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This profile comes up in my suggestions list. It has no PM, can't be adopted because it's private, has a malformed dna confirmation and cannot be edited because it's private.

Can someone ensure that this sort of thing can't happen any more?
WikiTree profile: Charles Tatnell
in The Tree House by Rob Judd G2G6 Mach 9 (99.4k points)

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Send a message to info @wikitree ,com because the profile is not public, so it can't be adopted, due to privacy issues.  They can make it possible for you to adopt it.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (639k points)
Life's too short to be doing that every time I find a dodgy profile, and yes I have been through that process before. This needs to be fixed PERMANENTLY so it can't happen.
Maybe it would be better if you cannot remove yourself as PM of a privacy protected profile. Maybe with a banner popping up if you try, saying something like ‘in order to remove yourself as PM of this profile either open the profile or msg xxxx’
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that is the way it works - you cannot orphan a private profile, period - no popup, no warning, no banner, no nothing - you simply are not able to do it.

I expect that this profile was probably open - or at the very least, public - when it was orphaned and something later caused its privacy to change.  It has frustrated me when privacy suddenly changes, seemingly without reason, but I've seen it happen on occasion when I add a parent or a child to someone.
I am pretty sure that it does come up with a banner if the profile has no 'death date', stating that no one will be able to adopt or edit the profile if someone wants to be removed from the profile, leaving no Trusted List manager.  The parents have DNA Confirmed indication, so I suspect that possibly the original PM of the profile 'closed' their account.  Since we cannot see the Changes Log to verify who the original PM is, but the profile would have been left as an orphan when account was closed.   

Possibly they should be changed to Public when that happens, but the profile does not satisfy the required dates to have a profile opened.

Hopefully, someone from the Team or Jamie will respond with the reason.
The profile manager, who joined WikiTree in May 2015, closed his account on 3 July 2020. He seems to have been quite active before closing his account.

That Tatnell-44 profile is the only one of 13 siblings that is not set to Open privacy; two of those died in the 1980s and one in 1993, five decades after Tatnell-44. So the PM's account closure likely didn't cause the issue. The profile had probably been purposely set to "Private with Public Biography and Family Tree," and then the PM closing his account rendered what Rob faces now: no PM and no way to adopt or change the profile without admin intercession.
If the profile was private when the account was closed, it would have been deleted. The profile has a living child, and there are certain edits that trigger a privacy change when a profile has a living child.

The profile has a descendant on the Trusted List, so I'm going to make them the manager.
Thanks Jamie, a good solution. Now I'll just need to contact the new PM and explain the criteria for marking DNA confirmation ...

Edit: Email sent.

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