Should the wiki markup scroll box be on the recommended list?

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Does the scroll box make WikiTree better?

<div style="height:10em; overflow:auto; border: 2px solid #088"> <blockquote>

Not html, or for beautification, the wiki markup version of the scroll box works just fine (but not in G2G).

The scroll box is for function ... to comfortably place a will (or letter) in the biography, The guide for profiles says "Content that's specifically related to someone in particular should go on a Person Profile."

Wills and letters speak to us in the profiled's own words.  The human being behind the statistics.  From the will, we know what was most important, who was loved, who was trusted, and often we can "read between the lines" to glean the very essence of the person.

Style suggestions say the biography should be "easy to read and understand - clear, concise and well organized." What better way to make the inclusion of the will (even long ones) all those things?

Why is the scroll box (using wiki markup) not recommended, please?
WikiTree profile: Henry Awbrey
in Policy and Style by Cynthia B G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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My understanding is that <div>...</div> is not wiki markup but HTML/CSS and therefore non standard. i could be wrong  

That aside, one reason not to use scroll boxes is that one cannot then print out a profile page or save as PDF without losing most of the text that is in the scroll box.

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The scroll box is not on the recommened list and the way I read this is it should not be used. The issue is complicated by emotions, we all tend to think that our way is better, but without standards things could go very wrong in a hurry. I think that if there is even a chance that someone could not be able to see or use something on a profile then putting it on the profile is not going to make it better.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
Emotions aside, it is not recommended for the reasons stated by Jillaine.  It can be used, but it is not recommended.

I said that it SHOULD not be used. Jilliane's reasons are valid AND the Style guide states that anything not on the allowed list Should not be used.
<div> tags appear to be in a grey zone at the moment. See:

They're  currently on this list of recommended tags, but with a notation that the rule about them may change.

Correction. Only the <div> tag in association with the [image] tag is on this recommended page (but still with the caveat that the rule may change). 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to look at ... and comment on  ... this question.  I think you are right, Jillaine, that it is html, and not Wiki markup.  I was mis-informed (as usual when it comes to techie stuff).

I "get it" about the beautification causing problems ... and also about the complexity causing problems, too.  So, if it's too complex, or the cost is too high, then I'm OK.  (I will miss my scroll-box buddy, but I'm OK)

Please .. and only asking out of curiosity, maybe I am missing out... why are people printing WikiTree profiles to pdf?

Thanks again!  smiley


 I can only answer why I print out WikiTree profiles for personal reference. When I download a Gedcom file it only downloads the profiles on my watchlist and I am not on the trusted list for all of my ancestors. I would not want to be on all of them because then the list would be way too large to manage but I do like to research some lines when I am not on WikiTree so a print out helps. Again that is only my reason and I can speak for others.
Another reason is to share profiles with family members-- for example, at reunions.

Another: making hard copies for one's files.

Ahhh ... OK, thank you for your answers. I didn't even think of doing that! smiley

This may be a moot point now, but did you know ... the length of the scroll box can be changed.  The first perameter is height ... height:10em; ... in the example above.  That number can be set to anything you like.  It could be set to a sufficiently long length to show all the contents for printing, and then set back when you were finished.  FYI, should you ever need to know.

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