Need some formatting help please...

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Not sure if this is the right section for this or not however I need a bit of help with formatting a Bio.


I have been doing == Biography == then === Birth=== and so on and that usually automatically puts contents list in at the beginning of the profile.  Then I noticed on a couple of profiles although the headings were going in the contents wasnt then on this profile the Biography heading hasnt worked and the contents has gone in the wrong place.  I checked my formatting against another profile that has worked and I dont see a difference in what I have used in the formatting can someone help me understand/correct my mistake.
WikiTree profile: Mary Gegie
in Policy and Style by Suzy Cairns G2G6 Mach 1 (17.9k points)
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You had a space before the first = for the Biography header.  I removed it this time, but you now know to check that the == is hard against the left side.  smiley 

Acknowledgements should only have 2 equal so I removed the extra one in that section.

The 'sources' in the profile should be placed in the Sources section, or they could be made into inline citations so they stay associated with the 'fact' that you have them with.  Creating an inline citation will move the citation so they are shown as a 'footnote' with the detail in the Sources section.

To create an inline citation of the source that you have, you could highlight and copy the 'source' that you have in the profile, then position cursor to where you want to add it 'on the line with the 'place' or 'date' select the 'C' or 'cite your source' at the end of the icons above the Biography text (that will put the starting 'ref' and ending 'ref', as well as 'dummy text' between) and then 'paste' what you had previously copied.  That will overlay the 'dummy text' and you will have an inline citation created.

Hope this helps.
Thank you very much I did that with the inline citations its so easy when you know what you are doing I will do this from now and work my way through my other profiles well there's a lot of them so might take a while.  

Thanks so much for helping me understand.
Melanie thank you for the space I would so never have got that its typical that it would be something so simple Thanks very much.

It's always those teeny things we just can NOT see, no matter how hard we look.  I know it's a common problem when the header doesn't display correctly, so looked specifically for it.  Also, it also doesn't show clearly in the changes log that a space was there and now isn't.

(I have plenty of my own "typo" errors that I have to watch for -- mostly, these days, ensuring that my space bar has actually registered the space. So I have too few spaces, while you had one too many! cheeky ) 

Hey guys I've done it again sad my contents has disappeared I have checked I don't have an extra space what have I missed?


Is the profile this time.  I am not sure how to make it a link sad

I think the absence of the contents list is caused by the fact that there is only one subheading:

=== Marriage ===

The contents list will only show when two are more subheadings are present.

Making a link for a profile in a G2G comment or answer is done by selecting the piece of text that you want to be a link and then select the link symbol  (on the line of formatting options, B I U etc) and you then get a box where you can paste the url of the profile, like William Stavert

I created an Acknowledgements section for the line that was under the Sources. Now you have Contents!!  lol
In this case it disappeared due to insufficient headers/subheaders - but if you toggle OFF the ToC (Table of Contents), that, too, will make it vanish.  

(Information added for other readers with a similar problem.)
So just so I know how do you toggle on/off the table of contents coz I don't think I have noticed that option before.  You guys are awesome I find sometimes reading the help sections a bit difficult to follow...
Right above the Biography on viewing the profile, there will be another header : Contents.  You get one of two options - [hide] and [show].
Oh my goodness I must be definitely having a blonde moment haha thank you!!

Trust me - it's not just blondes.  cheeky  I had to read about it on g2g (because I had not, at the time, even seen a table of contents (I think I may have asked "what's ToC?")), or I wouldn't have known.

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Suzy, glad Melanie and I could help. When ever you see the equal signs in preview mode, it is those pesky spaces in front of it.   Those little icons above the biography are read, once you realize what they do.  Once you get used to it, you won't use them, but I help plenty of new people p, so I try to remember to tell people about them.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (654k points)

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