Need help with a GEDCOM upload & compare list.

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If this isn't the right place to ask, can you direct me to the right place, thanks?

Is there a way of mass unchecking of the matches in my GEDCOM Compare List in the GEDCOM I'm uploading?

When I started I didn't notice that as soon as I added a person they were automatically checked as done in my upload list. I'm finding that for me I prefer to manually check an individual when done, when all of the family members for that person are added. That way I know that everyone connected to that person is added when checked, ie. is complete.

Thank you

EDIT: I'm at the ADD stage of uploading my GEDCOM, once I add a person it automatically checks them in the far left column as done unless I catch it and uncheck them. I'd like to have all of my checks unchecked so that I can manually check them myself AFTER I verify that everyone connected to that person has been matched or added. Is it possible to mass uncheck?

Thank you
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Carol, when you check a match and accept it, that person is already on WikiTree, so you won't be adding them at all. If you did, that would create a duplicate and WikiTree only wants one profile for any person because there's only one humongous tree which we all share.

You will be eventually adding any individuals for whom you rejected matches or who had no matches. You have to check EVERY individual in your GEDCOM with a match, which means accepting or rejecting EVERY potential match before you get the ADD buttons to create a profile for anyone. When you get your ADD buttons, you will still add each person individually--they are not all added at once. You can decided at that time to add "family groups", but it will still be a one-by-one process. By the way, each profile you create in this way will contain "GEDCOM junk" which will need to be cleaned up/removed and you may have to reformat your sources to make them useful.
I'm at the ADD stage. I find it easier at that stage to click on  the matched compare button and add all the people that can be linked to that person at the same time individually. The system automatically checks the person in the far left column as done. I'd rather manually check them myself once I confirm that all of the people connected to that person are matched or added. That is why I asked if there is a way of mass unchecking those in my list of matched so that I can manually check them myself
Gotcha. I wasn't clear you were at that stage.
It’s auto checked because you have added that profile. The damage is done you have to undo the add and restart with manually checking your list of matches. You can also copy/ paste keep that list on free space for reference when working on that Gedcom. There is a button that says hide or unhide completed profiles.
I don't want to deleted, un-add the people, I just want control of when they get checked off.

Yes I know about the button that sorts completed/uncompleted profiles.

Thank you for your time.

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There's a button to show all checked individuals somewhere, I believe
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E Logan,

    Thank you for responding. It's that button I'd like to be able to have unchecked in mass.
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No, there isn't an "uncheck all" button nor is there a way to have it default to unchecked.

The check box doesn't do much more than grey out the line. It can be a mental irritation if you want to use the check box for some other stage of your work. I've tried to get used to it, letting it automatically check things as I work my way through the list on a first pass and then I uncheck on a second pass to finish up. There's not a lot of logical sense to it, but it works.
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Thank you, I was afraid of that. I thought they had to be checked when I finally finished adding.
The actual "Add" happens when you click on the add button, the profile form pops up and then you click "Save" when you're done with that profile. You're adding one-by-one; there's no big "whoosh" of data added at the end.

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