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  • I added domain names of the URLs in the Index. You can now search for any domain. You should search for wikitree_com or www_wikitree_com. Endings of the URL are also added to the search engine so is found if you search for www_wikitree_com or wikitree_com or just com. Searching for nl will find all profiles that link to a dutch domain. Field name is Domain so you can refine the search like domain=nl
  • I started to check the links on the profiles. First step is the DNS name. That is the first part of the link like Two new suggestions were added in new section Links.
    • 961 Invalid domain name in link: These are the DNS names, that are not in correct form as defined by standards.
    • 962 Domain name in link not resolved: These are the DNS names, that do not resolve to the IP. Usually it is a typo or the server is no longer available.
  • Refined 6x2 to ignore ! for 2 towns with ! in the name.
  • I noticed, that links to WikiTree+ Maps was added to the "Family Tree & Tools" page of each profile.
  • I added a link to Kay (Sands) Knight's Bio Check application on each search result page.
  • Added 602, 632 and 662 - Separators in Location suggestions.
  • Added links to WikiTree+ Maps on Category pages and in WT+ Category Navigator. See: and on Template pages in the Info box and in WikiTree+ search results (Link is in the heading. Look for WikiTree+ Map link). There are also links to WikiTree+ Maps on each profile, that is shown by WikiTree+. See
  • The location table was redesigned, to make it easyer for me to maintain.
  • I added a new magic word: MissingLocation to find profiles without the location. You can also use BirthLocation=MissingLocation or DeathLocation=MissingLocation to find missing locations just in one of the fields.
  • I added Privacy to the search index. You can one of the folowing privacy values to limit the results: Private, PrivatePB (Private with Public Biography), PrivatePT (Private with Public Family Tree), PrivatePBPT (Private with Public Biography and Family Tree), Public And Open
  • A new version of WikiTree+ Chrome Extension is published. Latest version is 0.3.6.
  • Spatial modul of WikiTree+ got a new addition. Maps. There are 2 usages of the spatial modul. Tree view is already present for a long time. See more on Help:WikiTree_Plus#Tree_navigator_on_WikiTree.2B and Map view. See more on Help:WikiTree_Plus#Map_navigator_on_WikiTree.2B


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No News, still loving the work on improving the data!
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
This week I was busy with other things.

But if you really want new suggestions, I have a few new ones on stock.

I think you are allowed a week without new stuff ... just one week okay wink?

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No news! In the US, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week and I'm giving thanks for WikiTree and all the amazing WikiTreers and the fact that my suggestion list didn't expand!
by Kathy Zipperer G2G6 Pilot (290k points)
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Aleš, can I hand in my Christmas wishlist?

Two new magic words:

  • New - giving profiles created between latest dump and the previous one. Enables monitoring of additions by project, by creator, etc.
  • LocationEndingWord=word - discover locations not ending with country name, like LocationEndingWord=amersfoort or LocationEndingWord=nl (nl being abbreviation for both newfoundland and labrador and nederland, so not to be used)
by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (218k points)
Do you mean like profile was created in last two weeks? Or maybe a month. But that would also include all LNAB changes.

You already can find location endings in replace location section. It  checks for location ending.


Yes, I see the replace location section is the solution to my "LocationEndingWord" question, thank you. Enables the untangling of NL abbreviations for "NederLand" and "Newfoundland and Labrador", and also the completing of locations by adding province and countryname.

My request for "New" would return profiles created between the latest weekly dump (say 2020-11-22) and the previous one (2020-11-15), so a 1 week timeframe. Enables projects (like search string "Netherlands New") to see activity and mentor/guide the quality of newly created profiles and draws attention to new WT members that are not yet member of  an applicable project. I suggested this "New" magic word in one of the threads on 2021 year of accuracy.

Aleš - I am interested in finding profiles that end in Holland, which are usually made by folks in the United States and the profiles lack a birth source (or occasionally where something like Holland, Michigan, USA lacks sufficient information). Based on there appear to 7726 Holland profiles, but when I try to find them with I get "Too many results."  While 7726 is a lot, I would like to add sources to these as I have time/inclination.  Is there a different way i could find these profiles? It would be ideal if I could combine it with things like 19cen, orphan, open, or Iowa.
I raised the limit, so it now displays 5500 Holland profiles.

Since I programmed it a few years back, our server was upgraded and also program was optimized to perform better.

It now takes 5 seconds on uncached build and additional requests are done in 1.5 second.
Thank you!

Or would it be easier to implement my "New" wish analogous to the B-prefix and D-prefix as C(reation)-prefix? Like:

Creation date (with C prefix in front of the date and year in 21st century)

  •     C2020 to get all profiles created in 2020
  •     C202001 to get all profiles created in January 2020
  •     C20200125 to get all profiles created on 25th January 2020
I am not that found of adding created date into index, because it is not that consistent. Also it has no meaning if a profile was created 7 or 8 years ago or 2 or 3 months. And it is not necessary it was actually created on that date.

You already have Creation as a sort order and newest profiles are listed at the end of the search result. That makes it possible to review the newest profiles.
Thanks for looking into Aleš.

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