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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Look forward to hearing you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard
Ah. That happened a lot in the 1700s. In my case there were like five Silas Sargents.
Beautifully put and very relatable Pip.
Perhaps he was a karate black belt! My 5ft 8, husband a 5th degree black belt can do that. I shouldn't be publicising that though as part of the code is to be humble.
Ah Pip,

Never under estimate the role you play in bringing us all together.  I probably speak for more than just myself,  when I say you make each of us individually feel a connection with you.  It's a gift you have.

It reminds me of when I attended my 1st cousin's funeral 18 months ago.   All 14 of his living cousins attended.  (This was PRE-Covid).   As we talked amongst ourselves,  we all realized he had made each and every one of us feel like we were his favorite cousin.  

We're very thankful to have you love WikiTree!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans on the chat. Heck of a month here, I just crossed 3,000 edits yesterday and still going strong. I'm also on a secret project that will be protected until after I'm gone ... someone has to tell these stories, and it might prove interesting to my great-grandchildren one day.

Stay cool.
Argh. I keep posting as comment instead of as answer ...

Florian, you are not alone! cheeky

Peggy, you made my day. Thank you!
Since this is Thanksgiving weekend here, Thank You for hosting and helping keep WikiTree a fun place while being serious about genealogy. I hope all are doing well.
Thank you, Doug. It is a joy for me.

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Today is...



Each year on November 27th, National Bavarian Cream Pie Day recognizes a pie that makes a grand entrance. This rich and delectable dessert is possible, thanks to the French chef, Marie-Antione Carême.

In the early 19th century, Carême established many of the French cooking techniques still used today. He’s even given credit for abolishing some practices from his kitchens. One dessert Carême receives credit for includes the creation of Bavarian cream. Perhaps he didn’t create it but perfected this gelatin-based pastry cream. Initially, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels served Bavarian cream pie in France in the early 19th century.

Also called crème bavaroise, Bavarian cream is a custard made with gelatin that allows the cream to set more firmly in molds. The cream allows a variety of flavors, hence numerous recipes. Once you’ve made the preferred flavor of Bavarian cream, pour into a pie crust and chill until set. Bavarian cream compliments many other desserts, too. 

HOW TO OBSERVE Bavarian Cream Pie Day:

This delicious dessert is a perfect one to share. Make one at home or sneak out for dessert at your favorite restaurant. Another option is to pick up a pie at your local bakery or café. Be sure to give them a shout out. It’s a terrific way to #CelebrateEveryDay! If you’re ambitious, give this recipe a try.

Enjoy this Vanilla Bavarian Cream Pie recipe.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)

Now this is one of my favorites! I'd rather have had this then the traditional Thanksgiving desserts, but I was out-voted. Another recipe for the Dorothy Barry's WikiTree Recipe Book!

I love Bavarian Cream so will have to try this recipe! Thanks Dorothy for sharing this one!
My wife doesn't care for meringue or most cream pies, but I sure do!
I quickly looked and the recipe and realized, this was one of my favorite desserts as a child.   Only, my mother used strawberry ice cream and then would put fresh strawberries on top.   Remember all, I live in California and we get fresh strawberries all the time...
Ah. Great idea. Since it was only the 2 of us for Thanksgiving I made only 1 pie (pumpkin). Since I have never had luck halving the crust recipe (always from scratch, so easy), there are leftovers for another single crust pie in the fridge that need to be used...

Peggy, on FRIDAY, replete from feasting, I looked at that pie and turned green. Guess I ate too much.

TODAY, SATURDAY, I look at it and say to myself "That looks kinda good." Not quite finished digesting the feast, I guess. Not ready to say "Delicious looking." 

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This week has been so chaotic. Because of Thanksgiving I've had to work the past 4 days. I was supposed to get off at 3 pm yesterday, but my replacement called in at the last minute so I ended up staying until 7. I was exhausted but, I must have made my customers happy because 3 of them went to my manager to tell him how pleased they were of me specifically. My bosses also gave me a free turkey dinner from the deli for working late, and the holiday pay isn't bad either.

Genealogywise: I've been unable to do anything, but now I've got the next 3 days off. My plan is to catch up on my sleep, then devote the rest of my time to my genealogy.

by Chandra Garrow G2G6 Mach 4 (43.7k points)
Chandra, you must be one special worker for you for your manager to get all those comments. I try to do the same when I see a worker going beyond to assist me.

I’ve gotten no genealogy done the past several days, too. And with my step-sister coming tomorrow, I probably won’t this weekend either! Maybe next week.
Chandra, I don't know what you do but it certainly seems special that you would stay and also receive customer appreciation for your work, especially yesterday.  Good job!

laughIf the manager gave you that dinner, then you must really have been a treasure for him ... congrats on a job well done ... how many hours of sleep do you think it will take to put you back up on your get-go? 

Chandra, I can tell that not only do your customers appreciate you, but it's awesome that your management does as well. That's a great job to have and it's obvious that you do it well.

Nelda's answer to "What is a period?" (She has a lot of creativity or she's a whiz at online searches ... )

"I've given up drinking until Christmas." 
Oops. Sorry. Bad punctuation. 
"I've given up. Drinking until Christmas." 

I slept most of the day today, so I'm feeling better. My sister came over with an ice cream cake for my birthday today.

laugh kiss  laugh HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANDRA !!!! 

Happy Belated Birthday, Chandra! :D

laugh Chandra, did you eat the birthday yummies? (Ice cream cake)

Happy Birthday, Chandra! Here is a virtual Cake for you.


Oh, Dave, that is something that actually stirs my currently bloated appetite ...
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The week started with some great local news, the soap is still continuing.

Overall it was a big discussion week. On G2G, emails, private messages, start of a new project... need a less busy weekend really. Maybe binge watch some of the detectives I have waiting in the cloud.

