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I have created a profile with picture and additional information for Emmanuel Duden, born March 13, 1920 in The Hague. Johanna Katrina Fulfs Duden (born 26 May 1862 in Jever, Oldenburg, Germany and died 3 June 1942 in The Hague), is my great-grandmother's sister, and is also the grandmother of Emmanuel. Unfortunately for me, Johanna had seven children, four of which were male, and I have no way of knowing which of those children is father to Emmanuel. I'm assuming it's one of Johanna's sons because of the name Duden carrying down to Emmanuel. I've eliminated one of Johanna's sons because there are three children listed under his name, and Emmanuel is not one of them. That leaves me with three other sons, no children listed for either. Is there any hope of help out there? I'm stuck.
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Is this the man you are searching for:

Name: Duden, Emmanuel Hubertus

Born: 13 Mrz 1920 Den Haag, ZH, NL

Gender: male

Residence: 1948 Mortsel, Antwerpen, BE  

Father: Duden, Johann Wilhelm Anton, born. 10 Jan 1890, Esens, Witmund, Lower Saxony, Germany  (not correct, at that time other other administrative structure)

Mother: Wijler, Maria Gertruda,   born. 14 Dez 1890, Den Haag, ZH, NL  

Married: 27 Dez 1915 Den Haag, ZH, NL

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Parents of Johann Wilhelm Anton Duden:

Father: Duden, Anton Karl Ulrich Eduard,   born 3 Mrz 1862, Jever, Friesland Lower Saxony, Germany (see remark above),  died. 21 Apr 1921, 's Gravenhage, ZH, NL = Den Haag, ZH, NL 

Mother: Fulfs, Johanna Catharina,  born 26 Mai 1862, Sandel, Jever (see above),  died 5 Jun 1942, 's Gravenhage, ZH, NL = Den Haag, ZH, NL


Married: 1882 

Administrative structure Jever:

- 1815-1865 Jever, Herrschaft (Reign) Jever, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, German Federation

-1866-1870 Jever, Herrschaft (Reign) Jever, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, North German Federation

- 1871-1918 Jever, Herrschaft (Reign) Jever, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, German Empire

- 1919-1945 Jever, Freistaat (Free State) Oldenburg, German Empire

If you are confused, the German Empire (Deutsches Reich) existed from 1871-1945, it had three major periods:

- 1871-1918 German Empire (with an Emperor, in German language Deutsches Kaiserreich)

-1919-1933 Weimar Republic

-1933-1945 German Empire (Nazi time, from 1938 Greater German Empire)
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Thank you! This seems like the solution.
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The marriage in Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Nederland

"Census" with 1913 registration:

Birth mother:

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Death of Johanna Catharina Fulfs, 3 JUN 1942:

Certificate has Johanna's parent names as Johann Hinrich Fulfs and Ilse Catharina Antons
Data on Emanuel in private tree

Married to Irene Goossens, Jul 31 1943

Died Jun 22 1994

And more:

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Mea culpa. I confess it was me. I made a BIG mistake - got confused - but I hope I have corrected it. Please understand that I am extremely grateful for everyone's help. I will try to learn to do better. Please forgive.

Ah, no harm done Deborah, we all had to find our way on WikiTree, and sometimes the hard way...smiley

Thanks Deborah
Everything ok, mistake happens.

Good luck with your further researches; ask if you need help.

I have access to archion and can search there records for you if needed.
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Baptism record 1862 Jever:  

(The link is behind a paysite.)

Jever 1862:

No. 51

Date of Birth: 3. März (3 March)

Dat of Baptism: 9. Juni (9 June)

Name of child: Anton Karl Ulrich Eduard

Name of parents: Karl Ulrich Gerhard Duden, Schneidermeister in der Vorstadt und Friederike Auguste Antoinette Dorothee geb. Hübner (Karl Ulrich Gerhard Duden, master tailor in the suburb and Friederike Auguste Antoinette Dorothee née Hübner)

Godparents: Edo Lübben Haack; Johanne Caroline Katharine Elisabeth Hinrichs; Ulrich Herrmann Friedrich Duden

Because until now there is no profile for this man, I uploaded the following image to Emmanuel Duden. You may later delete it or move it to this person.

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Baptism Record Sandel 1862:

(The link is behind a paysite.)

Sandel 1862:

No. 8

Date of Birth: 26 Mai (26 May)

Dat of Baptism: 15. Juni (15 June)

Name of child: Johanne Catharine

Name of parents: Johann Heinrich Fulfs, Heuermann und Arbeiter zu Sandeler-Burg und Catriene Elsche, geb. Antons (Johann Heinrich Fulfs, hireman and worker at Sandeler-Burg and Catriene Elsche, née Antons)

Godparents: Ehefrau (Wife, Mistress) Johanna Elisabeth Borchers zu (from) Burg; Catharine Margarethe Thomssen zu (from) Horsten; des Kindes Vater (the father of the child)

Because until now there is no profile for this woman, I uploaded the following image to Emmanuel Duden. You may later delete it or move it to this person.

Death 21 APR 1921 in 's-Gravenhage, certificate:

Confirms parent names.

Marriage Record 1883 Jever:

(The link is behind a paysite.)

Jever 1883

No.: 7

Engaged: auch Ort der bürgerlichen Eheschließung (also location of the civil marriage) Apr. 7 Jever

Proclaimed: März 26 und Apr. 1 (26 March and 1 Apr)

Married: Apr. 15 Ke. (Apr 15 Ke. (may be Kerke, lower German language for Kirche= church))

Anton Karl Ulrich Eduard Duden, Schriftsetzer zu Jever, ehel. Sohn des weil. Karl Ulrich Gerhard Duden, Schneidermeisters zu Jever und der Friederike Auguste Antoinette Dorothee, geb. Hübner, geboren zu Jever 1862, März 3 und

Johanne Catharine Fulfs, ehel. Tochter des Johann Hinrich Fulfs, Korbmachers zu Jever und der Catriene Elsche, geb. Antons, geboren zu Sandeler Burg, Ksp. Sandel 1862, Mai 26.

(Anton Karl Ulrich Eduard Duden, typesetter in Jever, legitimate son of the deceased Karl Ulrich Gerhard Duden, master tailor in Jever and Friederike Auguste Antoinette Dorothee, née Hübner, born in Jever 1862, March 3 and

Johanne Catharine Fulfs, legitimate daughter of Johann Hinrich Fulfs, basket maker in Jever and Catriene Elsche, née Antons, born at Sandeler Burg, parish Sandel 1862, May 26.)

Wonderful! Thank you!

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