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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Until next weekend, everyone stay safe. Adios!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

---> Unfortunately, Ella May does not (yet) have a WikiTree profile, at least one I couldn’t find. Anyone want to take her up?

  ago by Pip Sheppard


 Helen, Pip actually created a profile for her 2 years ago. I connected her and it should show up tomorrow morning. See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/May-8678 .


Now, see, THAT's funny!  laugh laugh  (And I thought *I* had a bad memory!) 

Hi Pip, thanks for hosting. If you find the form to request a WikiTree secretary, please share the link.

cheekyenlightenedMelanie, IF you go from where you are and to another room and then suddenly wonder WHY you are now in that room, ... THAT is having a "bad" memory as in easily distracted, aka "forgetful" ... 

 NOW you can begin the practice of learning how to focus your mind on what you are doing at the moment, or your intended goal at that moment and not let it disappear in the distraction of other concerns and stray thoughts .... laugh um ... bona fortuna, Melanie ... 

Hi there, Florian! Just so you know, I find those unique (to me) genealogical pop-ups, and I find myself in the same quandary. Do I start something new or come back to it later. Usually, it’s sooner than later!

Oh, Melanie, if you only knew.! surprise

Susan, my solution to walking into a room and forgetting why I went there, I go back to the room I had the thought. Works about 50% of the time. angry

laughNo, PIP,  you do NOT want to waste an opportunity to accomplish something.  If you are in a room, there's something in there that needs doing ... some task that's yours to do, right there, in that room and it's yours to do because YOU showed up and YOU can DO it, whatever it is, so like DO  it, so the opportunity is not wasted, because who knows when you will return again to this room? 

Oh, Melanie, if you only knew.! surprise


I think I do.  I think we ALL do, if we're honest.  And it has nothing to do with age, either, because I was member (and later president) of a church women's where the members were all much older than I.  They would frequently complain about memory issues, and I had to be honest and admit I (at 30-plus years younger than the youngest of them) had the same type of issues.

I believe it comes down to how we train our brain, but I don't remember (see what I did there‽ cheeky) all the psychobabble that explains it.

Susan, my idea of moving from room to room is anathema to my wife. If we’re cleaning the house, she wants to go room by room. Doesn’t work for me. A piece of this room, a piece of that room... surprise

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Today is....



 National Indian Pudding Day recognizes a cold-weather classic. On November 13th each year, serve up this traditional New England dessert that’s sure to wow.  

In the seventeenth century, English colonists brought hasty pudding to North America, transforming it. Although they initially made the pudding with wheat, due to a shortage of grain, the colonists eventually cornmeal. Since the colonists had learned to cultivate maize (corn) from the indigenous peoples, the crop was readily available. The colonists derived the name for Indian pudding from their name for cornmeal, Indian meal. They also replaced the water with milk. For added flavor, cooks add either molasses or maple syrup. Other ingredients they added include cinnamon, ground ginger, butter, eggs, raisins, and nuts. They then slowly baked the Indian pudding for several hours. Baking transforms the pudding’s texture from the original porridge-like quality of hasty pudding to a much smoother quality which is more typical of custard.

HOW TO OBSERVE Indian Pudding Day:

While Indian pudding may take a long time to cook, it’s worth the wait. Try making some Indian pudding using this  Slow Cooker Indian Pudding Recipe. And when you do, be sure to take a picture and share your triumphant reward. You know others will want to join you then.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
This is a new one for me, Dorothy. Copying the recipe now (we have a slow cooker!)

yes Definitely a new one on me, also 

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Well Our warm weather has gone away. After 5 days with record breaking high temperature's we have returned to normal weather. On Monday our granddaughter was turned away from the hospital because her procedure was not urgent and they had no beds. Tuesday she was sent back because the baby was not waiting any longer and Callie Rose was born at 9:32 PM weighing in at 8 pounds 14 ounces and 18 inches long. We have to wait to be able to visit her but the pictures are cute. The family member with COVID is still in the hospital but he is improving, it is going to be a long recovery for him, but at least that is good news.

I have gotten my watchlist down to 2751, it was lower but I started a new line, and still more to prune. The new line I started was https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Swerdlove-1 , Clara Peller of the Wendy's commercial Where's the Beef?" fame.

Not much else happening here with the enhanced COVID restrictions for Ohio,
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
I am working on her parents now.
Great, Dale. Thank you so much!!
Pip, I just made a connection to an already connected profile for her ancestor so Ella May Wiggins should show connected by tomorrow morning. Now back to Clara.
You are the master!
And this was all while doing some grocery shopping, watching Star Trek Discovery, The Right Stuff series, and The Mandalorian. I guess it could have been faster if I was not multi tasking. I do have to go back and improve some of the profiles I created now but that can wait until tomorrow.
Congrats on the new grandbaby, a big one!

Glad to hear there is good news on your family member.
Congratulations Dale on the new addition to your family.
Congratulations to all on the new addition.

Congratulation of the birth of your grandchild!
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

On the genealogy front, I posted a blog about different language: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/11/52-ancestors-week-46-different-laguage.html

I didn't want to rehash how to read Italian documents so I went with a different approach. You know our ancestors had trouble learning English. So, it'd be a good idea to pay it forward to help others. We need to learn from the past and not make the same mistakes.