Celery is giving me a hard time again. Flower refuses to show anything: any snake guru up for some aid?

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
Michel, when we feel run down, Brit Box detective shows are our recovery method. Take a break if you can. We all need one once in a while.
What's the new project, Michael?
Cindy, the one I mean here is something outside of WT, with real people in a real building. I'm excited to see some living human beings for a change that do not peer through a tiny webcam ;)
That sounds interesting.  Real people still exist?  And might go to a building to work together?  How intriguing!

Pip, yeah, those Brits have done a great job.

There is also the near true documentary series on Fokker and Plesman. They were rather important for our National history. The series is great as it uses original material in scenes as well. It also reflects on the interaction with the black part of our history, which is extremely relevant this week... (can't/won't link to that, they do not deserve that much attention).

cheeky Okay, I don't understand what a flower, and a snake, and celery have to do with each other ... I CAN think of a lot of things, actually, but I am lousy at "telling jokes" ... 

laugh I'd better stop at that, my imagination is running riot 

Hehe, yeah.. it is a bit mystical when you are not on the inner crowd... well, here are some clues:

The colors from the Flower should show how Celery eats its food and produces healthier shoots. Meanwhile the Snake hides behind the empty Flask, waiting for its queue.

They were not on Thursday and Friday, but I found the button to press to get things moving again laugh.

crying THANK you, Michel. I guess. 
Think this is New Age Computing. Uh-huh.  
I liked that phrase "drop by drop" on Flask - that's totally spooky 

Bet these folk have a really stunning Halloween haunted house display annually, online 

(Image of someone walking away slowly, shaking their head in bewilderment) 


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Good morning!  We're having Thanksgiving today at our house as my son and his wife arrived last night from Atlanta.

In genealogy we had a HUGE breakthrough last night by one of the Acadian project members.  There were three brothers named Pierre in one family.  I may have spoken of them before.  Nearly two years ago we started cleaning them up, getting the two wives of one attached to him and not the other brothers.  But then we could not validate that the other two brothers actually existed, even with their unusual names and many possible clues.  Two professional genealogists showed them in the family but without documentation.  Finally, one of our Acadian Project members found the original baptism records!  The two younger boys were baptised on the same day and the record gave their ages so we could be sure.

So in the one family there is Pierre, Pierre Zacharie, and Pierre Appolinaire.  Truth.  Many people have researched these guys and it feels really good to nail them down.  Julie got a Wonderful WikiTreer too.
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (136k points)

Wow, Cindy! That is a breakthrough! Good for you and the others who helped! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you and all who are with you today!

Nice to hear that even with all the virus stuff going on that family is still coming together for the holidays. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, no matter which day you end up celebrating on!

Cindy, that does sound like a major breakthrough and I have heard of the custom of baptismal names ... one family I read about, five dau or so, all of them Mary whatever ... something like Mary Cecilia, Mary Rose, Mary Anna, Mary Margaret and Mary Amanda ... 

I wonder if the three of them were of that sort of situation, Pierre whatever ? 

Congratulations on the breakthrough!

Enjoy your time of food and family.
Cindy and Julie: Congratulations on the amazing breakthrough. Anne
Hola Cindy from a Tucsonan pal! Congratulations on clarifying the Pierres! Sounds like a challenge well met!
+26 votes
Hi Pip and other fellow WikiTreers

Been to the dentist this morning to get started with the work to replace a crown I have had for 8 or 9 years. Now replaced with a temporary one whilst they make the new one.

Now I have increased my greeter commitments the weeks are flying past before we all know it will be Christmas.

Since we usually just have the 3 of us here it will probably not be any different to last year.

Weather is much colder today but not for long as predicting it will get warmer over the weekend.

I am off to get my Lemon Bun our Friday treat as the local anaesthetic has practically worn off now.

Hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving and are staying safe.

by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (129k points)
Hi here, Hilary in Wales! I had a crown put in this past summer. The temp was horrible as everything I put in my mouth, hit or cold, hurt! I was glad to finally get the crown.

Lemon bun sounds yummy! You have a bakery nearby or just  a store that carries it?

The local bakery make the buns they are bread rolls filled with creme pat and topped with lemon icing so not too sweet.

I was warned about the possibility of sensitivity so will try to avoid extremes of temperature.

Oh, that sounds so tasty!

This is what you said  "I am off to get my Lemon Bun our Friday treat as the local anaesthetic has practically worn off now."

and I read it 3x and it finally penetrated .. you did NOT SAY "I am to get off my Lemon Bun ... " ... and in view of the rest of the sentence about anaesthetics ... I am pleased to find out I was mistaken -- my imagination ran riot ... 

Crowns are no fun, although the replacement is not bad as the first. And you just have the easy part (getting the permanent crown left).

The Lemon Bun sounds good. We have a huge platter of boned turkey left over. Fortunately we also have a very large bowl of gravy for turkey and gravy over biscuits (rolls, not cookies).

Bore da, Hilary! I hope all goes well with your dental work. I've had two crowns and the permanent placement went smoothly. Sadly, I didn't have access to lemon buns!

laugh Hilary, first time I heard someone say they were going to get a crown, I had no idea what that meant and I asked did they win a contest? or inherit a throne? ... blush Well, she very kindly explained what was what, after she'd laughed herself silly. 

+25 votes

Pip, thanks once again for hosting the Chat. And, thank you for your comments on how research has made you thankful. I have similar reasons for being thankful - the cemetery visits with my parents, listening to my grandmother talk about her relatives which gave me a start on her family. And yes, I am drowning in paper as I have inherited papers from my family and my husband's family. Still need to get back to scanning.

I, too, am so grateful for WikiTree. I have said many times it compared to the "Spy who came in from the cold" when I found a community of family researchers who actually collaborate. A true breath of fresh air and is now my main venue for my ancestors and research.

