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Hi Chris,

Can you explain to me in the Connection finder, the difference between people in dark green and those in yellow. Sometimes it seems clear to me and other times it does not. I assumed it was relationship via marriages, and in this most recent one where I am looking at Stimson 464 and Pocock-248 it seems that way. But other times it will start with me in green through my great grandfather, let’s say, and then yellow and then green again. How does it go green again after relationships through marriage.

I hope I am being clear.


Gina Jarvi


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It changes when there is a new blood relationship.  So from you to great-grandfather is blood-related, then a marriage, then another blood relationship (in yellow) until the next marriage breaks the cord (so to speak), and it's back to green.

So, on my "connection" to John Monash -  it goes 5 generations green, including a sibling relationship on the same generation, then to the husband of my 2-greats-grandfather's sister, then his daughter, then her brother - in yellow, then his wife, her brother etc in green, until the next break back to yellow.
In a green-yellow-green scenario beginning with me, how can it go to green again since the blood relationship to me has ended?

Green is blood.  Yellow is also blood - just not the same blood.

If it were possible to use more than just two colours, it might be easier to understand, so I did.

In the trail I previously mentioned, from me to Monash, there are SEVEN blood relationships, "broken" by SIX marriages. (I cannot show you on your line, because your privacy level disallows it.)

If you can't see the image properly, the full size is on click.

Ok thanks. Colors help.

So just to be clear...just because it goes back to green from yellow DOES NOT mean they are related to me by blood. Rather they are related to the person I am connected to through marriage in yellow?

Yeah, pretty much.   You are all CONNECTED, but not related by the same bloodline.   Just think of the second green as a blue, the second yellow as orange, and so on.

(Some connection trails would likely use every colour known, and then some, so would be extremely resource intensive, and unfeasible.  Which is likely why the two-colour option.)

Thanks Gina for asking this question and thanks for the clarification Melanie. I was about to ask the same question as Gina did, but after finding this thread, I no longer needed to.

Happy to have been of help.  smiley

Thank you Melani Paul for your excellent explanation of the resultant GREEN and YELLOW colours when we use WikiTree's FIND / CONNECTION Connection Finder.

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