Was Perrine Rau married to Pierre Brouillard in 1628? Can you prove or disprove it?

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Did the Acadian Perrine Rau marry this man in France: (Research Notes from the profile) '''FIrst Spouse Pierre Brouillard'''. Some trees maintain that Perrine Rau/Reau was the first wife of Pierre Brouillard. They were married in 1628 in Chalons France, when she was around 17 years old. They separated after the birth of their first child [[Brouillard-114|Louis]], born 1635 in Chambon France. Perrine went to Acadia while Pierre stayed in France. Pierre remarried (Marguerite Pognon) as did Perrine (Jean Terriau/Theriot). These towns are many km apart (about 600 each way) so this would be an unlikely relationship in 1627.
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I am not sure what towns are meant to be 600 km apart.

As far as I understand, the following two couples have Canadian descent:

- Jehan Terriau and Perrine Rau (spelled as they appear in the 1671 census linked on Perrine's profile). They are supposed to be from Martaizé (then in Loudunais, part of Anjou, now in Vienne 86), although I could not find where this comes from. Both migrated to Acadia around 1635, probably after their marriage.

- Pierre Brouillard and Perrine Bourgault, from Chambon (then in Touraine, now in Indre-et-Loire 37), grandparents of Charles Brouillard, who migrated to Québec around 1685, and has a well-documented fichier origine.

Martaizé and Chambon are just 65 km apart. Still, it seems very unlikely that Perrine Rau and Perrine Bourgault be the same person.

References to Chalons (or Chalon, whichever), or to Chambon-sur-Lignon, etc., are just fanciful transformations of Chambon.

Finally, Marguerite Pognon seems to be a complete fabrication, maybe inspired by a couple Jean Brouillard and Marguerite Pognon that existed in Dun-sur-Meuse (now that's really 600 km away from Chambon, moreover that marriage took place in 1672).

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Julien, you are a gem.  Not only did you show that these would not be true, you gave me links to the existing profiles.  Wish I had thought of that!  I've rearranged her profile to keep the useful info and move the disproven into Research Notes along with a link to this entry in order to not have to cover this ground again.

One quick question, did you find some documentation that they came to Acadie in 1635?  I agree it's the most likely option and one (not overly reliable) source says this.  The children seem to be thought to have all been born in Acadie, but their profiles don't have proof of that either.
No, I do not have any documentation on their arrival date.
OK thank you.  We'll leave that as speculative then.  Appreciate your help.


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