Need definitive source for father James Graves Randle (1790) and son Edwin Daniel Randle (1824)

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For reference, these are the wikitree profiles:



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While they never lived in the same household (the father died in 1863 and by 1850, Edwin was married and lived elsewhere), they both resided in the same "township" [not sure what the proper terminology at the time was, I'm just going by the familysearch transcription] (Caddo, Clark). There were only a few "Randles" (bar egregious misspellings) in the entire state who were old enough to be Edwin's father: James, a Thomas, and Peyton. Of these, only James was born in Virginia (as is reported on the 1880 census record for Edwin).
Marc, is there anything else you wanted about them other than confirmation of their relationship?
Thank you for the reply. Would you know of a source connecting brothers Edwin Daniel and William C (Coleman) Since James G. is father to both. James G. Was living with William C. In the 1850 census. If I could link brothers I could link Edwin to James..
No, I'm not aware of any records, but I haven't read the county wills or anything like that.

What sort of linking do you need, Marc? If you can show they both have the same father, then that's linking them as brothers.

James graves’ father—- James—- would be an SAR patriot with a definitive link. They are strict AND snooty on application.  They apparently don’t think long standing LDS records are adequate. I have other SAR lines that qualify, but I recently found where James was involved in revolutionary war and wanted to get him recognized. Frivolous I know.  I am ex law enforcement and love the thrill of the chase (research). A James Graves/sally Coleman WILL would be great, or where’s the family bible?  I’m sure a source will service eventually. Thanks for taking the time to connect. 

I only see three Randle estates in the Greene county index of probate records here

No Randle wills here

It does look like they have some unindexed records though.

There was a pension application for his wife, since Edwin apparently served in the Civil War

Several Randal and Randall guardianship records here

Though despite him being buried in Greene County, Georgia, I think his records would be in Clark County, Arkansas where he lived and I believe died? I'll check that next
A few Randle/Randall/Randolph's indexed here: in the 1851-1863 probate records

There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to these collections though, no name or year ordering.

Ancestry's index seems better organized
A E Randal pages 291-293

Only Randle/Randal etc I can find in the ancestry index.

Doing some other searching, the family is discussed in a Graves Family newsletter here (

"The first 2 generation starting with

Roseanna Graves are below, as submitted by

Ms. Eleanor Colson"

It's also in their "Gen270" file here (

Which cites what I believe is a person "R-54". Perhaps contacting the graves family association might help.

DNA could help as well - 

Purported brothers of Edwin and their direct male-line descendants (work in progress - all from the gravesfa website)

  • Thomas Washington Randle (1809-1880s)
    • No male children who survived to adulthood
  • Augustus Henry Randle (1810-1896):
    • Oscar Edward (1841-1887)
      • John Henry (1882-1966)
        • No males
    • Richard Henning (1852-1900s)
      • James Augustus (1877-)
      • Richard H. (1886-)
    • William Thomas (1859-1927)
      • Ernest Davis Randall (1880-1957)
  • William Coleman Randle (1812-1885)
    • James R
    • William R
    • Alonzo H (1840-1880s)
      • William Alonzo (1878-1958)
    • James Thomas (1845-)
  • James Lawrence (1816-1906)
    • George G. (1851-)
    • Artemus Coleman (1854-)


  • Thomas Washington Randle (1809-1880s)
    • No male children who survived to adulthood
  • Augustus Henry Randle (1810-1896):
    • Oscar Edward (1841-1887)
      • John Henry (1882-1966)
        • Harold Clayton Randle (1923-1988)
          • Four male children, living in 1988 - no obituaries found
      • No further children (1900 census)
    • Richard Henning (1852-1902)
      • James Augustus (1877-1953)
        • Probably had no children - none in 1940 census, military captain
      • Richard Henning (1887-)
        • Probably had no children - had none by 1940
    • William Thomas (1859-1927)
      • Ernest Davis Randall (1880-1957)
        • Probably no children, none by 1940
      • No other male children (1900 census)
  • William Coleman Randle (1812-1885)
    • James R (died young)
    • William R (died young)
    • Alonzo H (1840-1880s)
      • William Alonzo (1878-1958)
        • Had only a daughter Pauline
      • J. T. (aft 1880-?)
        • Nothing further is known, probably died before 1958 as he isn't mentioned in brother's obituary
    • James Thomas (1845-)
      • Nothing further is known
  • James Lawrence (1816-1906)
    • George Gartrell (1851-1897)
      • Robert James/Jones (1885-1915)
        • Robert William Randell (1910-1980)
          • No male children
    • Artemus Coleman (1854-1909)
      • Daniel Candler (1885-1900)
        • Too young to have kids
      • James Coleman (1888-1963)
        • Has four living children, sex unknown
      • George Gabbert (1900-1962)
        • George Gabbert Jr. (1925-2004)
          • Unknown if he had children
        • Franklin Artemis (1928-2015)
          • had four male children, all living in 2015
    • Choice Boswell (1857-1945)
      • Andrew Lawrence (1880-1931)
        • No male children
So ~12 candidates - at least 8 of which are known to be male - for Y-DNA testing. If you can get any of them to test, then you can show you have the same Y chromosome, and that your MRCA is James Graves Randle.
Yes.  My Y-test results are pending.  There was a Randle DNA project going on with 200 participants included admin by aBill Randle (CA) a few years back I tied to contact to join without success. I really appreciate your interest and ideas and research. I will continue to search also and run with your ideas. I have no doubt about lineage between James G and Edwin, but some won’t accept without proof. You have been more than helpful.

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