Yesterday was a very scaled back but nice Thanksgiving with one daughter, her husband and our grandson - on their patio. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed turkey, dressing and the trimmings. Thankful we have so far made it through the past year still healthy.

Have a good week and see you all again next weekend!

by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (512k points)
Ginny, glad to hear you had folks over for Thanksgiving. Our kids are leaving today, but my stepsister will be arriving tomorrow bringing dad back home.

My other daughter and her husband are flying over Texas as I speak. Said there was lots of turbulence. Also one couple who refuse to wear masks across the aisle. Grr....

laugh Yeah, est 50,000,000 travelers says that famous company which I cannot name ... annual projection of travelers based (they say) on surveys ... yes! 

They will be -- are now -- spreading out across the nation sharing all sorts of things with each other ... 

Pip, yes they would be experiencing turbulence today - we have a genuine cold front headed our way!!
Ginny, I agree with your breath of fresh air. So glad that the weather cooperated for your Thanksgiving gathering.
+18 votes

laugh GEN-TALK -- some 'things' to take note of ... well, if you have a leisure moment in the midst of all the clearing out and cleaning up  ... 

After all is said and chores done, some of us are going to be digesting our yesterdays for the rest of the weekend and maybe into next Monday or even Tuesday ... every burp a comment on the 'cooking' ... laugh 

1. What is a 'period'? - WikiTree G2G this is an open-ended question ... in math it would marked a [ .... ) to indicate this 

2. some software twitches which DO promise a better life, prosperity, and some measure of satisfaction ... New: First name variants, search by ID, G2G flagging - WikiTree G2G

3. and this is fun to watch, to over to the main opener page and watch the number of profile rise and rise and rise ... you have to refresh your browser of course to see that happening ... ? - 21,000,000 Thanksgivings , now Connected - today - - WikiTree G2G  kept me entranced for about 5 minutes or even 6 minutes (easily entertained woman, here) 

FRANKLY, I think it is mind-bending news !!! 

GENEALOGICALLY speaking, I'm floating around 3,070 profiles, give or take ... give when I create a new one, take when I discover that for reasons I don't recall I have this or that person on my watch list who do not "belong" there ... 

blushStill trudging along converting files and making corrections and gather more sources and ... awkward moments in life are when you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, grunting and sweating and swearing ... all because you were 1) ignorant and 2) lazy and 3) feckless -- 

crying And NOW  Karma, a lovely woman no doubt but  a nightmare companion, has taken to whacking on you as punishment for those very reasons -- and possibly more than those three and I don't want to know which or what, thank you 

 WEATHER -- we did get a day or so of rain more than a week ago though .. it was EXCITING ... have not seen some since last winter ... not enough to soak the ground, soften it, though .... still need a jackhammer to dig a hole ... 

HOME-FRONT -- WE did tread the antic road to the bank ATM, did not have to enter the bank itself, and that mile round trip was nearly 2 hours in the doing. Think we proved beyond doubt we are ancient tottering wrecks laugh Still, it's a good feeling to know you can STILL do a mile, even if a snail is faster over the distance than you are ... of course muscles then complained for the rest of the day, the next day too -- this was Wednesday AM around 10 or so, and saw only 2 other people walking and they did the Social Distance Dance 

NO obvious signs of building vacated .. although I must say I saw more than the usual number of "for rent" signs on housing ...  obvious signs of a vacant business are dirty plate glass and weeds growing out of the sidewalk no cars in the parking spaces ... saw that during two previous economic recessions 

In short the neighborhood routes I saw did not resemble the landscape seen in that film "50 Years After Humans

I hope everyone fared well during the last week

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (408k points)
Susan, you’re gonna have to get a treadmill so your muscles will get used to walking. Then, trips to town won’t have all those after effects!

Just so you know, if it wasn’t you sharing G2G topics here, I’d hardly ever know what’s going on!

PIP there's one in the garage ... Sig O treads the antic 3x or 4x a week out there.  

Gonna be a sad tale come the dead of a cold cold winter out there ... no, he cannot move it into the house, there is NO ROOM in this house unless he wants to dispose of his bed ? No? Okay or maybe his office section in the front room ? NO!! he roars, so okay ... 

Gonna be a sad tale come the dead of a cold cold winter ... laugh

Ours is in the garage, too, Susan, and it ain’t coming in the house! Where would we put it? And so, it’ll get no use this winter, like all other winters.
Ours is in the basement and it does get used, if you want to watch TV in the basement, you have to use the treadmill, well I guess you could just stand on it,
@M: hahahaha!


Keep up the mile!      I swear  (if that allowed) I seize up if I don't walk nearly every day.  Nothing too ambitious or impressive,  just regularly.   As they say  "getting old isn't for sissies".

My goal is to stay under 3000 profiles,  but I keep on making them.  surprise  

So enjoy reading your posts.  (Though they're certainly not skimmable!  Which in your case is a good thing. smiley)   There's always a great deal there.

Until later.

laugh Peggy MY goal once upon a time, maybe as lately as October? was to remain below 3,000 and then I realized that was not going to work for me, because -- like you -- there more being created, ones that belonged, they were kinfolk ...  

+23 votes

Greetings and Salutations, Fellow WikiTreers!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the memories and leftovers remain. I'm looking at a fridge with a tub of turkey, small portions of green bean casserole, dressing, cranberry celebration salad, sweet potatoes, and about a half loaf of fresh bread and maybe 8-10 deviled eggs. I've still got some broth to make more dressing and a jar of gravy, so those will get used up as well. I'm a turkey fiend, so I'll probably freeze some for later and enjoy what I've got left. If I'm successful, the fridge will be clear by Wednesday next week. Still have to eat the pumpkin pie and pecan pie leftovers too, but those won't be too challenging.

