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I am trying to write a comment on someone's page and show them how to use the Estimated Date tag.  If I actually put the brackets on each side it resolves the tag and all the comment shows is the resulting box.  (I hope this makes sense.)  

I vaguely read somewhere about nowiki but I tried it and it didn't work. I know it can be done because the Wikitree instruction pages are full of examples.  

Please help!  (Same for any tag like Died Young or whatever...)  How do you keep it from resolving?
in Policy and Style by Kim Williams G2G6 Mach 3 (33.8k points)
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Thanks everyone for your help! Now I get it. And I’m sure others have this question.  :)

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Use  -----

 {{Estimated Date}}
by Melanie Paul G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
selected by Kim Williams

You beat me to it...  sad I was just testing different ways and found it (6 minutes after you...).  

It's thanks to Steve Harris who posted this answer to how to use two equals signs in a comment on a profile.  (I had just created an image to do the same, but using the entity number works!)

I remembered that  discussion, so went looking for howto do the same with curly braces. smiley

Good detective work. Thanks.

Thanks for the star. smiley

Was more a case of remembering the discussion on using two == in profile comments, than detective work.  Finding the entity number after that was easy.  (I now have a copy of entity numbers in a word document; and am pondering adding them to a space page.)

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Tricky! Maybe put

{ {Estimated Date} }

with spaces between the braces. That will prevent it being converted to a Research Note Box. Then you have to tell the person to omit the space between {{, and also between }}, when they do the actual edit.

by Jim Richardson G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
Thanks Jim.  I tried that and it works but I'm not sure my explanation is concise.  HAHA.  I included a link to the instruction page on Wikitree.  There must be a way to do it and have it look "normal" on the page because the instruction pages show it.   For now I am using your suggestion - thank you.
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You can use '<pre>' tags.  (I just tested it on my profile page and it worked.)  Just to be clear... <pre>{{template}}</pre>...

Edit: D'oh!  I hadn't tested in comments, and I just have, and they don't work.

by Ian Beacall G2G6 Mach 5 (51.1k points)
edited by Ian Beacall
But did you test it as a comment?

I seem to recall someone (Jamie, maybe?) posting to g2g saying that profile comments don't work the same as profile text.

I also remember a discussion on how to get the == to show in comments.

Maybe that solution would work here, too?  (Required the entity number, instead of entity name.)
Seeing your edit -- --- Uh .. help me find the entity number for { then!
I just edited my comment.  (Sorry.)

Is ok -- saw your edit -- went and looked .. tested it on my profile (GO SEE!) -- and posted an answer here.  smiley

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