Renald Fernald - Project protected profile needs sorting out

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This profile has three wives, is project protected and the wives are evidently fictitious. They therefore can't be merged or disconnected by anyone but a member of the Project Protection group.
WikiTree profile: Renald Fernald
in The Tree House by Robert Judd G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
I've added the PGM tag to your query to attract the project's members attention. A comment made on the profile would also have helped attract attention.

If you have sources to help, please feel free to add them to the comments on the profile, too.
Rob, I temporarily removed the PPP from this profile. Please let me know when you're done editing/merging and I'll re-add it. Thanks, Traci
Um, PPP does not prevent editing....
Yes Ellen, I know that. Rob wanted to edit reltionships (remove/merge wifes).
No, please - we don't yet want to merge. The Leader of PGM wants to look at it first.
I saw that. I removed PPP 15 hours before Cheryl said she wanted to edit.

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Actually, the wife "Joanna Warburton" is fictitious and "Joanna Unknown" is real. (There are "parents" for Joanna Warburton somewhere on WikiTree. I believe they are from Charles Augustus Fernald's colourful genealogy of the Fernalds).

Sigh. Renald Fernald's profile was clean not that long ago. And he sprouted two fake wives that quickly, although the profile is protected?
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (514k points)
Merge occurred Oct 24, probably causing at least one of the wives to come in.  Warburton-885 was spouse of Fernald-411 before the merge, I think, from looking through the Changes log.

Merge in 2018 had Warbuton-578 attached to it.
The latest merge was completed by a member who can override the restrictions that PPP places on family connections, so the extra spouse profile on the merged duplicate for Renald was brought in as part of the merge.
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I have added some updated information from one of the sources that disputes the historian genealogy.  Added an online link for a book that can be borrowed, as well as quotes from a few pages that state the 'historian' was incorrect.   Information added to Unknown wife profile as well as Renald Fernald profile. I think all of the merges should be done into the Unknown profile, not the lowest Warburton-6, which is not linked to anything right now. The Unknown profile should probably have the Warburton name as an Other Last Name, which would hopefully keep duplicates from being created.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (696k points)
Merges for 3 Warburton profiles have been proposed into the Unknown profile.
Sorry Linda, I'm not certain this is the right solution. "Joanna Unknown" was the real wife of Renald Fernald. "Joanna Warburton" was the creation of Charles Augustus Fernald (he even gave her parents and an ancestry) and still exists for all those who believe his rambling works. And there are many of them, as shown by the proliferation of Joanna Warburton profiles. Therefore there is a case for keeping two separate profiles, Joanna Warburton managed by Disproven Existence and Joanna Unknown as the real wife.
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Please return PPP and pause on this profile and wives profiles.  Also please don’t merge now.

I am without a computer at present, new hard drive.

Thank you

Cheryl Skordahl, PGM Leader
by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (268k points)
Thanks Cheryl for looking into it.
I marked it as an unmerged match and left it for the experts.
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Many thanks to all for pausing, while I finally got caught up and was able to return to this.

Since Joanna actually existed as wife of Renald Fernald, I did the following:

Warburton-578 and -885 have been merged into Unk-298765.

There was a rejected match on Warburton-6.  I removed it and today reproposed merge of -6 into Unk-298765.

Cheryl, PGM Leader
by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (268k points)

For the record, you proposed the merge to Unknown-298765. cheeky  

WikiTree doesn't use "Unk" as an LNAB for people with unknown LNABs (but there have been many profiles created with an LNAB of Unk). I don't want people to think you are saying  that Unk is an appropriate name to use (unless it the real last name for the person).

yes, you're correct Ellen.  Unknown-298765 is correct.  Thank you.
I removed the notice on Warburton-6 so it can be merged into Unknown (....) without confusion.

My only request is that the Charles Augustus Fernald Genealogy Fabrications remain on the profile (as is the case of her husband and for the same reason). and are her fraudulent parents (their profiles are now protected).

I completed the merge, in my capacity as the Project Leader for the United States Project, which is the project account for the New Hampshire Project.

There is no question that the Fabrications category should remain on the profile. Thanks to Isabelle for protecting the profiles of the imaginary parents.

I also archived some of the numerous profile messages on the merged profile.

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