I got to meet my grandson as well. Both of my sons came out to the house and I got to hold him, and rock him, and talk to him. Being only a few days old, he looked at me kind of suspicious-like (NOT the Mama), then settled in and fell asleep. My son and daughter-in-law were so worried that his crying would bother us, but I was sort of glad to hear that sound again, as it's been many years since we've had a little one in the house. I was sorry when they had to go, but we left them with a parting gift of a Santa outfit. He's a bit on the small side (6 lbs 12 oz) for now, but I do recall they grow real fast so hopefully the 3-6 month outfits will fit him in no time.

Genealogy-wise, I'm back to working a bit on Fulkersons, but so far have only succeeded in adding wives and sources to existing Fulkerson profiles, but I think a few more will come soon. I worked quite a bit on actor William Marshall's family and am pretty sure I've exhausted what I can find out about the Marshall side for now. He's still unconnected, so I haven't quite decided if I want to tackle the Edwards (maternal) side, or start moving forward with married in families on the Marshall side. I found out a lot of information that led to a number of other families through marriage on the Marshall side, but it might be nice if the Edwards side was filled in too. Decisions Decisions...

Anyway - hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Hoping to maybe go look for a live tree this weekend, but we'll see. Might be a bit too crowded for us to feel safe rubbing elbows with large numbers and we'll have to wait for another day.

by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (987k points)

Just so you know, Scott, if I had been there, there would have been NO deviled eggs left! cheeky

So glad you got to meet the newest member of the family. What a great! Start him early (as early as you can) sharing stories and introducing him to his heritage. 

Scott, as you described the fridge and its contents I could see it in my mind ... and it must have been a wonderful moment to hold a baby descended from you ... I recall my gt grand dau and holding her ... a blessed bundle
+22 votes
Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Not much happened on the genealogy front this week. I did post about gratitude: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/11/52-ancestors-week-48-gratitude.html

I am thankful for you guys putting up with my antics. =) Especially Pip. He takes it well don't you? *sees him getting a shotgun* UH OH! BETTER RUN!

Seriously, though. This group is pretty good. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a small one here. We had turkey, lasagna, cranberry sauce and squash. It was a small meal for obvious reasons. I hope next year we'll be able to go to Virginia to my brother's house.

For dessert we had marscipone cannoli cheesecake. My dad made and it was so good. My cousins in Italy loved the pics and I made one of 'em hungry at 11 pm their time. YIKES! I told them I'd airmail it overnight. Caterina asked if turkeys really were as big as our movies in America make them out to be. I said "Yeah. They can be. But, those usually feed an army." We got a small one!

I am looking forward to next week's "#OurAncestors" on Twitter. The NEGHS picked the topic and it's Italian genealogy. Gee....I wonder if I know something about that.... Hmm. Nah..... =P

It should be fun. I can't wait!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (385k points)
Chris I saw a picture of your lasagna on Twitter. Honestly I nearly jumped in my laptop to get a piece of it. It looked sooo yummie.
I remember those huge turkeys, Chris, back when we had huge gatherings to consume it. This year was a small one like yours.

A really great blog. All those stories. I remember sitting and listening to my grandparents. Letting them talk was the best, and questions were not always necessary. I treasure those times.

Antics? I’m making a list and checking it twice!

devil Chris, it's a public service on our part to cherish you since you are a cannon ball of energy 

@ Susan: I thought I came in like a wrecking ball, Susan. HAHAHA! (Yeah, I'm not Miley Cyrus.)

@ Pip: We get wild turkeys in my neighborhood a lot. They are pretty big and it'd take forever and a day to de-feather them. One time we saw this lone bird crying for some reason as it was walking around the yard. Their cries sounded like a dying cat scratching its claws on a chalkboard while playing Nickelback. It was that bad!

It eventually went away!

I remember just eating and letting them talk. It was so fun. You learn who was related to who quickly in an Italian house. There was always the "Woburn people" (The Tedescos), the "Melrose people" (Rocco and Pasquale's families) and everyone else. 

By the time I saw my parents' wedding invite list, I already had dna matches who descended from the people on the list. I transferred the list to Spreadsheet and checked off who I had a DNA connection with. Usually most of the people on either side were 1st cousins 3x removed to me. Some great-grandparents were there. GiuseppeAustin, Henrietta and Clara. and many, many more. My grandparents wanted to make sure all the relatives were there. I wish I could go back and see them.

@ Jelena: The lasagna was so good. I'm probably going to have it for lunch in a few minutes. We have leftovers for days! 

My husband managed to shoot a wild turkey down in the southern tier.  By the time he got it home it was too late to pluck, if ever it was easy to do.  He ended up skinning it.  I
roasted it with plenty of basting but it was so dry and tough he never bothered to try for another one.  We bought from a local farmer.  His mother had raised turkeys in the 1930s
and made more money than the milking herd of 25 or so cows did for the month of November.
Hmm. I don't think I'd like wild turkey. Heh. =D

enlightenedEveryone, what amazes me is the comparison of palates -- ours are refined to commercially cultivated meats whereas those of our ilk in the 1500's, 1600's, 1700's and even early 1800's in some areas, were cultured to comparatively little meat in their diets (esp in Europe) and in coming over here and expanding outwardly into new terrain, meats became more of a staple, because on the hoof or paw it was plentiful, and grains on the other hand became more precious  

As more lands were put under cultivation more grains became available and over time as it was realized that animal fats might not be your best friends, commercially cultivated meats became leaner  

PS/ I've been trying to imagine a whole turkey, ready to roast, that is LOW FAT ... because in my experience most of them are not 

+21 votes
On the genealogy front: I did create a couple of profiles to try and connect some unconnected profiles but with no luck so far.

