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I'm trying to learn how to create a source link for a record from the U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936 - 2007 which I believe is only available on Ancestry.  I was studying the WikiTree help page on Links to Ancestry and I'm not sure I'm correctly identifying the database and record numbers.  

The URL for my record is:


I think that the database number is 60901.

Is the record number 104487248 or 220039445878?

This record is for my grandfather Chien Liang Ko, born March 10, 1896 in Taipei, Taiwan.

I am trying to spruce up my father's profile for the February birthday challenge.  Many thanks in advance!

Betsy Ko
in The Tree House by Betsy Ko G2G6 Mach 1 (19.3k points)
This link is a relatively new way ancestry sources are coming up. I hate it because it doesn’t work with the ancestry citation app.
Thanks for replying, Joelle.  Where would I find the Ancestry citation app?

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Hi Betsy. This would be

{{Ancestry Record|60901|10531668}}

The database db is just after the colon, and the individual record number h is just before it. You have to reverse their order.
by Jim Richardson G2G6 Pilot (273k points)
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Thank you, Jim.  Glad to have learned something today!
You're welcome, Betsy! Thank you for the star:-)

Help Page for Ancestry Links  This is the page that can help.

There was also a G2G Answer that mentioned APID formatting  that is not covered in that Help page. 

Also, US Social Security Claims Index is on family search

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your replies.  That was the WikiTree help page that I was studying, but my particular Ancestry link wasn't matching up to any of the examples.  Jim got me sorted out.

I've double checked and my grandfather wasn't in the SSDI.  He lived and died in Taiwan, although he visited the US for some extended periods once he had grandchildren here.

I tried to find the SS Claims Index on FamilySearch and came up empty handed.  This FS page directs people to Ancestry.  

Thanks again for taking time to reply; I'm still learning my way around how to source in WikiTree.



Grandchildren can make those grandparents travel!!!  I can understand that though process.  The kids just thought they were getting away from the parents, which can be done, until the grandchildren come along. lol

Yes!  The distance from Taipei to New York was vast, so the memories I have of my grandfather are extra special. :-)

It wasn’t lining up because it’s a relatively new link. Sometimes the source comes up that way-sometimes the older way like the examples.
That's good to know since I was trying to follow the template instructions step by step.  Grateful to have G2G to clarify things.

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