Is it possible to assist red green colour blind on the Privacy icons?

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I have problems distinguishing the shades on the three Private Icons.  I can tell the difference (just) on the help page [] where they are next to each other.  But when they appear singly on a profile they all look the same, a sort of orange.  A suggestion I have is to include letters to aid identification. This could be simply the numbers 1, 2 and 3 which would distinguish them.  An alternative is a mnemonic code:-

P Private with public Profile

B Private with public Biography

PB Private with public Profile and Biography

Just for context and those who don't know Red/Green colour blindness affects approximately 10% of the male population.  We see in colour, but get them wrong sometimes. Mixtures are difficult.
in WikiTree Tech by JG Weston G2G6 Mach 1 (18.5k points)
retagged by Jamie Nelson

Important suggestion JG! It might be worth editing your question to add the tag "accessibility". There is a project about this: Accessibility Angels.

Thanks Jim.  Will do.
And I added SYSOPS so Jamie would see this. :-)
You can see I'm not used to G2G and category flags.  I didn't know there was a SYSOPS category or that Jamie is the one who needs to  see this.  I'm learning all the time.  It's good to be in the company of those who know such things.  So thank you very much for adding the tag.
No worries, JG! Quite honestly, I think all of us learn something new here every day, regardless of how long we've been here! :-)

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Hi JG, I saw your question and added this feature to my Chrome extension, so if you use Chrome, until the developers have chance to get around to this (they are very busy...), this may help. (It's in v.3.4.7, which I've just submitted to Google.)

I hope that helps.

[Edit: I just found that my code wasn't great and I've fixed it.  v.3.4.8 will be better.]

by Ian Beacall G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
selected by JG Weston
Thanks Ian, that will help me, and others who have the same problem.  I respect that the developers are busy and have much to do.  If it makes it on to the wish list, where priorities will sort out when it can be done, I'll be happy, especially as you have given us a workaround.
I'm glad if it helps.  It will be available in maybe (I'm guessing) 12 hours from now - it could be later or sooner, depending on Google.
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If you hover over the privacy locks with your cursor it will tell you the status of the lock, unless I totally misread the question?
by Diane Gurske G2G6 (8.5k points)
I think the point is that the big visual image (the lock) should be giving information, but those colours are so similar that even for those aren't colour blind, their message is not clear.  Hovering over the locks kind of defeats the point. (Maybe.)
True, I myself have referred to the list to distinguish the difference of the similar yellow/orange tones.

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