The reason for my poor work this week is due to the fact that I had to move a lot of furniture in two bedrooms of my house, on second thought it was all of the bedrooms.  I moved my big table into the room where the grandson stays and took the smaller table he was using into the master bedroom. The TV that was on my work table is now on the smaller table in my bedroom, still used as a computer monitor but also a TV sometimes. The TV from our room was moved into the old office and we now have room for a bed there. That bed is arriving sometime next week so that the daughter in law can stay 3 nights a week. The son had his bid accepted for the house near us so they should be moving around the first of the year. After they get moved we will make the final decision about if we will move with them and start planning/downsizing then. I got the parts for my brakes so in just a bit I will be taking those down to where we will be working on the car. For that reason I will not be around much this weekend.

Time to log off and start loading things up to go so Stay Safe everyone.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
Nothing like having to rearrange the whole house, huh Dale? Been there, done that. For me, not fun, but necessary. Glad to hear your son’s bid was accepted. I’m sure you’ll be helping them make the move.
Good heavens, Dale, that's ... not only back breaking for you but mind-bending to me ... "What did you do during the Thanks Giving Holiday?" and Dale stuns us with Musical Furniture ...

Do I read you rightly, your household will be living in the same house as your son's since his bid was accepted? Would that include a room for your current electronic wonderland (of which we've seen photos) ?

Edited because ...
I forgot to add that so far they put the foundations in for at least 8 new homes in our community with work being done on other lots so that number could go up.

Pip, the moving things around in my house was not my idea. I doubt that I will be much help with the big move, I can not do that much physical labor, but I could supervisedevil.

Susan, us moving in with them is an option but IF it comes to pass it will not be decided until next year, after January or even June for various reasons.  I already gave away one desktop computer and a small laptop as well leaving me with only 3 very small Linux based machines and 2 windows 10 laptops. Most of my radio stuff will be moving in with the other son and his eldest son because they are both hams and have lots of room for antennas. There is a way for me to use the radio remotely and we may set that up next year during the summer.
Dale, remote control or some sort of gizmo that will enable you ... hmm ... I'm impressed with your tech knowledge, frankly
Susan, it is actually quite simple. I will place a small computer with the proper software with the radio. That will operate the radio via commands sent over the internet from my laptop. I can then use the speakers on my laptop to hear the radio and the microphone on my laptop to send audio to the radio from anywhere in the world when I have an internet connection. We Amateur Radio Operators use similar setups everyday.
Dale, that is a clear explanation ... leaving a load of questions in my mind, which is the usual for me .. I have a very very meager understanding of computing

I see in my mind a mini computer smaller than a notebook and a CB radio and the radio has a Thing in it that will receive the signals emitted by that minicomp.

The minicomp is tickled by remote control . Nearest thing I know of would be like a computer laptop or notebook time/date Thing is tickled by satellite to keep up with time and date

Okay. I still think you are Tech Wizard
Yes not on for awhile, cause just plain completely moving into a new house..... time for bed another day dog tired!

HELLO laugh Those relocating (currently) or have recently in 2020 done so, or are planning to do so in 2021 ... bona fortuna for what's left of 2020 and during 2021 ... 

I have lived something 90 different before I was 66 .... itchy footed father and spouses ... People talk about upsizing, downsizing, resizing, etc residence and I just shudder ... 

On the other hand I know someone since 1960 who had never resided but in one town their whole life til their house burned down in 2013 and what with one thing and another falling through, they ended up in 2014 in Modesto, -- in all their 60+ yrs they'd lived within an area of 8 sq blocks ... they 9 months older than I am ... 

I guess those are the two almost extreme poles of experience there -- my 90 or so residences vs his 3 or 4  

I will say if you move enough times, however many that might be, you will acquire the skills of packing and of efficient use of space in the trailer or truck and how to drive any rental truck of from 15 ft to 23 ft ...

You are very close Susan. At an event a little over a year ago my grandson decided to get his ham license after watching a man tune his radio using his laptop. In this case the radio was right there but that proved to everyone that when the "knobs" moved on the computer screen the actual knobs moved on the radio. Most modern ham radios have an input to allow computer control so it is just plugging a computer into that jack. In my case I plan on using a computer that is about the size of a credit card, and not much thicker, to plug into the radio on site. After that it is simply connecting that computer to the internet and anyone who has the correct information to find the computer controlling the radio could run the radio from their computer from anywhere in the world.
Dale, I’m with you. Give me the supervisor’s job!
Loretta, don’t wear yourself out! I m is how difficult the whole moving process can be.
+20 votes

On this day:

1895: Alexandre Dumas, fils dies

1895: Alfred Nobel signs his will paving the way to the funding of the Nobel Prize.

1942: During the Nazi occupation of Norway, 548 Norwegian Jews were deported from Oslo port.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (574k points)
Norwegian Jews: that was a fascinating article!
+21 votes
Hello all,

I hope you Americans had a healthy, safe and great Thanksgiving. Here in Germany the shutdown is extended and stricter until 20 Dec. For the time around Christmas it'll be loosened a little bit to make it possible families can meet but then from 1 Jan on we will (probably) have the December restrictions again. The problem is that the number of new infections simply doesn't go down. This small shutdown with open schools and kindergardens doesn't work as well as the one with closed childcare.

Personally, Covid has reached my family in Serbia. One 3C1R is in her practical year after graduating as physician last year, and she got her spot (before the pandemic) in a hospital that was later set apart as Covid-hospital. For months all went well, but now she got infected and infected also her mother. Her father still waits for his result.

Mum again had a week where she had to go to three different doctors. She is currently so sick of it... But at least she got a good news today. There is no ossification in the shoulder, which is good.

