Is anyone here from the edward Fuller line?

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WikiTree profile: Edward Fuller
in The Tree House by Judith Lavezzi G2G1 (1.1k points)
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Which Edward Fuller are you asking about?  From where, and when?
Added tag Fuller and link to Mayflower Edward Fuller
I was  referring to the Mayflower Edward, wife usually called Ann, but that isn't apparently correct. He is the brother of Dr. Samuel, father of Samuel and Matthew.
Thank you for the tagging, although I don't' know what to do with it- I am new. first question.
Adding tags will get more views by other members. I assume your question meant to ask if anyone else was a descendant of Mayflower Edward Fuller?
Hi, Judith -- I'm a descendant of Edward Fuller and his wife (whose true name is indeed, alas, not known), via their son Capt. Matthew Fuller... who is routinely confused with his cousin, also named Matthew.  [The 1603 baptismal record at Redenhall, Norfolk, is for the cousin, a son of John... but for years, people have ignored the name of the father and treated this record as denoting the christening of Capt. Matthew, son of Edward.]

I volunteer with the PGM and Mayflower Projects; if I can be of any help, please let me know.
Hello Christopher, Thanks for your response. I am also, I believe,from Capt Matthew's and Frances lineage. Their daughter Elizabeth married a Rowley, and their daughter mary mercy married a weeks, and theirs married Ichabod Hatch, and their daughter married a Chadwick, and he married a Hamblin, and their daughter Zeruriah married  Ichabod Chadwick Norton, and their daughter  Minerva married Elijah Fleming, and their son William Chadwick Fleming was my Grandfather. Phew- long   story that hasn't got the details proven with everything needed to apply for membership yet. But I am pretty darned sure of this, and want to accept any help and any information that will help me get accuracy in my details. I worry that there is so much that doesn't seem to be verifiable floating around. any direction is appreciated.
Glad to meet you cousin.  I am descended from Edward's brother, Samuel.  If you are interested there is a Fuller Society that you can join.  Every member is your Fuller cousin.

I am also from Capt Matthew's and Frances lineage. Matthew's granddaughter,Lydia, married a Dimock, and after several generations, Lydia's gr gr granddaughter, Eunice Anna Dimock married a Porter. This is my maternal line.

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I am a direct descendant of  Edward Fuller 1575-1620 Father of Samuel and Grandfather to John Fuller Great GrandFather to Thankful Fuller and so on.
He is my 12 great grand uncle
You are my 8th cousin via the Crippen line.
Pete, Me?
I descend from Samuel Fuller (the younger) and his wife Jane Lothrop. Their daughter Hannah married Nicholas Bonham then on down to their son, Hezekiah Bonham. I was told that I do not qualify to be a member of the Mayflower Society because Hezekiah's wife, Mary Bishop, whom together, had an abundance of children, all of the males with names that ended in "iah" was not a recognized marriage.

How does that make sense? Your thoughts would be appreciated...
There is a lengthy, and reasoned, exploration of this family at  Even though Hezekiah is evidently mentioned in Nicholas's 1683 will, it may be that the GSMD's rigorous requirements for essentially-irrefutable documentation of births leaves Hezekiah (and several siblings) out in the cold.

The key passage in that exploration would seem to be, "Hezekiah Bonham, Sr., was the son of Nicholas and Hannah Fuller Bonham and, in addition, it has been reported in published sources that he was born May 6, 1667, at Piscataway in the New Jersey Colony.  However, there is little evidence in support of this and, although his birth date may be accepted at the very least as chronologically plausible, the location of his birth should be best regarded as unknown.  Within this context, the births of the three oldest children of Nicholas and Hannah Bonham were recorded in New England and the three youngest after they had settled at Piscataway, but there are no known birth or baptismal records for any children born between 1665 and 1672."
This would make you my 10 cousin once removed.
It is fascinating that while verifiable marriage has been the litmus test for the proof of lineage from one person to a child by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, it is my understanding that they have recently accepted DNA matching evidence that my 7x GGF Rev. Samuel Fuller, Jr is the probable biological father of Lt. John Sprague and therefore cousin Sprague's descendants can be members.  My paternal great grandfather was probably born out of wedlock but his probable biological father married his mother so all was good for the GSMD.  Things will continue to get interesting as more DNA testing and technology becomes available.
Thank you for this information! Lorie
really? I have to understand this- amazing to me, but totally hopeful I can figure it out, Pete Neubauer, and Don Daniels- my new cousins.
Christopher, Is there any way for DNA to show up on the maternal line that far back? The fuller project mentioned that they use DNA as evidence, but I don't know- I don't have a Fuller surname, and presume that excludes my participation, yes?
Y-DNA will track back via a father's surname, male-to-male-to-male, until and unless there's a "non-marital event" that breaks the chain. However, in the case of mtDNA -- mitochondrial DNA, which tracks maternal lineage -- the surname will change with each generation (unless the mother's maiden surname was the same as her married name).  So whether mtDNA can be of any assistance depends on what you're trying to trace.  It won't help you very much, if at all, with the traditional, routine genealogical task of tracking a surname back through time.