I also showed the blog to my second cousin's wife. She is an English teacher in San Pietro a Maida. I hope I hear from her, soon.

I also created a one place study for the city of Haverhill, Mass. I linked it on Twitter and the official OPS group noticed. I really hope they like it. You can find it here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Haverhill%2C_Massachusetts

What I need now is one of those official banners. I went around and tagged everyone who would qualify to be in the project. Basically, anyone who was born, got married in or died in Haverhill, Mass qualifies. That said, I should probably add my dad to the project. I can tell him later. =)

I also signed up for Familysearch's search sessions. Basically, they let you sign up for an appointment and someone will search their database with you since we can't be at a family center or affiliate library. It's really cool. So, I signed up for help regarding Italian records. It's the only thing I really, really need. I hope I find good stuff. I signed up for two sessions. They are all free and you can check 'em out here: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Virtual_Research_Strategy_Sessions

All you need is to talk on Zoom and there ya go. =D

On the non genealogy front, it is rainy and gross here. Typical for a Friday the 13th....in the year 2020.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (386k points)
Nah. I always gotta be doing something. =)
Interesting blog. Just in the past couple of days I have been calling upon our Wiki Community to help me with translations for Bio Check (to recognize headings and some key source phrases). I really trust the people who live in Germany or speak native French better than Google translate.

Thank you for the link to the virtual sessions - I love learning something new every day smiley

@Kay: For whatever reason Google translate seems to work best with Italian or Spanish. I guess Google put all their money into the romance languages.

@Rosalie: No problem!
Chris, thank you so much for the Familysearch's search sessions link, I know many people who could use that help


I really enjoyed your blog. It is true that English homophones and homonyms make learning the language more difficult, but many languages have homonyms (words with the same pronunciation and same spelling but different meanings) and homophones (words with the same pronunciation, different spellings, and different meanings). 

For example, French has la mer (the sea), le maire (the mayor), and la mère (the mother). Like Italian and Spanish, French has difficult verb conjugations that must be memorized. In addition, people learning Italian, Spanish, and French have to memorize whether each noun is masculine or feminine. A bed is un lit (masculine) in French, un letto (masculine) in Italian, but una cama (feminine) in Spanish.


@ M Ross: Thanks! The session was actually not what I expected. I'll explain more some other time. It was okay. Not the best. But, not the worst.

@ Anne: Thanks. All languages have difficulties. I studied Spanish growing up and I had some issues but I managed.

laugh Chris, personal disappoint is one thing, not that a personal bummer is not horrible to experience (you should try living my life) but at least you escaped alive and intact, even though Godzilla munched its way through the studio or that house or whatever building it was, and gobbled up the host in front of everyone viewing the session ... 

And barring that sort of gruesome, no one "photo-bombed" the session nor committed some really offensive social behavior that caused some to dial the police ? I mean it wasn't a total disaster for anyone ? Right?  laugh

I figure next time it will be improved, experience teaches especially a painful experience (oy vey) 

Thanks, Susan! =D FS asked me to review the experience and I let them know what I experienced.

laughGood on you, Chris, chin up and all that other up-n-at'em talk 


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Buenos dias from the Old Pueblo. It's going on 8am and it's 48F in Tucson...brrr. The expected high is 72 today...brrr. That's a drop from the 90s we've had throughout October and early November.

It's a busy weekend! I have a nursing conference livestreamed from Mexico today and tomorrow from 8am to 4pm; however, tomorrow I can only attend from 8am to 9:30am. Then it's the DNA SIG from 9:30-11am, then a Nurses Credentialing Center certification exam meeting from 11am to 3pm, then the rest of the nursing conference until 4pm. If I live that long.

In between, of course, is the Sourcing Sprint.

The one thing I got done this week was to expand a 2x grand uncle's profile who fought in WWI. That's it! Time to make a cuppa and join the nursing conference! Have a great weekend!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (392k points)

When are your weekends not busy, Carol?! 

My brother confirms your temps and is pushing for me and her wife to come visit since the wife hates cold weather, but it’s not cold enough here yet for her to get the urge to fly to Arizona. I’m ready to go now!

Carol, no rain?? no snow?? You might be one of two or three or maybe four who is not "wet"
Grey and dry here in Kansas. Could use some (a lot) of rain.
Hi Susan,

There was snow on the top of the Catalina mountain range, but not on our streets. No rain, no hail, nada. Sadly, we had a very dry summer. I can count on one hand the number of days we had rain this summer...not a good thing. Hope you are well!

Hi Pipster, 

The full first day of the 2nd Webinar Internacional Enfermería y Ciencia del Cuidado ended about an hour ago. It was really good and my colleague, who was my doctoral student, did an outstanding presentation on the human caring process. 

I'll only be on for an hour tomorrow because of the DNA SIG, which I don't want to miss because they will be discussing triangulating. And I'll miss the rest because of the Holistic Nurses' CC exam writing meeting as I mentioned above, although that work does relate to the content of the Webinar.

