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A 608 error was issued for Hodge-3968 (b. 1827) indicating that "Provincia de Texas, Mexico" should be replaced by "Mexican Empire, Tejas".  The former is on the pop-up list of true locations, whereas the latter is not.

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closed with the note: Understand now that two different lists are involved.
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Looking in Ales Locations Table, I don't see Mexican Empire at all, so Ales will have to explain that Suggestion. Ales table for 1827 date has Tejas, Republic of Texas or Texas as being valid.  The Tejas, Mexico location ended in 1824. 

The drop down suggestions are from family search and they don't always 'match' to wikitree locations. 

Thanks, Linda.  Republic of Texas is out because it began in 1836.  I did consider Coahuila y Tejas, Mexico, but settled on Provincia de Texas, Mexico.  I guess the software doesn't agree with that.

Add Texas as a tag since that will generate some interest from those that know Texas history, which I don't.  

The State Names tab on Data Doctor Spreadsheet for Texas has 

  • Province of Tejas for Sep 28 1821 - May 7 1824
  • Comancheria from abt 1750 - 1835 
  • Coahuila y Tejas from May 7 1824 - Mar 2 1836
  • Tejas and Tejas, Mexico for Sep 1821 - May 1824
  • Texas, Republic of Texas, and Tejas for May 1824 - Mar 1836
  • Texas, Republic of Texas, Tejas, Caoahuila y Tejas, Mexico, Coahuila y Tejas, Reblica de Tejas for May 1835 - Feb 1846
It looks those don't match, with Coahuila y Tejas as a possibility, but Ales has a later start date for it. His locations table is fairly new, so updates can always be suggested for it. 
This is what happens when one makes the guide list and another makes the suggestion list. Just email AleŇ° to include the designation in his listing.

"Provincia de Texas, Mexico" and "Mexican Empire, Tejas" both seem rather odd as each combines Spanish and English.  I would think "Provincia de Tejas, Mexico" or "Imperio mexicano, Tejas" would be preferred, since the language is Spanish.

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I would label it Texas Colony if pre 1836.  Republic of Texas 1836-1846   

and Texas as a state 1848 after the Mexican American War.

I looked through Hodge' sources..   Why do you think the date was 1827?.    Did you know Texas Colony had many colonies within it?  Also the size of Texas that we see today was much larger in 1827.   Do you know the specific location where Hodge lived?

I give you some areas of note.  I would simply state the historical area

a) Bexar Colony  - the largest - Bexar County  (San Antonio is the city within.

b) Nacogdoches Colony the 2nd largest  in East Texas             

c) Peter's Colony  in North Texas ( DFW area)

d) McGloin's Colony

e) Austin's Colonies

f) Robertson Colony

g) DeWitt Colony (~ 76 miles East of San Antonio) small but historical

h) Gonzales Colony ~76 miles East of SanAntonio (small but historical )
by Mary Richardson G2G6 Mach 3 (33.5k points)


Mary helps lead our Texas Project. You might be interested to join that group since you know some Texas History!!

William's parents and grandparents were part of the Austin Colony.  William recorded his birthdate on a DRT application for Francis (Ross) Mooring in 1907.

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