Is anyone here from the edward Fuller line?

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There is a lengthy, and reasoned, exploration of this family at  Even though Hezekiah is evidently mentioned in Nicholas's 1683 will, it may be that the GSMD's rigorous requirements for essentially-irrefutable documentation of births leaves Hezekiah (and several siblings) out in the cold.

The key passage in that exploration would seem to be, "Hezekiah Bonham, Sr., was the son of Nicholas and Hannah Fuller Bonham and, in addition, it has been reported in published sources that he was born May 6, 1667, at Piscataway in the New Jersey Colony.  However, there is little evidence in support of this and, although his birth date may be accepted at the very least as chronologically plausible, the location of his birth should be best regarded as unknown.  Within this context, the births of the three oldest children of Nicholas and Hannah Bonham were recorded in New England and the three youngest after they had settled at Piscataway, but there are no known birth or baptismal records for any children born between 1665 and 1672."
This would make you my 10 cousin once removed.
It is fascinating that while verifiable marriage has been the litmus test for the proof of lineage from one person to a child by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, it is my understanding that they have recently accepted DNA matching evidence that my 7x GGF Rev. Samuel Fuller, Jr is the probable biological father of Lt. John Sprague and therefore cousin Sprague's descendants can be members.  My paternal great grandfather was probably born out of wedlock but his probable biological father married his mother so all was good for the GSMD.  Things will continue to get interesting as more DNA testing and technology becomes available.
Thank you for this information! Lorie
really? I have to understand this- amazing to me, but totally hopeful I can figure it out, Pete Neubauer, and Don Daniels- my new cousins.
Christopher, Is there any way for DNA to show up on the maternal line that far back? The fuller project mentioned that they use DNA as evidence, but I don't know- I don't have a Fuller surname, and presume that excludes my participation, yes?
Y-DNA will track back via a father's surname, male-to-male-to-male, until and unless there's a "non-marital event" that breaks the chain. However, in the case of mtDNA -- mitochondrial DNA, which tracks maternal lineage -- the surname will change with each generation (unless the mother's maiden surname was the same as her married name).  So whether mtDNA can be of any assistance depends on what you're trying to trace.  It won't help you very much, if at all, with the traditional, routine genealogical task of tracking a surname back through time.

Autosomal DNA -- atDNA -- is helpful going back about five or six generations, but (as I understand it) past that point it's not particularly reliable.

I'll leave it to others more expert than myself to offer more detailed comments.
Thank you- I suspected as much, but wanted to see if I had misunderstood the technology. And the women who traveled on the Mayflower, like Anne (maybe ann), Are they ever acknowledged? I have wondered, because we don't know their names?
Since theirs was still a very patriarchal society women were often overlooked.  As you mentioned their names were often not documented. They contributions are only known if someone includes them in their writings.  Fortunately Gov. Bradford's writings about Plymouth colony provides information on the women and their contributions to the colony.  Samuel Fuller's widow, Bridget, became a influential property owner and funder of colony education programs.

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Very much so 20,787 descendants indexed Family List

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (430k points)
thank you so much for your time and information.
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I am an Edward Fuller descendant via son Matthew.
by Carol Hodes G2G Crew (390 points)
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He is my 10th great grandfather via his sons samuel 1608 - 1683 and Matthew bef 1608 - bef 1678
by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Mach 7 (79.7k points)
edited by Jennifer Robins
Hi, Jennifer -- please note that (per my earlier comment above) the Matthew Fuller for whom we have a christening record in 1603 is _not_ the son of Edward; the baptismal record at Redenhall shows the 1603 man as a son of John Fuller.

A recent merge evidently resulted in the erroneous 1603 date appearing (not for the first time!) on the profile of Capt. Matthew Fuller (, son of Edward.  I have now corrected the DOB on that profile to the best estimate, which is "before 1608". We simply do not have a birth or baptismal record for Edward's son Matthew; he is however assumed to be the elder brother of Samuel, whose DOB is generally accepted to be about 1608.
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I am a descendant of the Edward Fuller line through Ira Bigelow. I'm a member of DAR but I haven't joined the Mayflower Society. I understand that Ira Bigelow is one of their gateway ancestors.

by Marilyn Kenyon G2G5 (5.1k points)
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Barbara Hays Henderson descended from Edward Fuller thru the Stout, Stump, Vanhorn lines
by James Henderson G2G Rookie (200 points)
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He's my 9th great grandfather.  Through Fuller lines to Ebenezer (1715-1749) and then through a Huntington line.
by Mary Werner G2G1 (1.0k points)
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this may be of interest to you see Category: Sources-Rowley, Rowley Name Study (

and see Rowley Branch 1 Descendants ( while it does not have sources, it does give you names and dates.

 I also have a copy of the silver book volume 4 Edward Fuller

by Will Palmer G2G6 Mach 4 (41.5k points)
edited by Will Palmer
Thank you so much for both pieces of information I had no idea- that there was a

Rowley Branch 1 Descendants (

or the Silver book volume 4 Edward Fuller

I will try to find them

judith Lavezzi

I did check the silver book, these silver books, are called the silver books because they are a silver color,  they are published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and they cover all the passengers with descendants and have the first five generations,  it does include Abigail Weeks, who married Ichabod Hatch, so that part of your tree is proven by the Mayflower Society. Now he has a profile here see Ichabod Hatch (1691-1754) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

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I am a descendant of Edward Fuller via Heath and Crippen
by Carol Quanne G2G Rookie (200 points)

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