Well...what should I do with my spare time tonight? Oh, well, might as well hit the Tree and do a few sources. 

I will send my contact info this weekend. 

 crying Eh, Carol I can relate to the snows and rains and sleets and what all in DISTANT places and none of it blessing our own arid patch of the terrain ... 

Used to be we could blame el nina and el nino but times have changed .... ah, and there were those polar vortexes and -- have you noticed? NO ONE has mentioned an EQUATORIAL vortex ... I wonder why ?? It would be the cause of all that Heat Wave I think 

+21 votes
A quick hello from Tucson.  I'm going hiking today so I have to dash off.  The weather has turned cold and we are all shivering now (in the 50's and 60's, haha) like all my Miami friends who wear scarves, gloves, coats and hats when it's 70 there.

We had a good week with the Acadians, finishing most of the PPP profiles except we found some newly added ones that we will grind out shortly.  Now back to researching the 40 problematic ones that couldn't be resolved.  Problem solving is my favorite thing, until it becomes intractable.  I hope I can get these 40 whittled down this week.  Planning Thanksgiving dinner with my son and his wife - between us we have dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian except will eat turkey!
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (136k points)
Gee, Cindy, with those dietary restrictions it ought to make for an interesting meal! We’ll be alone for Thanksgiving this year. The kids are tied up.

laugh Cindy you might be in one of the few places not raining or snowing LOL 

Hi Neighbor! One of these days we must meet. I think I mentioned I'm in the Orange Grove and Oracle area. I'll be ordering for one on Thanksgiving. I teach 2 classes online in Mexico on Black Friday.
Enjoy your hike. Dietary restrictions do make for interesting meals. My cousin has a vegetarian daughter and two granddaughters one severely allergic to peanuts and the other severely allergic to tree nuts. We also have a family member allergic to fish, shellfish and mushrooms who is lactose intolerant and diabetic or otherwise just challenging to feed.
I'm taking menu suggestions . . .

Yes, Carol, we are quite close.  Maybe could meet at Teaspoon for a cup of tea or coffee one day?
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Good afternoon Pip and other fellow WikiTreers. I think I shall be paying the price tomorrow as was up until after 1am this morning and then Greeting at 7am.

It was all for a good reason as I was talking to the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists about WikiTree.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
YOU are a Genealogy machine Hillary! Huzaaa!
Hilary, we are so proud of you and the work you do (and I know you love it, so it’s not really work, all those presentations you do).
Fantastic, Hilary! You totally rock!
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Happy Friday the 13th! Bwahahahaaaa!
by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (515k points)
Blueberry pie for Mags! (Minus one slice for me)
+20 votes

On this day:

1460: Henry the Navigator dies

1715: Dorothea Christiane Erxleben, the first German female Physician, is born

2015: Islamic terrorist attacs shatter Paris

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
Pip’s assignment for the day: Henry the Navigator. Thanks, Professor!!

I "discovered" Henry the Navigator years ago (pre internet surprise OMG was there ever such a time) - and spent days reading up on him, and related persons, in my local library.  If I remember correctly, it was because of James Clavell's Shogun (and the rest of the series - because I love to read, and love history, and love historical fiction (even when it's more hysterical than historical)) - which later appeared on my television!

When we were in Lisbon (we loved it there) we stayed in the part of the city where the monument is. So every day we had to pass by the Jerónimos Monastery and the monument. If you ever have the chance to go to Lisbon do it! And do it while your legs carry you. It is not by chance that also Lisbon is called "city on the seven hills".

+17 votes

GENEALOGY -- at 3,023 profiles and counting ... relatives and the spouses which is the sort of thing that happens when you procrastinate saying oh, I'll come back later and ... then one day LATER catches up to you ... yikes ... Karma will bite you on your bum definitely 

Been amusing myself by sourcing ... slap in a surname, click on Unsourced, and have at it ... leisure time activity, a respite from converting my watch list profiles to inline ...

My inline conversion effort takes intense concentration to make sure my cursor stays put ... rectification of the placement of an inline ref -- because the bloody cursor hopped away -- is the pits ... I have stronger more profane etc words but .... (I need to expand my vocab, and think I will rob some foreign languages

ALSO noted is that the QUANTITY of many unsourced surnames seem infinite and doing a dozen in an hour doesn't appear to have any effect ... 

HOMEFRONT -- cold nights, cold mornings, cold evenings. Well, in the high 30's so far or low 40's and I grant this is NOT cold in many parts of the world ... but I still shiver ... 

Our climate here in Central CA is still arid.  The LEAVES on the trees are definitely beginning to decorate the laws, walks, street ... a scattering of red, yellow, brown leaves ... get the breeze just angled the right direction and you can watch them skitter down the way to land on the yards someone else will have to use a leaf blower for an hour or two ...  

HOPE everyone will have a weekend they enjoy and weather they like ...  

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (409k points)

Susan, it may not appear to have much effect, but every profile your source is in the right direction. 

I’m sitting on 3368 profiles, but I’m not going to reduce my Watchlist until I get this Allen family done. I’ve added a little over 200 this month. 1470 contributions so far.

