociously guarded about every tiny entry.
I think Deans, Bishops, and the like are similar to Judges in that they automatically qualify on Wikipedia.  Not everyone knows how to create pages for people who do qualify.  (I don't.)

IF you can back up your claim about his education, you can edit the page to correct it.
I can, but I don't know how to edit wikipedia. And do sources like they do.
Even if you change Wikipedia, there are all the other places that declare his MA was from Trinity College, Dublin.


(I am a coward who has no desire to learn the Wikipedia way of doing things, so I do text corrections that don't require sources.)

Yeah .. I can't see the ancestry thing -- and I can't find it by searching the library.  Can you get a share link? 

(I did find that his father the Rev John died 7 times, and his mother 3. surprise)

Unfortunately i am almost totally computer illterate, I have tried before to follow the instructions on how to share ancestry entries but get hopelessly lost.

I found this https://theclergydatabase.org.uk/jsp/search/index.jsp but it does not cover ireland and you will have to put in joseph palmer 1740 to 1840, leave diocese blank,  it does have the right birth date and place and says OXford

Yah i found it without going through ancestry see https://archive.org/details/alumnioxoniense01oxfogoog/page/n294/mode/2up

He's Joseph Palmer son  of John, Torrington Devon

I think its a losing battle to correct it from Trinity to Oxford on the Internet

Will, is it possible he also attended Trinity?

(I think changing Wikipedia may be a start, because so many other places take WP as their standard.)
No his family were from Devon, Exeter College was the favourite college for students who resided in Devon.

well i did my first wiki edit see what you think, not sure how to link the info from the book

Then maybe the Trinity College, Ireland thing came from that he was Chancellor of Ferns -- Ireland, Dean of Cashel -- Ireland, and Precentor of Waterford (aka the Cathedral of The Holy Trinity, Christ Church) -- Ireland.

I mean, all that Ireland must mean something, y'know.  cheeky

Joseph Palmer is fairly common name, it would not surprise me that if there was a Joseph Palmer that went to trinity Dublin, and people have put 2 and 2 together and have come up with 5, (they do that a lot with my family over on ancestry) but Joseph did not set a foot in Ireland before he got the positions of Chancellor of Ferns in 1779, and these Irish appointments  were acquired from the influence of his uncle Sir Joshua Reynolds. And after 1798 Irish rising he barley escaped with his life from the angry Irish, family lore has it he refused to return to Ireland, he still was the  Dean of cashel. but he administered it  from the safety of Devon.

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