so DIFFICULT to find dna portal and settings

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Why do you make it soooo diifficult to get my dna portal number I have no clue and have wasted 45 mins going around in circles
everytime I try I just give up in frustration!
 and why can I not add my sons gedmatch no to my list , cant even see how to add any more gedmatch nos
its all WAY to hard
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in Genealogy Help by Jackie Stoddard G2G6 (7.1k points)
Couldn't agree more.I am in all the sites and this is just ridiculous. Trying to upload a 95 year old's DNA to his profile and it just says mine is already attached....the site is unbelieveably user unfriendly. Round and round in circles for 3 years now, Nah.
On WikiTree, you cannot add information about the DNA test for anyone but yourself. For privacy reasons, each living DNA test taker must add his/her own DNA test information.
Can you add DNA test information for the dead?
Yes, you can, if you are authorized to work with the deceased person's DNA test(s). Just be sure that you're adding the information to the profile of the person who actually took the DNA test.
Thank you, Kay. I manage my mother's DNA.  She died 10 Oct 2021.  I have just added her DNA information to her profile.

Thank you again. Have a blessed day.
There is no way I can make that happen, as my 95 year old is completely unable to upload his own DNA and lives in another country. I manage his DNA 100%, so it will just have to stay on all the other databases and not on Wikitree.
Suzanne I am sorry for your loss. Is your own DNA uploaded aswell? Just wondering how you managed to load your mother's.
Bronwyn, No DNA is "uploaded" to WikiTree. On WikiTree we just enter information about the DNA tests taken by the profiled person. Then within about 24 hours WikiTree automatically displays that test information on the profiles of the person's relatives.
OK I understand the technicality, but that doesn't help me. I am unable to attach a link to my grandfather's DNA and so is he. So we still cannot proceed. I just wonder what will change when he passes away.
Thank you, Bronwyn.  She was very sick. Now I pray that she has peace.

I have added my DNA information to WikiTree as well. I did that some time back.

We don't have to upload the DNA here on WikiTree. We just tell WikiTree where we tested (or in your case, where your 95 year old tested). If we have a GEDMatch kit number, we add that information, too.  

Here is the path to add that information to WikiTree:

Have him go to his profile page. Up at the top right of the computer screen, he will see his last name and Wiki ID number. Click that, then click where it says DNA.

When that page loads, there will be a link that says "DNA Tests" just under where it says in big bold letters, "DNA Ancestors View for (his name)".  Click that "DNA Tests" link.

When the next page loads, there will be a place to add the DNA test information. He will click the dropdown arrow where it says "Click here to select DNA test" and then click on the company that he tested with. Edited to add:  Then click "Add Test". (Sorry that I missed this part the first time.)

After that, it should open a page that also has a section for the GEDMatch number. He can click the edit button on that page and add the GEDMatch number if he has one.

Then, he needs to click save.

Would your family member in the other country be able to do that?  I hope that my instructions make sense.  It is usually easier for me to do than to tell. :)
Hi Bronwyn,

I pray that it will be a long time yet before your grandpa passes away.

Once he does, there shouldn't be any problem with you adding his test information if you manage his DNA account. I manage my mother's DNA and several others. It was an easy process to add Mother's once I found the correct page.

I do agree that, overall, WikiTree is a complicated site compared to others.
That's very kind of you to set out the detail, thank you!

You're very welcome, Bronwyn. I am glad to help. smiley

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Your DNA Portal number you get from
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
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As regards your son's DNA.

Each person's DNA is connected to their profile.  His DNA must be attached to his profile.  Due to DNA privacy laws, he must create his own WikiTree profile, if he does not have one.  He must add his DNA to his profile.  

He does not need to be active in WikiTree, after he completes the first two steps, as long as he adds you to his trusted list so you can maintain his profile and see the results of his DNA matches.

Just thought of another suggestion.  Since he will need to use his e-mail (WikiTree limits an e-mail to one profile.  Living people require and e-mail address), set up a rule in his e-mail to forward e-mails from WikiTree to you.
by David Dodd G2G6 Mach 2 (21.9k points)
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