Autosomal DNA -- atDNA -- is helpful going back about five or six generations, but (as I understand it) past that point it's not particularly reliable.

I'll leave it to others more expert than myself to offer more detailed comments.
Thank you- I suspected as much, but wanted to see if I had misunderstood the technology. And the women who traveled on the Mayflower, like Anne (maybe ann), Are they ever acknowledged? I have wondered, because we don't know their names?
Since theirs was still a very patriarchal society women were often overlooked.  As you mentioned their names were often not documented. They contributions are only known if someone includes them in their writings.  Fortunately Gov. Bradford's writings about Plymouth colony provides information on the women and their contributions to the colony.  Samuel Fuller's widow, Bridget, became a influential property owner and funder of colony education programs.
I also  come down through Samuel Fuller/ Jane Lothrop> Hannah Fuller/ Nicholas Bonham...

You mentioned a Mary Bishop? What was her years? I have a Mary Bishop 1611-1635 paired with George Bonham 1608-1704. Did Hezekiah Bonham have any other names? I have a Justice Hezekiah Bonham 1667-1738 married to a Mary Dunn 1671-1699 (4 children) and Mary Hunt 1683-1744 (9 children). This info is from family search person LDMF-GFZ
I also descend for Edward Fuller, Samuel Fuller, Hannah Fuller, Elizabeth Bonham, Phoebe Slater, Mary Slater Doty.
Your non-marital event is actually a 'NPE' non parental event.  The best we can hope for with mtDNA is a possible archeological dig involving the women from the mayflower or her children.  Never discount mtDNA though, as the mother passes her mtDNA to all her children, male and female.  Enter NPE or adoption!  I agree it would be a monumental process to search as we do for male ancestors by surname.  Every bit of DNA they can recover from this intrepid group of 1620 will also contain mtDNA.  Both males and females.  mtDNA will take you back in time just as far as Y-DNA but with no documentation.  This is why anything before 1500, unless you are nobility, you will not have a surname at all.  After that it all relies on DNA
Welcome to WikiTree.

Moses and Elizabeth Rowley are my 8ggp. Their daughter, Mehitable married a Fuller.
The Pilgrim separatist Edward Fuller (1575-1621) is my 10th great grandfather. I am descended from his son Matthew (1603-1678) and granddaughter Elizabeth (1626-1714).
Edward Fuller and Anne (Ann) are my 10th Great Grandparents.  The Fuller name continued to my maternal Grandmother, Eleanor Fuller Holyoak.
Hi, Cousin Ebwisme.  Just something to be aware of: sadly, we really do not know the name -- not even the given name -- of Edward Fuller's wife.  The name "Ann[e]" seems to have been attached to her long after she died, likely as the result of a misreading of an old record... and, in the age of the Internet, the mistake has been perpetuated literally around the world.  Like the confusion of my ancestor Capt. Matthew Fuller with his cousin, baptized in 1603 and also named Matthew (see my earlier comment), this error bedevils good genealogists everywhere... who want to see the mistake corrected.  Assistance from other descendants -- and anyone else interested in promoting the facts -- is always appreciated.
thank you kindly, for your reply, as I am having so many of those same problems locating the ladies without names. or with misspellings. I have Zeruiah Chadwick in my lineage, and I believe it is because of the many misspellings that I locate so little on her- some people do not acknowledge her at all, but  I think that it is in the spelling that we may find her.
Was she born 1790 and marry John Norton?
I was just proven, by Mayflower Society, Edward Fuller my 10th Great-grandfather. I had my mtDNA done by ftDNA and Haplogroup H6 as well as Ancestry DNA I don't know if any of this would help but so far there is no proof who Edwards wife would be.

