Is is possible to amend a WikiTree ID if new information shows it to be wrong?

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I have been working on the profile of Mary (Turner) Eady, Turner-17566, who is my G-G-grandmother (paternal side).  The profile was originally created by someone else.  I am sure that Mary was married twice  - her first husband was one William Turner and they had 2 children together.  The evidence is in her biography which I have newly created.  I think I may also have found her maiden name - Morley - but cannot be 100% certain about that.  Again the evidence I have found is in her biography.  What do I do about this since the convention is to give women a WikiTree ID which reflects their birth surname?  Mary's birth surname definitely wasn't Turner.
WikiTree profile: Mary Eady
in WikiTree Help by Elizabeth Eady G2G1 (1.1k points)

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Mary, I would reach out to the profile manager and discuss the information/sources you have. Maybe ask to be put on the trusted list too. If you both work together I'm sure the new information you have can be used in her profile.
by Michael Smith G2G6 Mach 9 (96.2k points)
I have tried to contact the profile manager before without success. I have just tried again and will wait to see if I get a reply this time.

The PM of that profile has not been active since 2018, so you should review the Unresponsive PM process.  Leave 3 types of messages, as stated on that page, which includes Trusted List request.  You may have already done some of these recently, so that would count, wait a week and then submit the UPM form, making sure to indicate whether you want only that one profile or ancestors and descendants of that profile should also be opened. 

You will wait approximately a week for the admin team to try to contact the PM and wait for a reply. They will let you know what they have done, which will probably mean orphaning at least that one profile requested. 

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Hi Elizabeth. See

If the LNAB is changed, the WTID will change too.

But only the profile manager can change the LNAB. So you would need to contact them, for example, by a comment on Mary Eady's profile or the manager's own profile. Be sure to give a full explanation of why the change is needed.

by Jim Richardson G2G6 Pilot (137k points)
Just to add ... The profile manager may not be active. Please ask again on G2G if you don't receive a response from them.
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Only the profile manager can change LNAB. Have you contacted him? Whilst waiting for a response you could put all the evidence you have found in a Research Notes header (immediately above the sources header ). That way it will be available for any one interested to access and won’t get lost. If you can’t find a LNAB the. Profile manager can change the LNAB to Unknown, but much better to search for proper one, as there are so many Unknowns
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Elizabeth, it doesn't matter who originally created the profile - in order to change the LNAB (Last Name At Birth), you have to be on the trusted list.  You can request to be added to the trusted list so that you can make the correction, or you can leave a comment on the profile asking that the manager change the LNAB.

I also checked and the profile manager has not been active for two years, so he might not respond.  If he does not respond to you in a week, you can then use the Unresponsive Profile Manager process (click the Family Tree and Tools tab on the profile, then scroll down to find that) to request that WikiTree "orphan" the profile so that you could then "adopt" it, thereby becoming its manager.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (839k points)
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Your evidence looks pretty good.  It will be up to the profile manager to determine if the name should be changed.  Unfortunately, it looks like he hasn't been active in two years.  You can post a message about the last name in the comment section of the profile and also send him a private message.  Then, in the meantime, if you know the birth and/or death info on the first husband and sons, you can go ahead and add them to the profile.  You can also add what you believe to be the true maiden name in the space for "other" last names.  With these updates, it'll make the profile show up on searches by people who may be looking for this woman.  Just be sure to show good sources for everything you are doing so that someone who visits the profile later will know why it was done.
by Sandra DeTora G2G6 Mach 5 (53.3k points)

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