Calling all contestants! Which Game Show Host are you most closely connected to?

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This week's Example Profile of the Week is Alex Trebek, best remembered as the host of the game show, Jeopardy!.

Featured alongside him are other game show hosts:

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WikiTree profile: Alex Trebek
in The Tree House by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (426k points)
reshown by Chris Whitten
12 cousin 1x Alex Travec and 10 cousins 1x Dick Clark

Somebody has been busy improving the tree! cool

When this set of connection targets first posted, I was 19 steps from both Dick Clark and Allen Ludden. Now I am only 15 steps from Allen Ludden, and he is my 7th cousin!

16 Answers

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I am most closely connected to Jack Narz at 26 degrees.
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Mach 7 (71.3k points)
+6 votes
My connections:

Alex Trebek 18 degrees (10th cousins)

Jack Narz 19 degrees (9th cousins, 1x removed)

Bud Collyer 19 degrees

Allen Ludden 21 degrees

Dick Clark 22 degrees (15th cousins, 1x removed)

Bill Cullen 22 degrees (18th cousins, 1x removed)

Groucho Marx 24 degrees

Leon Zitrone 33 degrees

Cornelia Frances 37 degrees
by Karen Macagno G2G6 (9.1k points)
+5 votes
13 degrees from Bud Collyer
18 degrees from Dick Clark (9th cousins, 4x removed)
19 degrees from Jack Narz
19 degrees from Alex Trebek (8th cousins, 2x removed)
22 degrees from Bill Cullen (18th cousins, 2x removed)
23 degrees from Allen Ludden
25 degrees from Groucho Marx
36 degrees from Léon Zitrone
36 degrees from Cornelia Zulver
by Mike Wells G2G6 Mach 3 (32.3k points)
+6 votes
Answer: Most people of Quebecois descent are all connected to each other. Even Chris who is this game show host's 8th cousin.

Who is Alex Trebek at 17 Degrees?
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (384k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
+3 votes
I am most connect to (along with cousinship):

1) Dick Clark - 19 degrees; 10th cousin through MRCA Thomas Holcombe

2) Alex Trebek - 20 degrees; 25th cousin through MRCA Reginald Mohun, and

3) Bill Cullen - 24 degrees; 22nd cousin through MRCA Robert Holand.

I was hoping for Groucho, but no luck! 'Say the magic woid and ya win a hunred dollahs...'
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (391k points)
+5 votes

Alex Trebek- 7th cousin 1 time removed

Jack Narz- 9th cousin 3 times removed

& not on the list Chris Whitten we are finally connected as 22nd Cousins thru John Thornhill-b.abt 1268, wink

by Arora Anonymous G2G6 Mach 8 (88.6k points)
edited by Arora Anonymous
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23 degrees from Alex Trebek. More than uncertain. Family finder calls Alex a 24th cousin using a bogus line that has been disproven by DNA testing.(The Newberry County South Carolina Pitts are not related to the Isle of Wight Pitt family--according to the DNA anyway.) Would be MRCA  Robert de Lathom (1240 -1325)

21 degrees from Dick Clark. 11th cousin twice removed. Uncertainty on his end. MRCA Robert Sorrell (b. 1550)

18 degrees from Bud Collyer.

22 degrees from Bill Cullen. 17th cousin once removed. MRCA Walter Devereux (1411 - 1459), Uncertainty in my line.

19 degrees from Allen Ludden.

23 degrees from Groucho Marx.

19 degrees from Jack Narz.

33 degrees from Leon Zitrone.

38 degrees from Cornelia Zulver.
by Frank Blankenship G2G6 Mach 1 (16.6k points)
Frank, you should go ahead and fix that!
+4 votes
18 degrees from Alex Trebek and Dick Clark, but the former connection (not surprisingly through my Great Uncle's French-Canadian wife--my Great Uncle died over 20 years before I was born, and I remember my dad mentioning him only once.  My mom had no idea he ever existed.) has two marriages while the latter is a blood relationship, 8th cousin 1x removed.  Groucho is my favorite of the week, but there's a whole string of Hollywood marriages between my line and his. (some of these were totally unfamiliar to me--I'll be 45 on Saturday), but I know who Bud Collyer was!
by Scott Hutchins G2G6 (8.1k points)
+3 votes
I am mostly connected to Dick Clark at 18 degrees, 8th cousins once removed, MRCA John Bates, Bates-2234
by Mildred Gillett G2G6 (8.9k points)
+3 votes
  1. Dick Clark: 21 degrees
  2. Allen Ludden: 22 degrees
  3. Jack Narz: 23 degrees
  4. Groucho Marx: 24 degrees
  5. Andrew Simpier: 24 degrees
  6. Alex Trebek: 25 degrees
  7. Bill Cullen: 25 degrees
  8. Bud Collyer: 26 degrees
  9. Leon Zitrone: 36 degrees
  10. Cornelia Zulver: 36 degrees
  1. Dick Clark: 9th cousins, 3x removed
  2. Allen Ludden: 9th cousins, 3x removed
  3. Andrew Simpier: 12th cousins, 1x removed
  4. Bill Cullen: 18th cousins, 1x removed
  5. Alex Trebek: 22nd cousins, 2x removed (might be closer if I add my Farnsworth ancestors)
by E. Logan G2G6 Mach 1 (17.3k points)
+2 votes
Ding! Ding! Ding! I have my first Profile of the Week connection through my paternal line! It's Alex Trebek, 21 degrees.

Dick Clark - 17 degrees

Allen Ludden - 20 degrees

Bill Cullen - 23 degrees

Jack Narz - 24 degrees

Bud Collyer - 24 degrees

Groucho Marx - 26 degrees

Cornelia Frances - 37 degrees

Leon Zitrone - 38 degrees
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (480k points)
Jack Narz and Bill Cullen married sisters.
+1 vote
by Chase Clift G2G Crew (780 points)
0 votes

18 degrees from Allen Ludden thru the COFFIN family of Nantucket.  

Others: Dick Clark, 20; Jack Narz, 21; Bud Collyer, 23; Groucho Marx & Bill Cullen, 24; Leon Zitrone, 33; Cornelia Frances, 39.

by William Morgan G2G Crew (870 points)

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