Which World War I Military Hero are you most closely connected to?

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This week's Example Profile of the Week is Col. Julia Stimson. She was the first woman to achieve the rank of Major in the US Army and a World War I hero.

Featured alongside her are more World War I heroes:

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WikiTree profile: Julia Stimson
in The Tree House by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (597k points)
edited by Chris Whitten
My Grandfather Ulas O'dell Henry, born 1900. This is my mothers father. Picture in my tree.
The best reply in the entire question. This site recognizes the heroes of the militaries around the world but sometimes tends to put well knowns first. It is refreshing to see someone say someone who they are really closest to.

I was thinking the same thing.  My grandfather has always been my hero.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ward-21239

I might not be the only one that thinks so.  Both my grandfathers are Five-Star Profiles.

32 Answers

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I am most closely connected to Julia Stimson at 19 degrees of separation.

by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Tommy Buch
+11 votes
I'm closest to Julia Stimson at 18 degrees.  No blood relationships to any of them.

If George C. Marshall had made the list I could claim 11 degrees, but he is best known for the post-WWII Marshall Plan.  In WWI he served on fronts in France, often in planning and organizational roles.
by Steve Ryan G2G6 Mach 4 (48.1k points)
edited by Steve Ryan
+11 votes
18 degrees from Julia Stimson, 7th cousins, 3x removed MRCA George Pardee b. 1623
20 degrees from Alvin York
23 degrees from Vida Jowett
24 degrees from Charles de Gaulle
24 degrees from Georg Von Trapp
25 degrees from Arthur Currie
25 degrees from Arthur Harris
32 degrees from Otto Frank
32 degrees from John Monash
by Mike Wells G2G6 Mach 9 (91.0k points)
+10 votes
I am most closely connected to Vida Jowett at 19 degrees.
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
+10 votes
18 degrees from Col. Julia Stimson, 11th cousins once removed MRCA(s) Henry Wheeler  Wheeler-1039, Robert Tailboys   Tailboys-39, Elizabeth Heron  Heron-49

27 degrees from Sir Arthur Currie

25 degrees from Gen. Charles de Gaulle

35 degrees from Lt. Otto Frank

26 degrees from Sir Arthur Harris

22 degrees from Lt. Vida Jowett

31 degrees from Sir John Monash

23 degrees from Cap. Georg Von Trapp

21 degrees from Sgt. Alvin York

23 degrees from Gene Ellison
by Mildred Gillett G2G6 Mach 4 (41.6k points)
+10 votes
19 degrees from Julia Stimson. 13th cousin thrice removed. MRCA John St John (abt. 1429 - bef. 1490)

25 degrees from Arthur Currie.

25 degrees from Charles de Gaulle.

32 degrees from Otto Frank

20 degrees from Arthur Harris

24 degrees from Vida Jowett

27 degrees from John Monash

23 degrees from Georg Van Trapp

18 degrees from Alvin York
by Frank Blankenship G2G6 Mach 7 (78.1k points)
+9 votes
My closest connection is John Monash at 18 Degrees
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
+10 votes
I am more  closely connected  to Sgt. Alvin York at 18 degrees.
by Rachael Winslow G2G3 (3.8k points)
+9 votes
by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
+11 votes
Nineteen degrees from LT Edwin Austin Abbey 2nd (Abbey-919), but if you want to "adopt" a hero, he would be an excellent choice.  Before the U. S. entered WW I, he felt so strongly that taking action was important, he volunteered with Canadian forces.  After LT Abbey's death, his parents published a collection of his letters home.

Here in the U. S., we are recognizing Veterans' Day;  I think I will look at a few of those letters today!!
by J Stewart G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)
+9 votes

Julia Stimson at 17 degrees. Juila is also a 9th cousin three times removed, via  John Perkins Sr.

by Aaron Gullison G2G6 Pilot (122k points)
edited by Aaron Gullison
+11 votes
I'm 14 degrees from General de Gaulle.
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (493k points)
+9 votes
Julia Stimson and I have 18 degrees of separation. She is also my 7th cousin 3 times removed.
by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (230k points)
+10 votes
16 degrees from York through my step-daughter’s Shannon line. (I figured it would be York) Not related through a common ancestor, though.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
+9 votes
Vida Jowett is 24 Degrees
Arthur Harris is 22 Degrees
Otto Frank is 34 Degrees
Charles de Gaulle is 25 Degrees
Arthur Currie is 23 Degrees
Georg Von Trapp is 22 Degrees
Alvin York is 17 Degrees
John Monash is 26 Degrees
by Sandra Vines G2G6 Pilot (101k points)
+8 votes
I am 15 degrees from Alvin York. I am not related to any of them, but it was interesting to see how we linked, for some of the routes taken were different than my normal ones.
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (343k points)
+9 votes
Julia Stimson is my 7th cousin, 4X removed. Thomas Miner is the connection who was her 7th GG and my 10th GG.
by Shelly Kilbury G2G1 (1.6k points)
+8 votes
Sgt. Alvin York, 15 degrees: He is 1st great grand-nephew of wife of brother-in-law of 5th great-aunt of my husband.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (469k points)
+8 votes
I am proud to say that Julia Stimson and I are 15 degrees and 10th cousins through https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wheeler-199

I added a Notables sticker to her profile along with her Wikipedia page! She is a 'stand alone' Notable separate from being a cousin to Secretary of War and Secretary of State.

We are also both nurses! Thank you for this noteworthy profile!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (754k points)
+9 votes

I am most closely connected to Vida Jowett at 12 degrees.

by Michele Crawford G2G Crew (710 points)

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