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662 Separator in Marriage Location is not a useful test. An example is St Mark's Church which throws an error on the apostrophe. This category of error needs to be deleted.
in The Tree House by Robert Judd G2G6 Pilot (128k points)

enlightened It is possible that someone else corrected the entry before you visited the profile. Any such corrections could be found by checking the profile change history

Many edits are made by people who do not go to WikiTree+ to log their edits.

This error does not occur on one profile only, it happens on any profile with an apostrophe in the Marriage Place field (and some other fields). I can't see the point of it at all.

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From my understanding, location fields are intended for specific named locations, not Church/Hospital/Building names. This information should be reserved for the biography.

In either case, a single quotation mark is allowed - so this is not the error being flagged. Do you have a link to the profile(s) in question where this suggestion is displaying?
by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (692k points)

Birth and Death Location are not supposed to be Hospitals, etc, as Steve stated.  Ales could verify if he is looking for the word Hospital or Church, as an example, to give the suggestion, but it is definitely not the apostrophe.  There is a location table being used for the suggestions, which has only city, county, state, country.  

I see the error now I believe...

In the following example, the character used is a closing single quote instead of a straight single quote:


The current usage (emphasis added to help see the error) is St Marks Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake, which should be changed to St Mark's Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

This happens a lot with copy/paste information.

Steve, are you saying that if I type St Mark's Church and end up with a straight single quote this is correct but if I've written something in word and decide to copy/paste that into the location field and end up with St Mark’s Church this ends up being a data error/suggestion?

Churches form part of the acceptable field for Marriage data, as evident by the drop-down suggestions imported from FamilySearch. This profile throws the error and is not the wrong apostrophe type: Mary Hayward Arnott

And in any case, the alternative should also be accepted.

Edit: Damnit, that was one I corrected. It may only be happening on the alternative apostrophe, which I can't even type on my keyboard.

if you use Word or someone else has that added biography, there is an option to use Smart Quotes, which is what causes the problems in wikitree.

I asked Ales to post here about whether the suggestions are caused when a church, hospital, etc are in the Location fields since he codes the Suggestions.

Drop down Suggestions don't have to be used and can be turned off.  Your own browser can be suggesting, in that case. Help for Location Fields

Another g2g discussion about Location Field Style Guidelines

So what's the problem with smart quotes - do they have underlying formatting that causes problems on WikiTree?  Or is there some other issue?

Ales could answer, but I know we have suggestions when Smart Quotes are found.  Suggestion 871 - Use of angled double quotes in name of citation. Whether it is an issue in other places, Ales can answer. 

Aleš replied already to me on a similar issue about suggestions of smart apostrophes in birth locations. In the end I marked the suggestions given to me as false since the use of smart apostrophes was not against Wikitree guidelines (though Aleš claimed that this would “probably happen”), and the issue was not affecting Google search results (I checked).

Problem with smart quotes is that it is different than normal quote. So for computer it is not the same. Of course algorithms can be adjusted and things work, but the quotes aren't the only problem. There are also double quotes, nonbreaking spaces, soft hyphens, tabulators and many other things, that can be considered the same. And it is a lot of work to implement that on every place.

As for Google, it "works", because they ignore it. You can also search without ' and get the same result.

"Churches form part of the acceptable field for Marriage data, as evident by the drop-down suggestions imported from FamilySearch." --Uh, not to get off topic, but the Family Search drop-down location picker is merely a convenience, and contains quite a few errors. I wouldn't rely on it to correctly give what WikiTree wants.

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I have just done a number of these, only a few were false errors. Most had / ? & or numbers that needed removing/changing, so, whilst it is annoying for you it helped me cleanup multiple profiles.
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I've had one / (someone added BDM data in the field) but the remaining 10 or so were plain wrong.

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