Genealogy-wise I found the mother and grandparents of my 4xggrandfather while expanding my tree on MyHeritage with the ancestors and close relatives of my texas cousin. On WikiTree I managed to get to the CK badge mark and I found a source for a woman in the Canadian Unsourced list. She was born in Switzerland and died in Ontario en route to the US. For months I looked again and again if there is a source for her and there was none. But this week there popped up a record at FamilySearch. Quickly checking the locations, yeah, only 15km apart... So this woman doesn't only have a source, but so does her father. And I could create a profile for her daughter, her husband and her father-in-law as well.

Stay safe and healthy wherever you are
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (574k points)
Good detective work, Jelena, tracking down that source.

I’m glad to hear that you mum does not have ossification in her shoulder. She’s had enough to deal with. I’m with her on all the doctors’ visits. That is a downer for me, too.

I hope recovery for your family in Serbia is quick and without later complications.
I'm sorry to hear about your cousin being infected. My parents in law keep telling my wife about relatives and friends that died from the virus. Let's hope the Christmas deal with the virus won't blow here in Germany.
+21 votes
Hi All!

Pip, thank you for being our host extraordinaire!

We did Thanksgiving food at home--just hubby and I--and said our thanks for all our blessings. Heard from the children. via telephone, text, Facebook, etc. We will, like most have said, have left-overs for days. Funny story--I kept wondering why my turkey wasn't reaching the correct internal temperature even though it had been in the oven roasting for plenty long enough. Turned out I had my digital thermometer set on Celsius rather than Fahrenheit! I didn't get it too very overdone.

WikiTree... This week's "Profiles of the Week" connections prompted me to examine one of the links along the path from me to Myles Standish more closely. What I have in my personal file is different than what is here on WikiTree as to the parentage of one of my 4th-great-grandmothers. Even after scouring for sources, I found nothing to prove that I'm right and WikiTree is wrong but I did source and improve some previously unsourced ancestors' profiles (created via GEDCOM) which were not under my management but I am on the trusted lists. I did other stuff, but nothing stands out. I'll end the month with about 1500 contributions.

Enjoy your weekend!
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (270k points)
Now that’s funny, Nelda, Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. I think that’s why I let my wife do the more important parts of our meals.

Kudos to you for your contributions this month!
+20 votes
Happy weekend, everyone!  Been busy for the past couple of weeks so I've missed out on the Chat.  Lots of work stuff and still dealing with the cat.  He's fine but I've had some late nights monitoring his glucose as it bounces around.  Classes are finally winding down- 2 quizzes to grade, three exams to write and grade, and then I'm done.  Today is actually a furlough day (day w/o pay) so I truly have the day off for the first time in a while.  We agreed to furloughs for everyone to avoid massive staff layoffs.  Oh, and the spring semester start date has been pushed back by 3 weeks, so once I'm done I'm free (of teaching, at least) until early February.  More time for genealogy!

On the genealogy front... not much in the past couple of weeks; I have to try to get my 100 November contributions wrapped up this weekend.  Gotta keep my tortoise badge!  I've been starting to play around with chromosome mapping some more.  I posted a question about it to the genetic genealogy FB group and ended up chatting with a distant DNA cousin; we're going to compare notes on our likely link.

Hope the US-based folks had a great Thanksgiving!  We stayed home and had a scaled down traditional meal.  It was nice.  Stay safe, everyone!
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
I would like to see a picture of the kitty. =) Wikitree needs more cats. Hope he feels better.

Nice work with the DNA stuff. I forced a new Thruline for my great-aunt as people had the wrong parents for her grandfather. That opened things up. I have some lines that may seem like they don't make sense. But, they do.

Hope you have a good weekend!
Lisa, I bet you’ll be glad of the winter break. It appears your made he adjustment to restricted leaning situations. When is he semester over for Christmas?
Pip, I have three teaching days left (Tuesday, Friday, Friday), and for two of them I'm just giving exams.  Nearly there!  So of course instead of writing Tuesday's exam today I spent the whole day on WikiTree.  Got my 100 contributions for the month, and solved a small mystery: the George A. Bangs who died in New York in 1900 really is the same George A. Bangs born in Wilmington (three marriages but I'm not sure he bothered to end the second one before starting the third).  I think I've cleared the decks now for focusing on more chromosome mapping.  First, though, gotta get that exam finished!
+20 votes

Pip - I can't agree more on your thoughts on being thankful for WikiTree and the community. Very well said.

Speaking of WikiTree, it certainly was an interesting week, with lots of G2G posts to read. I did spend some time looking at GEDCOM to find some things the community might want to clean up. I have concluded that Unsourced is a hereditary condition that tends to run in families.

I finally set aside new work on the Bio Check app (for a while) to take some time to actually use it! I found a couple of ancestors who needed some work from their original GEDCOM import (Ruth and her daughter Tabitha), and met a new cousin along the way.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving - just my husband and myself and an 11 pound (5kg) turkey. Needless to say we have lots of leftovers, including a large bowl of gravy. Some of the turkey and gravy will be frozen to latter appear with some peas and served over buttermilk (or baking powder) biscuits.

by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (368k points)

 I have concluded that Unsourced is a hereditary condition that tends to run in families.” I couldn’t have said it better, Kay. 

My wife makes turkey hash from leftovers. We dump it on toast. She introduced it to me years ago, and now it’s one of my favorite leftovers.

We tried the gravy, turkey and peas over leftover stuffing instead of biscuits. Different but not bad
+20 votes
I'm late, I'm late...for a very important date. I don't know if I'm the white rabbit or the Mad Hatter!

Saludos from the Old Pueblo! It's 54F (12.2C) and its 11:30 am. I am in a rush because I must teach two classes in Spanish (one on sleep, the other on complementary and holistic practices) via web for the University of Guanajuato in 3.5 hours!