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Very much so 20,787 descendants indexed Family List

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (526k points)
thank you so much for your time and information.
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I am an Edward Fuller descendant via son Matthew.
by Carol Hodes G2G1 (1.2k points)

I am a descendant also.  My great grandmother is Isabella.  Daughter of Marion Fuller.
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He is my 10th great grandfather via his sons samuel 1608 - 1683 and Matthew bef 1608 - bef 1678
by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Pilot (116k points)
edited by Jennifer Robins
Hi, Jennifer -- please note that (per my earlier comment above) the Matthew Fuller for whom we have a christening record in 1603 is _not_ the son of Edward; the baptismal record at Redenhall shows the 1603 man as a son of John Fuller.

A recent merge evidently resulted in the erroneous 1603 date appearing (not for the first time!) on the profile of Capt. Matthew Fuller (, son of Edward.  I have now corrected the DOB on that profile to the best estimate, which is "before 1608". We simply do not have a birth or baptismal record for Edward's son Matthew; he is however assumed to be the elder brother of Samuel, whose DOB is generally accepted to be about 1608.
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I am a descendant of the Edward Fuller line through Ira Bigelow. I'm a member of DAR but I haven't joined the Mayflower Society. I understand that Ira Bigelow is one of their gateway ancestors.

by Marilyn Kenyon G2G6 Mach 1 (14.6k points)
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Barbara Hays Henderson descended from Edward Fuller thru the Stout, Stump, Vanhorn lines
by James Henderson G2G Rookie (290 points)
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He's my 9th great grandfather.  Through Fuller lines to Ebenezer (1715-1749) and then through a Huntington line.
by Mary Werner G2G1 (1.9k points)
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this may be of interest to you see Category: Sources-Rowley, Rowley Name Study (

and see Rowley Branch 1 Descendants ( while it does not have sources, it does give you names and dates.

 I also have a copy of the silver book volume 4 Edward Fuller

by Will Palmer G2G6 Mach 8 (84.8k points)
edited by Will Palmer
Thank you so much for both pieces of information I had no idea- that there was a

Rowley Branch 1 Descendants (

or the Silver book volume 4 Edward Fuller

I will try to find them

judith Lavezzi

I did check the silver book, these silver books, are called the silver books because they are a silver color,  they are published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and they cover all the passengers with descendants and have the first five generations,  it does include Abigail Weeks, who married Ichabod Hatch, so that part of your tree is proven by the Mayflower Society. Now he has a profile here see Ichabod Hatch (1691-1754) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

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I am a descendant of Edward Fuller via Heath and Crippen
by Carol Quanne G2G Rookie (290 points)
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Yes, another descendent here, through son Matthew Fuller, his son Samuel, and his daughter Anne Fuller.
by Darlisa Black G2G2 (2.6k points)
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Yes! He is, along with 1023 other men, my 9x GGF. Son Samuel’s daughter Mary Fuller Williams’ line ends up in my paternal grandmother.
by Tom Wright G2G Rookie (230 points)
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Edward Fuller is my 11th great-grandfather
through his son Matthew Fuller and the Rowley, Olmstead, Chapman, Blakeslee family line
by Scott Wessel G2G3 (3.6k points)
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Yes Judith, I am from the Edward Fuller line.  Although I can't find a bloodline between us.
by Brad Cunningham G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
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I believe that I am a descendant.  My mother's maiden name is Fuller.  I have the information on him.  Still collecting names and haven't put my tree together.  My maternal great great grandfather is Marion Fuller.  My great grandmother is Isabella fuller driver's.  Feel free to email me anytime.
by Trenda Coleman G2G1 (1.1k points)
I looked up your Francis Marion Fuller, and have to suggest to you that this southern Fuller line will not end up on the Mayflower.  They may all be related back in England, but your line appears to lead to an Immigrant Samuel Fuller who was born in Kent England in 1646.  His son Ezekiel was born in Virginia.  I got this from a tree on  You might want to look that over and improve wikitree with your line.
Thank you very much.  There are 2 Fuller families.  Have a wonderful day.
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Yes I also descent from the Edward Fuller (10x GGF) through his son Mathew and Rowley and Weeks.
by Brad Cunningham G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
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I am a ninth great grandson of Edward Fuller if Bartlett Fuller ( ) was the father of Charles Fuller (

Jonathan Crowley (

by Jonathan Crowley G2G6 (6.1k points)
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As a descendent of Edward Fuller, I have a straight shot of women in the line up until Elizabeth Dunham.  After that is Ephraim Dunham, followed by Mary Bonham, H
by Barbara Smith G2G Crew (450 points)
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I am of the Edward Fuller and Rowley line's
by Angie Kennedy G2G Crew (860 points)

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