Please help me decipher this German Kurrent/Sütterlin [closed]

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Please help me decipher/verify this German Sütterlin

Link to the original document (needs flash player, try to use Opera browser):

Index of lasnames:

Her parents found by marriage (in czech languge, also needs flash player):

Link to Barbara Hastík profile:íková-1

Left column (father):

Hastik ???

??? in

Babitz Sohn

??? ???

??? ???

??? in

Babitz, ???

??? ???

Matylda gebn

Geoffry ???

??? in


Right column (mother):

Barbara, Tochter

von  Geoffry Rozu

mek ???

in Babitz und ?

?? ??? Anna

gebn: Joseph ???

??? in



1. Her father`s first name in czech is "Vincenc", but here in father`s column is last name "Hastík" but first name is ??? (cannot read).

2. Are correct this first names "Matylda" and "Geoffry ???" (last name cannot read) in mother`s column (look also at link with index of last names)

3. Is correct place name "Babitz"?

Tnaks for help.

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I think I can read part of it.

  • Barbara's father might be Wenzyl (unsure of this; however this would translate to Vaclav) son of Simon. I cannot read their occupations.
  • Wenzyl's wife is Matylda daughter of Joseph; he is a farmer.
  • I think the surnames of both of the parents (Wenzyl and Matylda) are the same. I think your reading of the surname is correct (but I am a little unsure), although it is written in two different ways - initially with Latin H and later with kurrent H.
  • The village name Babitz (in German) is Babice (in Czech)
  • In the last two columns are listed Joseph Hastik, farmer in Babitz, and Katherina, his wife. I wonder if these are Matylda's parents (we do know her father is Joseph).
  • The mother is Barbara daughter of Johann and his wife Anna. I think your reading of Johann's surname is correct.
  • Anna is the daughter of Joseph Schustal (my reading is uncertain).

Confirmation, or correction, from another Wiki member would be good!

by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (405k points)
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Yes, thanks, it`s really looks like "W". But I don`t think that "Wenzyl" is correct. Maybe something like "Wincent" in German and "Vincent" in czech, so he is probably the same person.

Left column (father):

Hastik Wincent

???? in

Babitz Sohn

des Simon

Hastik ??

?? in

Babitz, ????

???? Gattin

Matylda gebn

Joseph Hastik

landwirt in


Right column (mother):

Barbara, Tochter

von Johann Rozu

mek ???

in Babitz und ?

?? ??? Anna

gebn: Joseph Schustal

??? in


Thank you very much.

Looking at the name again, I agree now it is not Wenzyl. What I read as “l” in the name is the mark “/“ in the adjacent column.
  1. I think his given name should be Vinzenz. The distinction between "V" and "W" in Kurrent script is often only the middle upswing going up all the way for a "W" which this one does not. I think the scribe simply ran out of space and abbreviated the name to "Vinzz". The stroke next to the name is for the next column and does not belong to the name.
  2. He was a "Viertler" (čtvrtník, meaning he owned and farmed a quarter lán).
  3. Simon was some sort of Bürger (citizen) in Babitz - can't read the adjective before citizen.
  4. "und seiner Gattin" - and his wife.
  5. Her name is Mathilde. The small "h" in Kurrent looks like this.
  6. Johann Rozumek was a Podsedker (podsedník - A tenant who had rented part of a field, garden or meadow from a farmer./Nájemník, který měl od sedláka pronajatou část polnosti, zahrady nebo louky).
  7. "und seiner Gattin" - and his wife.
  8. Joseph Schustal was also a Podsedker.
Thank you, I always learn when you explain things!

Thank you, rewritten to biography section in profile:

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The parents for this Barbara in this baptismal record are Franz Zahonek, son of Johann Zahonek and Franziska, daughter of Johann Skara, both from Ceronin, and Katharina, daughter of Joseph Bican and Katharina, daughter of Martin Kotlaba. Probably not the right link.

The baptismal record on her profile has the parents as Vinzenz Hastik, son of Simon Hastik and Mathilde, daughter of Joseph Hastik, and Barbara, daughter of Joseph Rozumek and Anna, daughter of Joseph Schustal.

Don't see her in the marriage record page. The one named Hastik, Franziska/Františka, has different parents.
by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (544k points)

Thanks, here is marriage record (in czech):

Left column (husband):

Josef Rybka

svobodný syn

Josefa Rybky

domkaře v Babi-

cíh, a jeho man-

želky Anny ro-

dem Jan Hastík

???? v Ba-


Right column (wife):

Barbora Hastík,

svobodná dcera

po +Vincenci

Hastíkovi čtvrt-

láníka v Babi-

cích a jeho man-

želky Barbory

rodem Jan 

Rozumek pod-

sedník v Ba-


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