I was all set to write this 2 hours ago, but got a request for a photo to go with an interview I did with a Mexican journalist a couple of weeks ago on why short sleep is a problem at work. So, I had to scramble to find 'something' because I don't like my picture taken to begin with. I found one of me with a class at the U of Guanajuato and hope they will accept it.

I have been busy this week still cleaning up the Baldwin aisle on Wikitree. Once this day is over, I also need to go back and add to other families that need to be finished.

That's it for me. I do hope everyone had as lovely a Thanksgiving as possible. I would much rather be communicating with all of you and teaching than going out on 'Black Friday.'

OK, time for a little meditation (my medication of choice), then prepare to teach. Have a great weekend! See you on the other side in December!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (392k points)
Mad Hatter. The White Rabbit's a killjoy. =)

Clases en espanol? BIEN! Como estas?

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!
Ciao Chris,

Yo estoy bien. Yo hablo Espanglish!

Just finished the two classes. Love the students and my colleagues. We had such hopes that the pandemic would be over by now, but nope. Now we can only hope that travel will be allowed by June so that I can get 'real' hugs and do demonstrations that are near impossible via webinex.
Carol, my younger daughter and son-in-law are near you, kinda. Visiting the Canyon and hiking in Sedona.

I’m ordering from Direct From Mexico in Tucson for my wife for Christmas. My brother sent us a bunch of photos of stuff here, and my wife was oooing and ahhing over the stuff she saw. Makes for an easy Christmas list!
Hi Pip!

Sedona is gorgeous, as is the canyon. They are a bit further north of Tucson, maybe a couple of hundred miles. I'm sure they will love the sights!

I'm not familiar with Direct from Mexico in Tucson. There's another place a mile or so from me. I cannot think of the name right off, but they sell scads of things from Mexico and their displays during the days they are open are a thing of beauty.

It's cold here in Tucson today. Only 62F with an overnight low hovering around 40F. I'm such a cold weather wimp! The class last night went really well, but I would so much rather be in Mexico with the family of my heart for real hugs instead of virtual hugs.
Oh, how right you are. The kids have been sending us photos. Just beautiful. Plus, they got a professional photographer to meet them for a photo shoot. Can’t wait to see those!
+21 votes

Hello all from a very warm early Saturday morning in Australia. 

I totally enjoyed your introduction to the chat Pip and thank you for all you do to make our community a productive and pleasant one. 

Thank you also to all who share a little of their lives through the weeks here. I love catching up on all the posts over each weekend (or not long after). 

For me this week was not a particularly productive one on WikiTree. I am however continuing to connect with new cousins through our Vidler family facebook page (and point them all to WikiTree).

The 'long drag' at work to the 2 week Christmas shutdown period is evident. Cannot wait smiley

I am off to do a little more preparation for my work/pleasure trip down the coast next week which will include catching up with family for an early Christmas celebration. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and I look forward to catching up on what you are all up to later today. 

by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Mach 5 (55.7k points)
Thanks for checking in with us, Rosalie. I always enjoy hearing what your up to Down Under. I, too, have done little in WikiTree the past week. Family in and out (and in again this weekend).  Hope you have a great trip. Let us know how it goes next weekend!
+17 votes

For those who celebrate, how was your Thanksgiving? What was on the menu at your house? Right now my tree is up!!! How many of you do the same thing first day after Thanksgiving??? 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
Thank you for the creche.  Good to meditate on during Advent.  Ours will go up Christmas Eve.

Being in Australia, Thanksgiving is not a marker/prompt on my way to Christmas preparation but for over three decades, my daughter's birthday in mid December always was. Tree and decorations went up the day after so as not to detract from her birthday. 

Last decade plus I have moved a day closer still to Christmas before I start to 'Christmasize' our place because my partner's birthday is the day after my daughter's. smiley

We always have a real tree so we need to wait until about Dec 15th to put it up and then it stays up until 12th night.

Some neighbours have had lights up and turned on for 2 weeks
Dorothy, I absolutely will not allow a Christmas decoration to go up until we have eaten our Thanksgiving meal. We have a small tree this year (because my younger daughter demands a tree). Built in lights keep me from cursing strings of lights every year. Now to head to the attic to find our glass crèche and also our wreath and other front porch decorations.
Looks like a wonderland, Dorothy! It was just me and the lady of the house, we passed on going to the family gettogether this year with the virus running rampant. We had ham, fresh green beans, baked beans, baked potato, fruit salad as well as a spinach salad with small tomatoes, apple, and pumpkin pie. The boss aka wife started decorating for Christmas today, just the two of us so we no longer put up a big tree. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day!

Dorothy, we don't actually have room for xmas display, so I have a small mini tree .... ah. Just realized I have no clues about where it is stored ... 

Sig O does periodic sweeps and rearranges things and ..

 oh, well. I DO have a gold angel and a large gold xmas bell and ... some gold balls .. hmm .. well that will do, 

assuming the cat doesn't land on the stuff to take a nap ... because the only "free" space is where she's known to land now and then ... 

Sigh. How many days are remaining ... hmm ... this is locally 28th Nov (29th in some places), so here it is 2 days + 24? so it's 26 days, so it's 3 weeks and 5 days ... 



+19 votes

One of my heroes has died. On Friday, November 20 Daniel Cordier passed away, one of the two last remaining Compagnons de la Libération (no, I don't expect anyone to recognize his name). He had a fantastic long life and remained a charming and vibrant old man to the end, but still I'm gutted. I would have liked to explain why I admire this man so much, but somehow it's hard to explain and I don't think I can do him justice. He will be very much missed, particularly as one of the last witnesses of the Resistance; but he made the most of it, as he wrote several scholarly books and also kept telling his story in schools at 95+. 