Thank you for sourcing just one! Every one helps. Did you know if you find one with something like a census, you might just have found something for the rest of the family. From what I have seen, unsourced seems to be hereditary, or at least run in families.
Looking for profanities in other languages can be fun! I know a lot of Quebec French profanities and some Greek ones.

laughMROSS , I'm afraid to ask  but ... you could send along one or two or even three by private message ... 


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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

I am confused.  I am no longer trusting the experts.  I am no longer trusting those the media turn to as authorities.  I believe this will be the topic of the Toastmasters speech I am scheduled to give on Wednesday.  I don't know if the topic should be my confusion but I think it ought to be.  I haven't the time in the speech to lay out in detail why I feel this mistrust and I doubt I would convince people to spin the other way.

We are about to reenter the darkness of last spring.  Not that we had plans to have people over for Thanksgiving or Christmas (we never do).  But I'm afraid we will be deprived of the Mass and the Sacraments again.  Being thrown back on my own devices is not a good thing.  I have more than once blown up in anger.  The assistant manager at my local supermarket got an earful. How will I be able to confess my sins?

This morning I tried and failed to screw in a ceiling lamp shade.  The shade is heavy glass and opaque and the hole to screw it in is not long enough. Even with my taller son helping me hold up the glass, I could not feel for the hole.  I may just have to take the nut off the screw and peer up at the hole as I'm screwing it in.  My neck hurts.

The heavy rain has stopped but it's snowing in the passes and the highways are closed off and on.  Today I take my daughter to get her legs sugared.  She gets sugar taffy rubbed on her legs to take off the hair.  I think I will shop at a fabric store while she does that, in case fabric stores get closed again.  Now it's hailing.

Here's what I've done on Wikitree:  added 14 Robes who are not connected.  I could not find any "Scotland: Unconnected" category.  Do unconnected Scotland profiles just show up anyway on Data Doctors reports?

Pip has been watching me and he gave me a thank-you for changing a living person's LNAB. I imagine a Ranger is like Aragorn in the Prancing Pony, watching the Tree 24/7, seeing who's contributing what, hanging back until there's a fire to put out. There are so few Rangers, and so much activity.  I admire their ability to recognize patterns and not have their minds numbed by the sheer volume of what they must watch over.    

I have reached my 1000 contributions goal for the month.  I shaved 12 off my watchlist (down to 4988) but it's creeping back up. I am the manager of a fair number of living people's profiles.  I created a personal category for the descendants of my 3ggf William Robe and now I have to orphan the profiles as soon as I create them (except for the living, of course).  Last I counted there were about 3000 qualifying people (including living) and I have about half of them on Wikitree.     

Today is Friday and grocery shopping is required.  We plan to eat at a restaurant tonight (sushi maybe) to support local businesses.  Who knows what will happen when Boeing is eclipsed.

I helped a new Wikitreer who started duplicating some profiles of distant shared ancestors.  I sense he is still not comfortable with merges and not terribly good at organizing computer files.  One of the good things about having a large watchlist is that I meet folks I can help.  

I wish I could help you all this week.  By next Friday you will know what happened with my speech and how our family is facing the future, and I will learn here how you all are doing.  I look forward to that.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Margaret, my family is very Catholic, when my dad was too ill to attend Mass, he could participate in Mass online and I'm not sure what the person was called, anyway someone would come to the house to deliver communion and they could also hear confessions. it wasn't the priest or the curate, they might have been called a lay officiant, i'm not sure and I don't know how they got qualified.
The light fixture problem was solved.  My husband had the practical solution. Unscrew the cap, screw the long thingie into the ceiling, screw on the hex nut, put the glass fixture through the screw, then screw on the flange and cap.  Enough screwing with that.

Very good Japanese meal this evening.  I do like deep fried tofu.
Margaret, it really is hard my watch list down, too, what with all the family I’ve been adding. It took me 40+ years to create a database of many thousands of relatives, and getting them over to here (WikiTree) is all that more difficult for all the new ones I keep finding!

I can just see you in a fabric store, just like my quilting mom. She was never lacking in material and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop at Fabric and Foam if we were in the area of hay store. We gave loads of material to other quilters, and some we kept for ourselves.
+19 votes
Hello from north Georgia!

Our leaves reached peak color early this week. The colors were more vibrant this year than I've seen in a while.

About eight years ago my husband was diagnosed with and had surgery for urinary bladder cancer. The surgery was followed up with a couple of rounds of treatment with BCG. He had his check-up yesterday and the visual inspection was good with no new tumors. Hopefully, the microscopic will be also.

I don't have any genealogy "projects" going on, but I really do seem to spend a massive amount of time on all this. Almost every day, I either create some new WikiTree profiles of relations and/or update old WikiTree profiles. My anniversary list guides much of what I do. Yesterday was the wedding anniversary for one of my great-aunts, which led not only to checked and revising her profile but also that of my great-grandparents and their other ten children. Today, a 1st cousin, 2x removed had a birthday, so I created a profile for him and three of his siblings and worked on the profile of his sister who already had a profile I created earlier this year.

Y'all take care and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (272k points)

You are lucky to have colorful fall trees. Great news about your husband.

