Can anyone help me track down a convicts death date, who has received his conditional pardon on a life sentence

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Can anyone help me track down a convicts death date who has received his conditional pardon on a life sentence, his name is John Hancock, and he was serving a life sentence, although he received his conditional pardon recommended by the Queanbeyan Bench in 1849, he was transported to Australia, on the Strathfieldsay in 1836, I dont know where he died or was buried for sure (I am pretty sure he did die, or maybe he is in hiding:) ) this one of a few brickwalls I have in my collection.

If some one can point me in the right direction or has knowledge of his death I would appreciate the help
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The Vic Pioneer Index has a John Hancock, born in Ireland, died in 1864 at age 48. No parents are listed so they won't be on the death certificate. Queanbeyan isn't all that far from Victoria. It's a long shot, I know.
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Hi Rosemary

I will have to do some research on this John Hancock, as it is the closet I have seen for sometime

Do you have any more info on him


Sorry Paul,

All I did was take a quick look at the index.
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You posted pardoned 1949,Immigrated to Australia in 1836.Something not right about this.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)
Thanks Wayne

I ment 1849 thats what happens with fat fingers :)
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Queenbeyan New South Wales. John Hancock Immigrated 1836.

Name of ship immigrated on,what month and day? Who did he marry in

New South Wales.

John Hancock born 1823 England married Elizabeth Ball in Dec 20 1862

Australia Marriages 1810-1980. Is this Your John Hancock??
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)
Hi Wayne,

John came out as a convict in 1836 his age put him being born 1816 - 1817

he came out June 15, 1836 aboard the STRATHFIELDSAY he receive a Life Sentence for Stealing a Handkerchief as to your John there was a John Hancock come out as a convict born 1823 was a different John Hancock

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I went thru all 1836 ship arrivals New South Wales.11 ship arrivals 1836

On the ship Strathfieldsay June 15 1836,2 Passengers John Hancock and

Henry Hancock.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)
John and Henry were Brothers.Thier parents were Henry Hancock and Ann Fry.

Henry was born 1817, Banwell Somerset England
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auystralia Cemetary Inscriptions 1800-1960

John Mill Hancock burial Dec 3 1899 ,Sydney ,New South wales,age 70

Wife Elizabeth, He married a Elizabeth,If this is the right one.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)
this was not him either


Hi: I did some research on a convict in Australia. I believe I found  the record in

the  New Zealand Reords  Here is the Australian

Cemetery Index You can also write for a record. If interested

I have the address e-mail. Hope you find some information...Marie

Hi Margaret

This John Hancock I believe is NOT my John as is not old enough I believe he died between mid 1860's early 1870's


Hi Paul:  I just found a web site that you can search by name and ship . There was a list of John Hancock's..

he is listed there for the sentence for life for stealing  a handerchief.

States bn in 1817.


Hi Marie

I have been to that website and it holds no new info other then what I put there

the same goes for claimaconvict

Hi: Paul  I added a web site but it did not work. The web site you want

 includes tickets of Leaves, Certificates and Pardons.  You can search for

marriages, deaths and families of convicts. I did find a John Hancock that arrived

on a different ship and received a pardon in 1849.


Can I send you what info I found  and maybe a link to it..?  Marie
Hi: Info found for John Hancock: ship: Strathfieldsay

1)  year 1836  No 45/618  date 27 Jun 1845 Ticket of Leave Passport

     Ticket of leave  #44.277 on recommendation of the Queanbeyan Bench.


2) Year: 1836   # 44/2777 ticket of leave Remark: Dist: Berrima


3) Year 1836  Recommened Conditional Pardon


4) Year 1836  49/1558  24 Dec 1849 Conditional Pardon


I think this refers to the  John Hancock you are looking for..

He was recomended for a ticket of leave, he was given a ticket of leave passport

and received a conditional pardon.......Marie
Hi: To explain the above:

A ticket of leave was a document of parole issued to convicts who had shown they could be trusted with some freedoms.

A conditional pardon removed all restrictions except for the right to leave the colony.

A ticket of leave passport allowed convicts holding tickets of leave to travel between certain points, visit a certain place or attend the city markets for a specified period of time.

According to these explantions I do not think John Hanccok was ever a free man. He likely died in the colony. He could of married and had a family as convicts were allowed to marry. ( If they already had a family they could bring them to Australia.)

There was likely a convict cemetery....Marie
Hi Marie

As for the discription of the various tickets, I appreciate the meaning as I was unclear with the meaning of passports as John held one

With regard to convict marriage, his brother, Henry, my G G G Grandfather, came out on the same ship and also serving a life sentence, Henry married and had children after he received his conditional pardon in 1849 also, he is buried in Sutton Forest Cemetery, and I was always wondering why, he was buried alone, instead of with his wife

His wife is buried with their Son and Daughter-in-Law in Sutton Forest Cemetery also, so maybe there is a section for convicts

Henry and John came out at 20 and 19 respectively, so if John Married it would have been in Australia

John was tried on Aug 8 while, Henry was tried Oct 19, both in 1835
as of 29 January 2015 I an still no closer to finding out the Death date of John Hancock

of the ones I found or were notified of only 1 still has to be researched and the rest either came free, came out earlier or came out later or were to young

I do appreciate the leads so keep them coming

Hi Paul: As  I memtioned before I have the e-mail address/postal address

so you can contact the records dept. so they can help you out with finding your

information. I think this is the way to go. I will send you the info if you want to go this

Hi Paul,

In our Family tree records,there ts not much known about john Hancock, but this is what we have.

Convicted and sentenced on 8th August 1835, at Somerset Assizes of stealing a Handkerchief. Sentenced for life. Deported to Australia arriving 15th June 1836 at Port Jackson. He recieved his Ticket of Leave Number 44/2777 on the 14th November 1844. The following year he recieved a Ticket of Leave Passport, Number 45/618, his Conditional Pardon, Number 49/1558 on 24th December 1849.It is believed he Died between 1866 and 1879.

Hope this can be some help,

Sienna Hancock
Hi Siennna

that s him, by golly thats him, how are you related, Gee, I have a thousand questions

I can give you  the little informationon john and henry but if you can fill in some blank spots that would be fantastic contact me by Private Message my profile is [[Curran-577|Paul Curran]]
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Paul:        Here is another death Record

Cemetary,  Drayton and Toowooba QLD

John hancock born abt 1816,  Died June 4 1892  age 76.

location          Pbn 1, Row 9,  Plot 21
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)
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I am not related,I am a volunteer researcher who helps people find there families.

There are a lot of people who want too know,but cannot afford to hire a researcher,

I work thru Wiki Tree as one of there advanced researchers.IF you need too know

more just ask.Australia can be a tough place to research.


Regards Wayne R. Morgan    E/Mail
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)

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