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with my  surname the chances are it will be either wrongly transcribed or wrongly recorded or i often need to correct last name at birth. to my amazement after searching first  about half an hour in vain for the word "edit" on the profile page and then consequently wondering if once again my memory is at fault searching for the page in the help index for how to correct surnames (instead of deleting) and finally finding the page and then finding the place  on the page on name fields i read that  it says all i needed to do was "simply" press the "edit" option that i searched in vain for.therefore i shall explain in full what i need to do. one of the ca 900 profiles i am removing "Wiki ID", "Data Change" and all mention of the obsolete, unsourced gedcom from is for someone aged 0  called "Winnifred" daughter of "William" and "Florence"  " Reffell"  in 1901 for which there is no birth nor marriage record. instead i found another Winifred  Reffell born 1901 bringing my grandparents children to number 16 instead of the 15 i had already found. also i found a William who  is sometimes  William Alfred Ruffle married to a Florence who sometimes is an Ada.and since none of the William Reffell i have who is sometimes William Alfred is married to anyone who is sometimes Florence and sometimes Ada i made a profile ror a William Ruffle which included his marriage to Florence Mogridge and them as parents to Winnifred now Ruffle. i looked in vain for her birth at GRO and FamilySearch and the unnamed female Ruffle born in 1901 was born in the wrong place and her mother's maiden name was not given. then  i found that although Winnifred turned out to have been born in 1902 it loked like she had unfortunately died in 1901. so i tried a search for a marriage between any William R*f*l* to any Florence or any Ada and finally found that William, Florence and Winnifred Reffell in 1901 were Thomas William, Florence Fanny and Winnifred Ruffell in 1911. so having done all that all i needed to do was remove Winnifred from Wiliam anf Florence,  make a profile for my grandparents' Winifred born and died in 1901, and fijnally make a profile for Thomas William and Florence Fanny and add their Wininfred born  in 1902 died  in 1903  after i have simply pressed the edit option that i have searched in vain for  in every nook and cranny on her page's other words i am simply going crazy trying to simply correct  the last name at birth of Winnifred last name at birth last found as would be so much less frustrating if the information for correcting last name at birth was given on the profile page. or with a link directly to it and since you can only correct if you are on the trusted list and not otherwise that most important condition needs to be read before not after being told you "simply" press the option you can only succeed in discovering the wherabouts of  after or if you are  on the trusted list concerned.. now i am simply exhausted. good night.

Edwin R*f*l*
in WikiTree Tech by Edwin Reffell G2G6 (6.6k points)

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Yes Edwin,

It can be frustrating. I think I read that you are frustrated with the way the LNAB field works. What you need to remember is that WikiTree uses software that turns that field into the identifier for the profile. So the profile you talked about (I think, you did not link one) is Reffell-453.

If you change the LNAB field, that ID will change as well, upsetting search machines, internal links and more. It is necessary if the spelling is wrong, but in general should not be done easily.

So in general it is advisable to do your research outside of WikiTree and then once you are convinced publish it here.

I doubt WikiTree will ever change and use the numeral or global identifier that would make life easier.

I have posted some comments on some of your profiles explaining some other parts of the Wiki system you should maybe read up on.
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (319k points)

thanks. re "I have posted some comments on some of your profiles explaining some other parts of the Wiki system you should maybe read up on."there is a lot i need to read up on, i know. will i be notified about those profiles or can you tell me which they are? i am eager to start bringing them up tp wikitree standard.