Somehow there is always something that keeps us distracted busy on WikiTree.

Hey Nelda.

We live near you and our "leaf report" is similar.   Weather forecast is for 60's during the afternoon until December.  What fun.

Perhaps we'll organize  a  "WikiGeorgia retreat" someday!


Nelda, I am so happy to hear about your husband’s checkup. Keep us posted on how things go with the microscopic.

On-going WikiTree projects? Just doing our own genealogy sometimes feels like barely keeping our heads above water. Please, Lord, give me several more years. cheeky

+18 votes
Hi from southern Ontario;

What's happening here? Weather is much colder, but blue skies and no wind, we went for a 7km hike yesterday.

Also went shopping on Wednesday, we have had several wine glass catastrophes lately. So, we went to Value Village and bought 8 wine glasses, 5 books (3 hardcover) 1 DVD the 2 disc set of Pearl Harbor, a 500 pc puzzle for my special needs granddaughter and a 4 picture photo frame for a total of $48.61 CDN, a bargain!

My husband just came home from having laser surgery on some varicose veins, took less than an hour, and he could drive himself home. No restrictions but instructions to walk for 45 minutes a day.

My little brother will be 51 on Monday.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the death of Michel Trudeau, then age 23, the youngest brother of our prime minister Justin Trudeau, he drowned, he was got caught by an avalanche which carried him into a lake in the British Columbia mountains.

There is also the topic that shouldn't be mentioned is still occupying more time than I want to admit.

Covid rates are rising fast in some local areas, thankfully not here.

WikiTree progress: I continued to work on my suggestions list down about 452 since last week. That is with profile completeness included, even though many of them are checking off confidence levels for parents plus birth and death dates and locations it takes time. And I get sidetracked looking for sources for the profiles I adopted.

My plan was to do the source searching when I fix the 'short biography' (error 467) suggestions, but its hard to ignore the lack of sources and put it off for a few weeks.  I do have complete sourcing for the profiles on my Ancestry tree, I will still need to find online sources FS or FreeBMD as the Ancestry ones don't really have enough info.

I've also been working, as if the suggestions list wasn't enough; on my DH's Simcoe county, Ontario ancestors, the Lennox and Sproule families both arrived in the 1830s, had lots of kids, 4 of whom intermarried and then they all named their kids the same, John, James, William, Mary, Margaret etc.

There is a great source, a well researched book written by a descendant who lives in South Dakota; however, it is a nightmare, every descendant has been labelled with a letter designation based on 1st, 2nd generation and which ancestor they are the child of; he gives the designations at the beginning of the book and then refers to them by designation not name. There are 5 pages of designations like LADJ, LAED, LBAAA it isn't possible to remember who they belong to.
by M Ross G2G6 Mach 7 (79.1k points)
Oh that book sounds like a nightmare. It might not have an easy to figure out pattern. There is a book written by one of my ancestors, pretty widely used that has a strange way of writing the wife's death date so that Ancestry and FamilySearch pick it up as the husband's death date. Gah.
That is a common way for some family lines.  Gender also has different letter sizes.  I removed about 3000 codes from
a family gedcom a few years ago while I sourced them because the author orphaned it.
It starts with L for the oldest known male, his kids designated LA, LB, LC, LD etc,

His grandkids; LA's first child is LAA, then LAB, LAC etc

LB's first child is LBA, then LBB, LBC,

By the time you get to L's ? x grt grandkids they have 6 letter designations.

I don't remember any different font sizes for females
M, your Lennox and Sproule families sound to much like mine, especially up here in the mountains. Intermarriages and overuse of forenames. I sometimes have to really look hard to make sure a source applies to the correct person.

Your wine glass disasters match our everyday plate disasters. I’m getting a new set for my wife this Christmas. We’re getting low and don’t want to use our good stuff for everyday.
+21 votes
Evening all!

Here in Germany the Corona numbers are still rising. The curve is flattening, but still, the numbers are rising. Yesterday we had more than 23k new infections. It was a new record. It might be beaten today again.

This week we had our fights again with mum's health care. The company that lent us the machine to work with mum's arm called to get it back "tomorrow". We had talked about that the day before and said she would have it ten more days. After their call I realized they had calculated with 4 weeks (plus 2 weeks we had additionally because the guy couldn't come in time when he was in quarantine). But the docs in the rehab had written she should get it 6 weeks. "Well, doctors are not allowed to write 6 weeks. You will have to go to your doctor to get an extension of 2 more weeks." So mum went to her general doctor on Tuesday to get that prescription. Yesterday she had to go again there to get her blood tested because of her sugar levels - she's always at the border of being diabetic. Sometimes slightly over the border, sometimes under it. And then she had an appointment with her orthopedist again. She seems to have gotten an ossification in her shoulder. (I don't know, I was not allowed to come with her, corona security measures.) Well, the orthopedist wants to have her surgeon to have a look at it to get a second opinion...

Yesterday mum sent me to different discounters to get some offers of the second part of the week. So I went there and then I went with her to the doctor in the afternoon. We didn't think about the measures that I wouldn't be able to accompany her. Result: I was deadly tired yesterday and today, after I went to the grocery store and the farmer's market in our town, my legs said again: "It's enough for today." So I hope/think that the weekend will be calmer.

