Adoption Angels Project Year in Review 2020

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Hello All! 

I thought this would be good time to review 2020 and see all that has happened in the Adoption Angels Project

This year we put a new process in place so all applicants would receive help in a timely manner. Now, instead of waiting on a list for a long time, they get a message from a Mentor Angel within 3 weeks who checks to see what they've done in their search and helps them move forward. The applicant is then referred to a Family Finder Angel who helps them finish the search (usually using DNA) or a Researcher Angel who helps them with a paper trail or tree building. The new process is going very well and is allowing us to take care of the easy needs immediately and start searches more quickly.

We have also been working on new help pages for adoptees and others searching as well as improving current help pages.

We now have 4 types of Angels. 1) Mentors who are the first contact for all applicants 2) Family Finders who work alongside the applicants to find family 3) Researchers who help build trees and do look ups for applicants and other Angels 4) Educators who keep up with topics about adoption, DNA, and finding birth family and share this information with others as well as writing and maintaining help pages.


*We currently have 52 Angels

*We are currently working on 121 searches

*We solved 61 searches in 2020 (many of these involved finding more than one parent or family member, so more than 61 people were found). 

*31 Angels now have the Earned Wings badge for finding birth family. 10 of those were earned in 2020.

*To date we have had 1600 applications (many of these we helped with specific questions, getting set up on WikiTree, and helping them help themselves in their searches)


Adoption Angels seeks to find birth family for those searching, up to the great grandparent level, and to help them create or update their trees at WikiTree based on the new information. For adoptees who have recently found their birth family, we help them create their trees at WikiTree so they can connect to the Tree. Adoption Angels also seeks to provide help pages for those searching to make the process easier.


As more and more people are applying from outside the USA, we need Angels who are experienced in researching in other countries. It is helpful if they have DNA knowledge, but not necessary. We are now pairing up Angels with DNA experience with others who have the country-specific research experience.

Going Forward

We are looking to change our project's name to better reflect the fact we don't only help adoptees. We help all who are searching for birth family.

We hope to continue to add and improve help pages as well as our processes. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could help more people more quickly?

None of this would be possible without the amazing Angels who help our applicants. A big thanks to all of them!

Would you like to join Adoption Angels and help with the most rewarding job of finding birth family for those searching? Please sign up on our g2g post.

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Awesome work Emma ~ and all the angels!!
What wonderful work you do! Many thanks to all the Adoption Angels! And Emma ... you are amazing!
Thank you for this update, Emma, and thank you for all the wonderful work that you and the Angels do. Your project represents the best of the WikiTree spirit.
Emma and all of the other Adoption Angels:

Thank you for the great work that you have done and continue to do. The 61 families found and the 10 sets of new Earned Wings are impressive statistics for 2020. Anne
Yes many thanks to the Angels team! I am someone who is being helped, and I can't thank you enough for this!! As I learn more perhaps I can become an angel and help others with their search!
That would be great, Kelley!
Thanks Angels. This is a part of Wikitree I didn't know about.
Thanks so much to the Adoption Angels Project and Emma McBeath. Without Emma's help, we may not have solved a search for biological parents. Very appreciative.

I have been adopting and cleaning up the profiles of 1820 Settlers to the Cape Colony. There is, abruptly, a torrent of orphans? What cause this to occur? Has somebody shed all the profiles he/she was managing?

Regards, Des
Nice update, Emma; and great work!
Des, Sometimes a person will leave WikiTree after uploading all their family. In this case the profiles of all nonliving people will be orphaned. That may be the case.
This is really an amazing project. A second cousin was left in the hospital by her mother and adopted by a great aunt when her own baby was still born, I always wonder about her birth mother. Two of my grandsons and a nephew are adoptees. The nephew found his birth family, in Russia (long story) it was great for him. I donʻt think the grandsons are thinking of that, yet.

Do you have queries from birth parents trying to find the children they gave up?
Hi Kristina, yes, we do get queries from parents or other family members looking for children who were adopted away from the family. This type of search is usually more difficult.

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61 people--that's amazing! :) I'm so excited that we have a project like this at Wikitree. Thank you for sharing!
by Jayme Arrington G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
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And we rely on the generosity of the WikiTree extended family to assist us when we get stuck so thank you to everyone who has assisted us in the G2G forum!
by S Leeland G2G6 Mach 5 (59.6k points)
Amen to that! I recently got a boatload of help from Italian researchers who are helping me make a breakthrough on a long standing search. I am so grateful!
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After very very long search I was just notified of my step fathers parents and I have tree to add too. I don’t know how to do birth and Adopted parents in Wikitree though. I have put adoption records and information in family search and Geni for him. I like to add his parents both sets of possible. We have waited lot years to know all. Could I get some help!!!!!


by Billie Keaffaber G2G6 Mach 3 (34.3k points)

You can only attach one set of parents, and it's preferred they be the biological parents. However, you can link to the adoptive parents on his profile. You can use this template

to link to the adoptive parents. Use this code or the extended code on that page and fill in the blanks after the equals signs.

{{Adopted Child
|Adopted Father=
|Adopted Mother=
|Biological Father=
|Biological Mother=

Some one helped me put Biological parents in. I will add this template to his profile not sure the birth parents have profile yet.


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