Thanks to the COVID crisis (yes! ironically, something to be thankful for) only very few people were invited to attend the national homage (held at the Invalides yesterday) and because of that the ceremony was on television and I could watch it. It was a very moving ceremony; the most touching part was seeing Hubert Germain, the very last surviving Compagnon de la Libération, who was in attendance. It was overwhelming to see this very old man salute the coffin. 

And that will be all for this week-end. 

by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (394k points)
Thoughts are with you Isabelle. It's never easy to explain to others why someone touches you. Glad you got to view his farewell.
Isabelle, thank you for honoring members of the Resistance. I, too, honor the sacrifices that so many made in France during the war. Truly heroic people. I hope that their memories last long into the future. Heir patriotism should never be forgotten.
Isabelle: Thank you for telling us about Daniel Cordier. Reading his biography was very educational. He was a true hero. Anne
+17 votes
Hi from southern Ontario;

Today is typical November weather, just drismal, defined as drizzling and dismal at the same time, some good changes though from last weekend, yesterday was unseasonably warm and all the snow from last weekend has melted.

Tomorrow we are having an outdoor sib supper at my younger brother's house, several outdoor fireplaces will be used, a BBQ will be available for cooking and I get to wear my brand new, bought yesterday winter coat.

Some of you may have heard on the news that 2 areas in Ontario have been locked down due to rapidly rising Covid cases, I live on the north western periphery of the locked down area, 650 metres away is the boundary between lockdown and life as usual or as usual as it gets at this time. There have been a total of 15 cases in my area since March.

Directly south of us about 15km from here the boundary between lockdown and not, is the road through an extremely busy shopping area, the north side of the road is locked down, the south side isn't! it's a 30 second walk across the road.

So, what else is happening, I spent far too much time working on my profile completeness suggestions, last week and this week with the result that Monday's numbers were down 560 suggestions from the week before, this week I cleared 221 suggestions for death location status not set, which means I have over 1000 contributions for a second month.

I prefer sourcing and creating new profiles. But a benefit is that I will be more careful and set the status of birth and death dates and locations on new profiles whether certain or uncertain.

I also made what has turned out a frustrating discovery, there is a profile that could be for my 9 x grt grandfather, the 8th is well documented.

I first saw it in early June, and posted a comment asking for further information and sources, as the info that was there didn't make any sense. Sometime since June there has been another source added, an 'unsourced' Ancestry profile, unsourced because the only source is another unsourced Ancestry profile.

Yes, I'm grumbling because I have spent a huge amount of time trying to track down records that could be legitimate sources and of course found nothing. But the bigger problem is this is a pre-1700 profile and I will have to do something about it.

Good things did happen, my older daughter got a rather significant work promotion that she has been keeping her fingers crossed about for quite some time.

I knit hats when and if I have spare time, this year getting in touch with the Salvation Army to arrange to drop them off has been very complicated, but it finally got sorted out in time for their Christmas deliveries to needy people.
by M Ross G2G6 Mach 7 (79.0k points)

Love your new weather descriptor 'drismal'. I may have to borrow that next winter here. smiley

Congratulations to your daughter and to yourself for work for the needy. 

Rosalie, drismal and many other words that need to be created comes from a book called Wanted Words written by a CBC radio presenter, I'm currently looking through 7 bookcases trying to find it. It's probably in 'a safe place'.

Listeners were invited to submit words to describe things that currently don't have a word for them.

For example, what is a name for the marks you get on your hands after carrying several heavy plastic bags?

Or what is a name for that tune you can't get out of your head?
I’m with you, M. I’d much rather be creating profiles, but your right. Those suggestions do need to be taken care of. It’s not my favorite thing to do.
mross -- PLASTIC BAG IMPRINTS are called plasticles
'Wanted words' calls them bagmatta.

Ah! Bagmatta. THAT is even better a name for it ... 

But who still carries their plastic shopping bags? NOT in CA, or not unless it is from the store where they may have paid as much as 10 cents for a plastic bag that is nearly indestructible compared to the plastic bag banned by CA which WOULD decompose a lot faster 

And when you pay as much as 5 or 10 cents for a new bag every damn time you forget to bring your own cloth bags you tend to recycle them into gift bags and storage bags and to donate bundles of them to charities so THEY can use them in THEIR store and in short they have VALUE beyond utility 

AND you purchase plastic bags to line your trash cans because you no longer have the [EDIT] flimsy easily decomposed ones available from the grocery store because they've be BANNED in CA ... 

There are many who agree with me that the CA legislature doesn't have the brightest candles there 


There are flimsy bags made with field corn material that decomposes fairly rapidly.  If they were marketed as such for the retail market for the one time use bags it would help with the problem and avoid having to purchase a 13 gallon bag to line an eight quart garbage bag and triple the amount of plastic in the dumps.
It's just a word

blush Beulah, -- EDIT EDIT -- [myblush bad] --  

 laugh MRoss, "just a word" at the wrong time, or to the wrong person, or in the wrong tone of voice .... wars have started, marriages fractured, hearts broken, doubts planted, confusion set loose to run amok, reputations made or ruined ... 

But, yeah, bagmatta or plasticle, the common herd has to adopt it before Webster will consider it ... or is that Oxford?  

laughBeulah, as to the plastic bags, I could wish CA had adopted easily decomposing "plastic" bags of organic matter but I opine the industry what makes plastic containers of all types including bags for any purpose had a hand in a pocket to fund campaigns 

So CA has filled the vacancy left by banning the more flimsy bag with bags that are sturdier 

I recall there are other States in the US did the same or similar mandate ... I googled good old google ... 

Eight states—California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont—have banned single-use plastic bags. In August 2014, California became the first state to enact legislation imposing a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at large retail stores.Nov 18, 2020


New York had rescinded the ban through the epidemic but reinstated it last month.  The Amish farm stand I stop at all summer is going to miss them.  As long as I remember, I
take a shopping bag or basket with me when I go to town.

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