Genealogy-wise I didn't do that much on WikiTree this week, I still mainly added family to my tree on MyHeritage.

Wherever you are, stay safe, wear masks and stay healthy.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
Sadly the Corona Virus numbers are increasing everywhere. My husband just read me a news blurb that the United States had 153,400 new cases today.

It sounds as if you have been busy. Doctor run-arounds are no fun. And, you have helped very much on WikiTree.
That doesn't sound nice for your mom. Unfortunately, many companies make such harassment. Sometimes I think these companies just want to show us who's in power. But it's nice to hear that you can take care of your mum.

It is important that you also take care of yourself.
Hi Jelena,

I still send positive intention to you and your mom daily. I know the Corona rates are rising everywhere. We see it here, of course, and our federal leaders allow it by not requiring that everyone wear masks and physical distance. I think we have reached a quarter of a million deaths. Way too many unnecessary deaths.

It sounds like you and your mum need to both kick back and rest. Maybe have a nice snack and watch a fun movie on the telly that will make you both laugh.

Just know people are thinking of both of you! Hugs!
Oh, Jelena, I’m so sorry that both you and your Mum have to deal with such issues, especially with the virus complicating things. Please don’t wear yourself out. Look after your own health, too!
Kay, thanks for your comment, but somehow I think I wasn't really that productive this week on WT.

Lothar, the company actually helped us to get the health insurance also pay the extension of use for the chair. And this much faster than we as individuals would have gotten it. Once we had to battle with them for two months to get a machine (not now, that was at a different issue).

Carol, well, with this (in Germany we have the expression "Covidiot" for people who trivialize the virus) guy in the leading position saying the virus will just go away the way it came, it is sadly everything but astonishing that there are so many deaths in the USA.

Pip, we will take care. We already try to minimize our time outside from home as much as we can. Like when we have to go outside anyway, try to squeeze as much stuff in it as possible. (Go in 5 [little] stores at one trip outside rather than go out 5 times for only one store and stuff like that).

You have added the ability for BioCheck to recognize biography headings and a few key source phrases in German. It will be in the version released later today. That means, for example, that family tree won't be considered a valid source for a Pre-1700 profile. Again, my thanks.
+20 votes

Currently, it's 10˚ C and mostly cloudy in Fort Erie. Tonight's predicted low is 1˚ C, and tomorrow's predicted high is 7˚ C.

I had one of my vicious sick spells this week, so I couldn't enjoy Remembrance Day (if that's the right word for it). Most of the public celebrations were cancelled around here, but I had intended to walk down to the cenotaph, observe two minutes of silence, and pray. That didn't happen, because I barely made it out of bed before 11:00. I did manage to post a link to a song called A Pittance of Time (which captures my feelings about the event pretty well) to Facebook before the end of the day, though.

When my ethernet switch attempted a 1½ gainer off my filing cabinet, I had to admit that the ethernet cord leading to my file sharing machine just wasn't long enough to suit the purpose, so rather than buy a new, longer, ethernet cable, I decided to rearrange my desk to move the computer closer to the switch. (I've actually been planning to do that for some time, but kept putting it off.) The new location meant that the cord for the old keyboard I had been using with it was too short, so I swapped keyboards, and then realised that the space bar on that old keyboard works... erratically. So, I ordered a new keyboard. (I know, an ethernet cable would have been cheaper, but the new location does sorta kinda work better in other ways.)

Our family has a history with keyboards. The first thing I ever gave to the woman who is now the light of my life and the delight of my eyes was a keyboard, because one of the keys on her keyboard didn't work, and it annoyed me when people would criticise her for her weird spelling. Between the two of us, I've had to replace multiple keyboards since. (I have no idea why we go through so many of them. You'd think we play basketball with them or something. I'd frame them and hang them in the living room, but there'd be so many that people would think that it was a parts warehouse or something.)

After taking a six-week break from WikiTree, I was looking at my French, Slade, and Welch One Name Studies, trying to figure out which one was most overdue for a quarterly update. But, looking things over, I decided that focusing in on just those three surnames, out of the 32 surnames in the four most recent generations of our two families, was pretty neglectful of the rest. There's a limit of 7 One Name Studies that any one person is allowed to manage. (Possibly somebody who is retired and could spend most of the day "genealogising" could manage that, but honestly, I can't even see me starting a fourth One Name Study.) So, rather than starting any more studies, I just picked the 12 surnames that already have One Name Studies started for them, and then the 12 surnames with the least number of profiles on WikiTree, and decided to work on one of each per month. I sorted each list from largest to smallest, and assigned a month to each pair. 

This month's surname with a One Name Study is Waddell. I see that it's categorised as needing a Coordinator, but I'm not volunteering, although I did copy and paste the same sort of material that I had put up on my other studies onto that page. Now, I'm trying to add Waddells from ThePeerage.com and Wikipedia onto WikiTree. I should also try to source and connect existing Waddells where I can.

