Happy Birthday Robert L. Shields!

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Happy Birthday in Heaven Uncle Bob! heart


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What a lovely profile you have created to honor his memory!

That toddler photo looks like it should be submitted to the photo of the week contest - it is priceless and I can only imagine how priceless it must be to you.
answered by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (536k points)
Thank you Gaile! All pictures are very priceless to me! These were my Grandmother Shields, and I have quite a few very old ones that unfortunately have nothing written on the back to identify them. A few I have been able to figure out by looking at other pictures that look very similar to ones I do know that could possibly be them in their younger years, but unfortunately there isn't anyone left in the family that might remember the pictures. My father is the eldest Shields/Dunlap connection at 78, and many were taken before his parents knew each other!
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I agree Gaile, so I nominated the toddler photo.Its a cute photo Pam, and the profile is such a wonderful way to honour your Uncle Bob.


answered by Terry Wright G2G6 Pilot (171k points)
Aww Terry! Thank you for the nomination! Uncle Bob wasn't one to appreciate his childhood pictures. He was reminded of the shanigans he pulled, as he was the 'rebel' of the 3 brothers!

One that I've heard many times when viewing old pictures of him is how angelic he looks, but his horns were hiding. One Halloween he and a few friends went outhouse tipping. In order to keep anyone pointing a finger at him, he also tipped the family outhouse. Lo and Behold, my Grandfather happened to be using it when it was tipped!

Every time I've heard that, I really have to laugh! While I feel bad for poor Grandpa and what he 'experienced' I've got to hand it to Uncle Bob's way of thinking and it is amusing to me that while he was trying to keep everyone from knowing he took part, it backfired, like so many of his other antics!

Your Uncle Bob sounds wonderful Pam everyone loves a rebel smiley Do you think your Grandpa ever saw the funny side of the prank  Terry

He may have eventually Terry, as he wasn't an angel in his early days either, but I'm sure he got a woopin' as my family calls it! My Grandmother on the other hand didn't have a very good sense of humor and was known to speak her piece, so I'm sure he got more heck from her than my Grandpa! Grandpa would have calmed down a bit after  'cleaning' up, tho I hear Uncle Bob had to also 'clean out' some of the stinky stuff before he uprighted it, but I'm sure Grandma would have probably made Uncle Bob wash the clothes on a washer board.

It is a story that carried on to his next generation that his eldest hadn't heard, but will never forget! David spent the summer with us at the family camp, and like all 14 year olds, he made the mistake that he was bored. My father gave him a shovel and told him to dig a hole over by the outhouse, and since David had a great deal of respect for Dad, he started, but every once in a while he asked if it was deep enough. Dad told him it wasn't done until David could stand in it and just see the grass at the top. (David was a tall 14 year old). When he was done, Dad told him to move the outhouse, then fill in the old hole with the dirt he dug out! Uncle Bob kept his mouth shut and went down by the river and you could hear him laughing! When David was done, he said I promise Uncle Ken, I will never say I'm bored again, and Uncle Bob walked over and asked him if he learned his lesson? First, Dad said I don't think you learned any lesson other than not to get caught back then, and I thought Dad and my Uncle were going to pass out laughing, then Dad told David the story. David asked if the outhouse really needed moved, which Dad replied no, but did you learn anything from it? His reply was "I'm so glad we have indoor plumbing at home, and sheesh Dad, you holler at me but at least I never did anything that stupid!"
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This is a wonderful profile and a beautiful way to honor your uncle - happy Birthday to him! :) I love the juxtaposition between the photos. So neat!
answered by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Eowyn, thank you for your birthday wishes! I have a few more, but not sure I should post them in fear that he'd do his smack on the forehead with the 'Duh, What were you thinking Butch! (nickname given to me as I was a tomboy from day 1)'. Poor Uncle Bob.. he loved his country and served proudly, but never got that mischevious streak out of him, and was busted in rank more than once, but so were his fellow coherts! One was switching the signs on the privy, and unfortunately the WAC's didn't appreciate the urinals when they went into the one marked women, nor the men not too happy with stalls instead of urinals on the one marked men! ;)

While not a Green Beret, there is a definate similarity between 'Peter-son' in the antics department!

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