Request automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment

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I realized sometime after the US's daylight saving time transition to standard time (1 Nov) that the timestamps in the contribution log were off by one hour. In My WikiTree > Settings one can specify an offset from GMT that corresponds to their timezone, but this does not accommodate DST transitions, so one must adjust this setting twice a year. This is a task that a computer should do. I request that WikiTree automatically handle DST transitions.
in WikiTree Tech by Kenneth Nellis G2G6 (7.8k points)

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I was told that the time stamps for WIkitree are set to UTC and they don't change at all.

It's not biggie to me to be out by an hour during DST as long as I am aware of why it is happening.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (899k points)
Well, as I said, if you go to My WikiTree > Settings, you can choose what offset from GMT you want. It is irrelevant whether the time is stored on their servers as GMT. It is the presentation format that is at issue. And it is easy to detect DST, so I was just asking for that to be done and the presentation time to be adjusted accordingly.
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The change from daylight savings time and back varies a great deal depending on which country or area of a country one lives in. Not sure it is worth the computer/server time to make these changes when it is a simple matter to do it oneself.
by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (479k points)
Computer/server time is not at issue. The only overhead would be when presenting pages to the user, which is when the stored timestamps are already converted according to the user's configured offset. It takes negligible computer time to detect DST and make that adjustment.
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A couple of points to make

  1. Wikitree users are not all Americans. Therefore adjusting the time automatically to reflect changes in United States Time is useless to non american users.
  2. Wiktree would not know where you are working on Wiktree from. For instance I can spoof my location using browser addons to access content that providers restrict to the USA from New Zealand.
  3. Wikitree has no idea what your current time is unless you use the Time Zone setting option in the settings page. In other words the same option to change the timestamp from the Wikitree Server Timezone to your current timezone is the same way you can change it to reflect changes between Daylight saving to standard and vice versa.
  4. There are multiple variations in when or if a country may go into or out of Daylight saving time and every option would have to be programmed in whereas the current options are simple only requiring the user to offset their browser time against the Wikitree server time twice a year if they want to. 
  5. The only thing changed is the displayed time. For myself living in New Zealand the displayed date is wrong have the time due to New Zealand being 12-13 hours ahead of where the Wikitree server is so an edit I did on 16th November Monday Morning my time says it was done on 15th November. 
by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (155k points)

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