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Hi! My name is Lena and I can help you with research in Sweden. What I could help you with is find general informaiton, point you in the right direction, take photos of graves and much more.

Counties that I have more knowledge about are: Halland, Kronoberg, Jönköping, Älvsborg, Skaraborg, Östergötland, Södermanland and Gotland.

I live in Halland so that is were I could give you the most help but I travel to most of the other counties at least once a year.
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Hi Lena smiley

Arent you fabulous!  



Happy New Year :)


Thank you Nicky! heart

Gott Nytt År!!


Do you ever get to Varmlands? That is where my great great grandmother died and my great grandfather grew up.  Specifically they were in Persberg.  Uploading the GEDCOM now. It is the Linden side of my family.  Most of the info I have is from a family bible given to my great great grandmother after her husband died.


Whether you can help me or not, thanks so much for putting this offer out.


Tim Fackler
Hi Tim, no I do not go to Värmland very often I'm afraid. I will try to help you as much as I can though and there might be others that I can ask.

I have started putting up categories for Sweden but not much for Värmland so far I think. Just ask if you need help.
Since you are offering, I am trying to trace someone whom claimed to be from Sweden,,,, Augusta Cercier b 1 aug 1872, Sweden. Do not have any towns, but the last name seems unusual. Alternate first names seen as Augustus or Helen, Last names seen as Cassin, Ceisan, Cisson. Married edgar cooper in Canada, and then later, antonio smith in the US.


Thanks in advance.


P.S. Have you worked on Petersn/Tellefsen in the past? I need some work on the as well (Norway).
Hi Seán,

I'm sorry but I could not find anyone who fit those names. I used the 1880 census and there were 2759 girls born in 1872 with the name Augusta. There were nobody with the name Cercier or something similar and I could not find anyonw who fit in the program I have with emigrants. If you ever get more information I can try again.

Hi  Seán Donovan 

Question: Do you have the Marriage certificate or the naturalization record? 

I added Category:Swedish_Family_Brickwall and a Research Notes section can be deleted if you don't like it

You also check 
Category:Swedish_Family_Brickwall_Solved how other people have done finding the roots maybe it can give you some hints...

Thank you Magnus. :) I was just about to add the brick wall. I was also thinking that if we do not already have one we could create a Swedish Emigrants from unknown location - category.

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I'm so happy to hear this, Lena! One of my profiles has a dead end, so I may be calling on your help once I am able to get enough information.  Thank you for the offer. laugh

by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (366k points)

Just give me link to the profile and I will see what I can do. smiley

Update: I looked at the Uhlin profiles and see you want information from Disbyt. I am a member so maybe I can find out more. What are you hoping to find?

Thank you again, Lena!

This is my great grandmother on my mother's side: Edla Uhlin

When she was 40 years old, she gave birth to twins -- my grandmother and aunt, Karin and Ingeborg. She was not married at the time, and it appears that the father was the farmer she worked for. 

Through the kindness of another genealogist, I now have information on Ingeborg's adoption by Edla's sister, Anna, as well as records for Edla's and Anna's siblings and parents. I do not have much information on my grandmother's (Karin's) adoption by the Bergströms or who they were and whether or not they had any other children.

I have never been able to find any other information about Edla and what happened to her after the twins were adopted. She just seemed to disappear. I would like to know if she ever left Sweden, or if she ever married. 

I also know nothing about Erik Rosén, the farmer who fathered the twins. I don't know if he was married and had other children.

Thank you, thank you for your offer to look!!!!

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I am out travelling right now but I can also support in Swedish genealogy.... FYI I have spoken to and it's okay to quote them as a source and use copies from the pictures they have of the Swedish churchbooks. Plus if you have the subscription from them you can easily create a link so that you jump directly to the mentioned page in the churchbook. As long as not whole pages are used they say it was according what they think is ok. Example of a profile they approved where we quote Arkiv Digital as the source with a link plus transcription of the text
by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
edited by C S
Thanks Magnus! I use Arkiv Digital as a source but I did not know I could link directly to the pages like that. Good to know that and that I can continue using pictures from there.
Quote Arkiv Digital "Precis som du skriver i ditt mail, så står det på vår copyright sida, att det är ok att publicera enstaka bilder. Hur bilderna får användas och hur många, får vi ta ställning till från fall till fall. Vi på ArkivDigital tycker det är helt OK att ni "klipper ur" notiser och lägger ut. Så som ni gjort med följande text, Då sätter vi ingen begränsning för hur många bilder som ni får använda, så länge det står att bilderna kommer ifrån oss. Behöver ni lägga ut hela sidor, sätter vi en begränsning på 15 sidor tills vidare. Behöver ni fler, ber jag er återkomma så får vi titta på vilka sidor det gäller och vilka andra sidor som ni använt er av. Med vänlig hälsning Kerstin Gustavsson ArkivDigital"
We have started thinking about an Arkiv Digital template
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Lena rocks!


She really took the time to research, and help me understand some of the issues, and nuances associated with my possible Colonial Swedish relatives from Christiana Fort.


Many thanks! 5 stars:D

by Unknown Unknown G2G6 Mach 2 (29.5k points)

Thank you Bree. laugh We found a connection in Fort Christina and came up with an idea for a project.

That was certainly interesting!
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Today is a session where you can learn more about using Arkiv Digita and researching in Sweden see

Learn how to research your Swedish Heritage using ArkivDigital Online, an online service that provides access to newly photographed color images of Swedish historical records. This product demo will familiarize you with the types of records that you will find on ArkivDigital including: the Swedish church books, estate inventories, military records, tax registers, passenger ship manifests, prison records and other types of records. The demo will show the user how to use ArkivDigital Online to view, browse and search within these records. Among the record types that will be shown will include church books, estate inventories, name registers and prison records.

by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
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Found on the internet an answer about how to cite sources from Arkiv Digital in the best way. The blog page was an answer to a  someone called Magnus in 2014 ;-)


  1. An image copy of a record, offered by one provider, can differ in content and quality from an image of the same record offered by a different provider.
  2. Research standards, almost everywhere, call for identifying the creators of the materials we use. When images are accessed through a database at a website, we need to know at least 
    1. the name of the database; 
    2. the name of the website; and 
    3. the standard publication data (Place/URL : date).
  3. The image number, which usually is usable only for that particular website's version of the register, should then be added after the publication data for the database, in the field one would use for a page number in a published book or a frame from a roll of microfilm.

First Reference Note:

Gunnilbo (Västmanlands län, Västmanland, Sweden), “Household Records, 1688-1724,” A-1:202; Regional Archives, Uppsala; digital images, “Swedish Church Records,” ArkivDigital( :  19 January 2014), for Gunnilbo A-1 (also numbered 72130), image 208.

Subsequent Note (the shortened citation):

Gunnilbo, “Household Records, 1688-1724,” A-1:202.

by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)

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