The second Waddell I added from ThePeerage.com, Eliza Waddell, worked out pretty well. Her husband was already on WikiTree, so her profile was connected upon creation. But her husband's mother wasn't on WikiTree (even though her parents were), so I added the mother and connected Eliza through a second path. Then, I connected her husband to his first wife, and connected Eliza through a third path.

I really like it when I manage to stitch together existing profiles that way. I figure that making direct connections like that is bound to reduce the number of degrees of separation between at least some people, and as we find and make more of those connections, we should find lower degrees of separation all over the place. (I remember when Queen Elizabeth was the main connection anchor, and every month or two, my degrees of separation from her would drop a little bit. I always assumed that was because people were making those extra connections somewhere along the path.)

The surname without a study is Pudder. With only 11 profiles, I don't think anybody will be starting a Pudder Name Study any time soon. But I can report that all 11 Pudder profiles are connected to the main tree, and none of them are marked as unsourced, so what Pudder profiles lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Go, Pudders!

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (397k points)
edited by Greg Slade

Thanks for the chuckle, I can see the ethernet switch diving off the cabinet. Good to hear you have been Puddering around on WikiTree...

Ah keyboards. Mine lost the paint off the F and V keys some time ago and C is nearly gone. I switched to a wireless keyboard some time ago, and really like it. I did think I was having computer problems this week - and those turned out to just be the batteries in the keyboard, type too much maybe? Anyway when I thought I had problems, I tried a reboot (which Linux needs every month or so anyway) and it failed to start with a problem on my secondary disk drive. Fortunately I was able to repair the disk, so I didn't lose any of the backup data on that drive.
Greg, where are your Pudders? Hopefully not in Staffordshire, England. My Richards ancestors were puddlers as in people who worked in iron forges, every now and then i find a record that gives Puddler as a last name when it was their occupation, and yes the image of record has the last name correct but the transcriber was not paying attention.


Actually, M, it looks like every Pudder on WikiTree is from a single family in West Virginia.

I'm probably going to have to get another keyboard soon, Kay. The one where the space bar works has the stickers peeling off. It started with one, and now 5 of them are completely blank, and more are going that way. I paid so much for that keyboard that I'm kind of ticked that the letters were just stuck on instead of embossed in the keys, but it annoys me even more that the manufacturer switched places between the delete key (of all keys!) and another key, so I won't be sorry when that keyboard hits the recycling bin. Hopefully, the one I just ordered will be good enough that it will be worth getting another of the same model.

Now that I am using vi a lot again, my next keyboard will have a regular size ESC key instead of something small stuck in the corner.
Greg, your reordering of your office sounds like ours. Planning where something goes depends on so many variables.

I really wish you would take over the Waddell name study. I’m a Waddell descendant from Iredell/Mecklenburg County area here in North Carolina. I just can’t add one more thing to my to-do list.
+18 votes
Friday the 13th Greetings!

Beautiful fall here in Texas but will be a summer fall day tomorrow and then fall again on Sunday. We just tune in to the weather reports several times a day to see what the next hour will be!

I haven't been too active in genealogy this week. Have been at one of my daughter's every day just helping out and being chauffeur for 15 year old grandson and chief cook.  Daughter not feeling well and has needed help. I have begun adding another generation down on my Henderson line; there were a lot of them so there is a long way to go.

Today and tomorrow while sitting at daughters I am virtually attending some of the sessions for the Texas State Genealogical Conference. Some really good speakers are taking part including Judy Russell, Diane Southard and Debbie Wayne Parker so definitely worth the time!

With the rise in Covid cases, everyone take care and stay safe.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (512k points)
Ginny, your weather sounds about as variable as ours. Our weather app does seem to make good predictions, so we have to play it by ear.

Seems to me that doing direct line ancestors is easier (until a dead end), but boy, adding all those collateral lines can wear one out!
+19 votes
I'm BACK after six weeks enforced absence.  I had been getting a lot of queer e-mails, notifications from amazon on orders I don't do, etc.  Finally my bank called and asked if I was in Ireland buying bread with my credit card.  I don't know
how to order anything with a credit card on the computer!!!
We canceled the credit card and I received a new one.  I called my library senior computer class teacher and he removed six viruses.  None of three firewalls had stopped any of them.  I just don't understand computers very well.
And I had to go off line just at the sourceathon week end.
I had added some profiles to source during that weekend and have spent this week going back and entering sources.
Thank heavens for contribution history so I found most of them.  I hope no one needed any thing from me over that time.  I missed the weekend chats.  It's like having old friends.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (248k points)

Welcome back smiley

So glad to hear from you, was wondering how you were doing.
Welcome back Beulah!! What a frustrating experience!! I am happy to see you are back.
We’ve missed you, Beulah. Over the past few years, we too have had bank calls asking if we used a card some where, like at a court in Ohio or on a gambling website. We always respond immediately when we get these and get new cards.
+18 votes
Hi guys, from country New South Wales.

This week has been eventful. Firstly I spent some time cleaning the weeds off the town's War Memorial, which is on my property, and pressure washing the concrete to prepare for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day) last Wednseday. Apart from myself, only one guy came to observe a minute's silence, but that's probably one more than has been there for the past few years and I just made another friend in the town.

