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Both profile managers have approved the merge, but it can't proceed until the parents are sorted out.  Based on the notes on both profiles, it looks like George is the wrong father, but due to his PPP status a manager needs to get involved.

On 27 Nov 2020 Sandra (Emmons) DeTora wrote on Gardiner-911:

[[Gardiner-1628]] and Gardiner-911 appear to represent the same person because: Someone will need to sort out the research to determine which set of parent is correct, but these two men clearly represent the same person.

WikiTree profile: Jeremiah Gardiner
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Please add the tag 'PGM' to your post so that the project is aware of this issue.

How were the parents of Gardiner-911 determined? A tree is not a reliable source at any time and does not meet the minimum sourcing requirements for a pre-1700 profile.

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The 1919 work (that at least one wikitreer is saying we should use to connect Jeremiah to George) is not definitive. (Garners of Narragansett)

It even points out that Austin argued that Jeremiah was a grandson, but offers no argument herself except there doesn't seem to be a way to place him with any of the sons. [I don't know how she reached that conclusion; Benoni is quite a possible candidate for father given Jeremiah's more likely birth year range.]

Jeremiah's 1676/7 birth seems to have been estimated in order to make him born no later than nine months after George's death but other records suggest he became an adult about August 1711 when he purchased land. This suggests a birth closer to 1690, possibly earlier but probably not as early as 1676/7.

If this were a PGM profile, I'd detach all parents and summarize the problem in a disputed origins section.

[Edited to add comment about Benoni as a reasonable candidate.]
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (782k points)
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I think this is an excellent recommendation.
I've revisited this; I could support either my solution above (detaching any parents), OR retaining Benoni and his wife as uncertain parents.

But I definitely don't think that Jeremiah was son of George.

I've drafted a disputed origins paragraph on the lower-numbered profile.
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Mary Eldred, the mother, profile is conflated. She has children being born with 1st husband after she was married with 2nd husband. There are comments from 2019 on her profile that she was not married to both currently linked spouses.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (545k points)

There is a note in Sources section of Gardiner-911 stating that George is probably not father of Jeremiah, so that indicates that the discussion occurred previously with that profile.

Gardeners of Narragansett book should be reviewed for this family. 2nd generation section starts with Benoni married to Mary and lists many of the children that are in Benoni Gardiner-178 profile, but not Jeremiah. 

Gardeners of Narragansett book ends 1st generation as last child being Jeremiah, son of George and 2nd wife Lydia, which supports Gardiner-1628 profile. That is also a comment from 2018 on Gardiner-911 profile. 

Actually, the author of that work contradicts herself.

In the narrative (pp 3, 8-9), she attaches Jeremiah to George Gardiner and Lydia Ballou. Then in a notes section, p. 208, #23, she explains why he could not have been a son of George and proposes Benoni.

Go figure.

Benoni is certainly more likely than George. But at best Benoni is uncertain.

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