Hi, Edwin -- unless you turned off notifications in your settings, you should receive an email notice of any changes to profiles you manage (and, I think, those where you are on the Trusted List).  There is also your "family feed", which you can access by clicking your "My WikiTree" tab at the very top of your page.
With surname I can never be sure who the record is of. I have only just started tidying up the Reffell profiles in the list of  over 900 profiles created by my uploading a gedcom in 2012 so your comments are a great help. In 2012 I had no idea of Wikitree standards. I thought it was just a family tree for the whole world,. as opposed to all the other sites I made my family trees at. The gedcom is obsolete and the trees that were in it incorrect and unsourced. Consequently the first thing I am doing is removing the old ID, Data Changed and all mention of the gedcom. That will give me about 900 profiles to try and find sources for as well as correcting format and conforming to grammar (which I always did before hearing that capitalization was not necessary  in the age of cell phones): I have to do all this in 2 or more separate stages. Stage 1 is the gedcom in all the profiles.Stage 2 is  trying to find sources for the 900 or so¨resulting unsourced profiles, starting with the ones presumably for my surname . My brain can no longer cope with more than one trail of thought at a time. I am now on stage 1.  It will take me a liong time to get Winifred 1901-1901 daughter of my grandmother (married 1899 Wandsworth), William Ruffle married 1899 Wandsworth to Florence Ada Mogridge no children found, Thomas William and Florence Fanny (Harvey) Ruffell fouhd in census as William anfd Florence Reffell, married 1899 Poplar, daughter Winnifred 1902-1903 and William Alfred Reffell not married to Forence Ada Mogridge and probably never having existed, sorted out.
My suggestion for all that -- don't try to remove all the old stuff first.  Pick a family and work on one profile at a time, removing the old "junk", and adding sources to it, then moving to the next profile.

It's better to have 10 well sourced profiles, than 100 "cleaned" but unsourced ones.
sorry i cant. i can only do first removal and then source the unsourced,.if i do 10 only what will happen is i will first remove all the 10 gedcom bits, then source the unsourced 10 and competely forget the other 890 gedcom created unsourced profiles. i shall try to explain. if i have a box of screws and nails and try to sort them into 2 boxes, one for screws and one for nails  the result will be 2 boxes both containing screws and nails. in order to get one box for screws and one box for nails i have to first put all the srews in the box for screws and after that put all the nails in the box for nails. i dont know why but that is how my brain works nowadays. if i try to do 10 both removing and sourcing simultaneously it will take me days before i even get one profile done properly.
I'm sorry for being to fast yesterday, and then too slow (had to leave for a meeting). I encountered one profile where I would add suggestions, but on a closer look that was actually one of the few. I will send a private message with the links to the profiles.

For keeping overview: yes, you can for sure pick any system you like yourself. A tool I use often for profiles that need work is either place country sticker with the needs in there, or if the profile is clearly unsourced: use the unsourced tag. That will place the profile in the unsourced category and when you manage it, it will show up in your list of unsourced profiles.

I agree with Melanie as well. There is the urge to clean up, but that also means you need to sift through the changelog to see what was there. Some info might be helpful in searching sources, while others can always be removed. I will try to explain better in a private message.

But please keep up your good work! It is highly appreciated.
thanks i shall do what i can. however as i tried to explain to Melanie i cannot both tidy and source profiles simultaneously but have to first tidy thjem all, then source them all. ihave removed the 2012 input in almost all except the Reffell profiles among the 900. it took me till 3 a.m this morning to sort out the Winnifred and Winifred  Reffell/Ruffle/Ruffell separate bit by separate bit but i got it done. when doing anything i lose all conscious of time because what i am doing is one trail of thought and time another and my brain can only cope with one of them. so either i do the profile or i watch the clock and do nothing.that is how things are. i do not know why nor do then doctors but have had to accept it. when too many trails of thought come my brain shuts down completely and i have to concentrate in order to move and get from where i am standing to lie down in bed and wait till the confusion goes over.
i have tried to follow your suggestion. a few profiles i managed. but i had to give up.after doing 2 or 3 that way. there are probably profiles for various Richard Reffell + possible middle names that need merging one is married to Elizabeth Mackenzie a k a Dickinson. one Richard born 1841 in Ireland was connected with Mary Thomas and her daughter the courtesan "Moll Raffles" (raffle as in raffle ticket for she went to the highest bidder among the gentry surrounding the Duke of Wellington) who became Madame Caballero. in connection with that there is a William about whom the parentage is disputed for no birth record exists and he died in Ireland but is found as son of Richard the husband of Mary Thomas.mother of Moll "Raffles"/Madame Caballero. i have to leave that mess for my brain is now in danger of shutting down. i can continue cleaning but sourcing will have to wait till i have done the cleaning. i am having difficulty getting back to that. it is as if i am in a fog or like trying to surf wi9h a faulty mouse.i cannot connect stuck only halfway imp put thi9ngs togetherfind pro0filespssible sorry my brain now stuck.communi8cate cannot . only separate cannot si9multaneous. now profiles. tidy. profile. leave this now.till later.

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