Next, my potato and tomato plants have started to sprout leaves, which I find miraculous. If it wasn't so tricky to post photos to this forum I'd proudly show you ...

Then there's been the ongoing saga of the mouse who has been nibbling food left out to thaw. I hate to kill the little guy so I keep the back door open for hours at a time hoping she'll leave. Sometimes there's no activity for days, then I see her scuttling across the floor out of the corner of my eye in the early hours. It keeps me amused anyhow.

Hit the 1,000 edits for November yesterday. I guess that will give me time to attend to some maintenance on the truck, which has been leaking brake fluid from the master cylinder for ages.

Have a good one!
by Rob Judd G2G6 Mach 9 (92.7k points)
Hi Rob - what part of country NSW (if it is not a rude question)

I was born and grew up in Bellingen (it was a quite country town back half a century ago).

Most of my family lines are NSW based. Always enjoy hearing about the community histories of our country locations (most of them do not make it to towns).

Glad to hear the weather at yours is allowing plants to go too. The drought felt like it would never break.
Rob, I thought that mouse was gone! Well, s/he must be finding another way in. I’m sure you’ll have a grand time finding that opening.

Kudos to you for your care of the monument!
Hi Rosalie, I'm in Bundarra, 48km south of Inverell. About 260km West of Bellingen, via Armidale.

The 15 year drought broke here in January. I've lived here since June 25th.
Pip, I have a sneaking suspicion it's another one. It's quite a lot more timid.

I have not been to Bundarra - have been to a lot of the other small locations around Tingha as my parents owned a small property there when they were alive to raise Mum's coloured sheep (sheep hate Bellingen - too wet ) for her spinning and knitting and so Dad could go fossicking easily. smiley

Many happy times taking day trips around the area are remembered by all my family.

+17 votes
Hi Pip and all from windy Australia just before 9 on Saturday morning.

I have made little progress on my own family research or on my Orphan Trail profile this week.

I have learned more about Greeting on WikiTree and I have started to catch up on tasks around the place after our 3 days away last weekend.

I was excited this morning to see a new group started on facebook for the NEVE surname. Since NEVE is one of my reasons for, and interest in, joining the Kent team I will be keeping an eye on any possible connections to those I seek sources for.

My mum's ancestor line of Vidler also have a facebook group I have recently joined. The collaboration online is very helpful.

Wishing you all the best from the weekend and thank you to all who contribute here.
by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Mach 5 (56.8k points)
Howdy, Rosalie! I have to remind myself that your moving into spring while autumn has come in full force here.

Here’s hoping you find lots of new information on Facebook! Let us know if you do.
+19 votes
Hope that everyone is staying safe.

We had a record high of 83F (23C) on Wednesday, when we also had 6.5" (16.5cm) of rain in 24 hours.

I've been working on some improvements to Bio Check, like better tests for Pre-1700 profiles and better help text when you hover over the name of a field to enter. And, with help from Wiki Friends, for which I am grateful, adding support for biography headings (and some sources) in languages other than English.

I got a list of the >26000 GEDCOM that have been imported to WikiTree, pared it down to the 6800 with more than 100 profiles and am fighting a losing battle with the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet to figure out how to match those names against my much smaller GEDCOM list to sort and find ones on both lists. Oh well, another day, something more to learn.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (369k points)

You keep busy yes

Kay, my brother near Charlotte was in the same storm path as you, just earlier. The Weather Channel showed the Catawba River way up. Fortunately, he lives off the river (though his work site is very close), but he said it was thundering like he’d never seen it.
+21 votes
Since it looks like no one has started the New Person Answer, I will jump in.

Hi, my name is Josh. I have been on WT for about 3 days. I'm still playing around with my immediate family before I get too crazy. I would rather learn the ropes and play around with my early profiles before branching out.

I've been doing genealogy for ~17+ yrs. Most of my research is stored in ancestry, but I really like mission of WT and look forward to slowly migrating and expanding my tree here.

I love the community aspect of WT and everyone has been extremely welcoming thus far. Thanks!

by Joshua Carnahan G2G6 (6.7k points)
Looks good! You've got the marriage listed twice, but that's ok. Find those citations (sources) and you'll have a full set.
Ah, referring to in the Bio section and then in "relationships?" It's only because I'm trying to establish a basic format for my profiles and I plan to add to he bio. So having a "paragraph" style bio with the more of bulletized points under for specifics of birth, relationships, children, education, eh... trial runs. LOL

Any thought to the PM I sent? Not sure if you built the stickers or if someone else did, but thanks for looking into it.

I forwarded your request for a new sticker, but your best bet is to propose the new sticker on G2G. That'll bring more notice to it.
Thanks! Which area do I submit that proposal?
I almost feel like I am a nuisance... LOL
Just to the Treehouse. Tag it 'stickers'. That oughta do it.
Heck no, you're not a nuisance. That's how you get answers, by asking.

Eh too late! Figured it should go in Style and Policy. Check it out! let me know.     https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1140022/request-to-propose-a-new-sticker-for-veterans-of-iraq-war

Good job. Now it’s just wait and see.
We shall see! Thanks again! -Josh

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