How do I resolve this error 572 FindAGrave - Linked grave not matching profile?

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This girl's proper first name is unknown. Her Find a Grave Memorial indicates " Infant Daughter" as per her gravestone and the memorial. It is likely that she was 1 day old when she died and was born with her twin sister on Dec 20 1833. . I have her Proper first name as unknown.  When I put in Infant Daughter, I get another error 724 Wrong word in first name.

What is the best way to handle this?

Thanks in advance.

WikiTree profile: Unnamed Infant Pike
in WikiTree Tech by Ron Raymer G2G6 Mach 4 (49.7k points)

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The proper way is to use the name Unnamed Infant for the child's name and as far as the 572 error I would select "False suggestion (hide forever)".  

by Kevin Conroy G2G6 Pilot (172k points)
selected by Linda Peterson
Thanks Kevin

As it seems certain the memorial is about the Unnamed Infant I put  the FindAGrave template on the profile with the parameter sameas=yes that will get rid of the 572.

Awesome. Thanks Jan
If the names don't match on Find A Grave and on wikitree, the 572 suggestion will continue until the False Suggestion is used.  sameas=yes is used in profiles when there are multiple Find A Grave citations or urls for different people and you want system to know which one matches the profile, but that won't eliminate the 572 Suggestion when the information doesn't match.
Thank you Linda

From 572 Help page:

If one of the links is to the person's memorial, there must be a significant difference in names and dates. Check them to see if they are correct. If you find the error, correct the data. You can also use {{FindAGrave|1234|sameas=yes}} for memorial of the person.

Jan, I agree the text you quoted is misleading, but the intent of it was for the situation as Linda explained.

If the names are not close enough, it will still generate the error, so you would still need to mark it as a false suggestion. The Action Steps in the 572 help page don't address this possibility and could perhaps use a little rewrite and add another paragraph to provide clear instruction for this situation.
Thank you Joyce. It would also be nice to have the parameters explained in the help text of the FindAGrave template. Just listing the parameter values of a template without description is not proper documentation.

I personally find marking suggestions "false" unsatisfactory, as they continue to show up in the "hidden" lists on reports. And rightfully so, because many use "false" to just get rid of suggestions, so there must be a way to review them.

Sameas=no will tell WikiTree+ that the WikiTree profile and the Find A Grave memorial represent two different people.

That is from the Help page for Find a Grave

On the template page it has 

sameas Preferred Text Defines if this is a memorial of the person on the profile. no yes, no
False suggestions are valid for many reasons.  When you are comparing wikitree profiles to Find A Grave profiles, we don't control the information or sourcing in the grave suggestions, so if it is incorrect and are not changed by that grave page owners, then wikitree suggestions need to be marked as False. Same situation happens with wikidata.

When we have unique names in wikitree because of spelling variations, they are valid suggestions that should be checked, but also marked False if it is a spelling variation needed to avoid duplicates.

There are date variations with no reliable sourcing that can cause suggestions that are marked False.

Personally, I frequently go through the suggestions that are marked False for 571 and 572, as an example, because many people don't understand or don't realize that sameas=no should be used with the template for relatives that don't match the profile. I update the template and then update the suggestions.


I quoted the text on the 572 help page:

You can also use {{FindAGrave|1234|sameas=yes}} for memorial of the person. 

I do not see how your answer nullifies that, and neither does your quote of the FindAGrave template help. From that text it is also logical to infer that sameas=yes means the memorial is about the profile's person (no additional conditions documented).

So where did you find the meaning of sameas=yes you assign to it?

By saying I find marking suggestions "false" unsatisfactory I meant I will not use it as an easy way out, but do it only when absolutely certain about it. The unique names suggestions are a good example. For the Dutch profiles one only has to search on or to find that what is unique in the small subset of Dutch names in WikiTree by no means is unique in the collections of official Dutch Archives.

Jan, My reason for quoting the Template definition section was because you stated the following:

It would also be nice to have the parameters explained in the help text of the FindAGrave template.

I was just showing you where the parameters are defined on the Template page. They have changed many template Help pages to have the Parameter Definitions section at the bottom of the pages.

The sameas=yes is used when there are multiple grave citations in a profile.  Using that will direct the 'system' to know 'which' grave citation should be compared to the profile.  It will ignore any references that have sameas=no because the parameter definition states that it is 'not' for the profile person.  Ales has said in other G2G questions that he uses many things to determine 'which' grave citation should be used when 'sameas' is not a parameter on the profile. He has also stated that 'sameas' parameter should not be used in all templates on profiles.

Once his software determines 'which grave citation should be used', then the system compares the information on the profile to the Grave page.  When the information does not match on wikitree profile to Grave page, then the Suggestions are generated. Parameter 'sameas=yes' only helps to identify which grave citation should be used for the Suggestions. The name on the grave page is 'Infant daughter' and on the wikitree profile it was 'Unknown' at the time of the Suggestion, which is probably what caused the Suggestion.  The dates match and there are no location on the Grave page that wikitree profile has.

I have discussed the template and use of the 'sameas' parameter with Ales multiple times while working as a Data Doctor Co-ordinator.  


Instead of having to explain the not very logical special meaning and use of the sameas=yes construct, here and possibly in other threads, referring to info apparently only you have, you should have documented it in both the 572 help page and the template.

Would have saved time and frustration for all parties involved.

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