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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)

19 Answers

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This is a photo taken in Craig, Colorado in 1956. It is a photo of me with my cousins Jeffery and Carolyn. They are obviously excited about their new Easter bunnies. This is a favorite photo of my husband's, because he feels like I had a much bigger agenda with my hair in curlers, nails polished and wearing what looks like a wedding ring.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (323k points)
Nails are definitely nice, the ring, sure why not...but your eyes, they are the center of the photo as they should.  Easter bunnies?  Jeffery and I would rather hunt down some Easter eggs!  Nice memory Alexis! Thanks!
Scott, thank you for the great comment. Yes, you and Jeffery would have been having the best time, and I have a feeling you would have found most of the eggs.
Another gorgeous photo from you alexis with you and your cousin, you all look gorgeous

I love the Easter bunnie very cute.

Thank you for sharing sweet alexis
Thank you Susan for your sweet comment. Carolyn, on the right, loved to look at our family photo each week on WikiTree. Many times, I would ask her what photo I should use. I miss her very much.
What a great photo, Alexis. You look so serious though, I wonder what was on your mind. I remember those stuffed bunnies -- the satin ears, soft and fuzzy fur bodies, and the stiff brush-like whiskers.  Do you remember what color they were?

Robin, you always have wonderful comments. I have a feeling I was wondering why the adults are taking a photo of me not fixed up...vain even at age ten. I would guess that since Jeffery’s rabbit is so dark; it must be purple. Carolyn’s is probably pink or light blue. Jeffery said cute things like— “Goodnight mother. What are we having for breakfast”?”

You look like you are getting ready for a supper exciting Easter. Great photo.
+20 votes

Odd one outI have chosen a photo of my two oldest boys and their cousins proudly showing off the new sweaters knitted by a doting grandma. All except the grumpy one in the middle who refused to wear his! 

by Gillian Loake G2G6 (9.4k points)
I love this photo Gillian!  Frame it and hang it on the wall for goodness sakes!  Actually the little one in the middle and out front is ready to go kick the ball!  Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for this charming photo. Being a knitter, I can appreciate the work that went into those sweaters. They're beautiful!
Love the sweaters grandma has a talent. The boys are super cute.
So sweet!  This one really brought a smile to my face.
Thank you all for your lovely comments, I was so lucky, one granny was a brilliant knitter and the other a talented seamstress so our children had some beautiful clothes.
+20 votes

I have always called this family photo "Lots of Cousins"...but the kids don't agree.  "Where's the CAKE" is what they call it! Seriously, their great grandfather's 80th birthday, all ten of them!  All today working hard raising their family of cousins.


by Scott Lee G2G6 Mach 3 (36.0k points)
Scott, thank you for sharing this wonderful cousin photo. They all look so near to the same everyone loved being together!
This is a wonderful photo, Scott! I noticed the same thing that Alexis did -- they're all so close in age and seem to be having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it.
This photo reminds me of all the family get togethers with my cousins.
+19 votes

The picture shows two cousins once removed from my father, Paula and Klara Kulow (two sisters). They both lived to be well over 90 years old; the photo shows them in the 1980s.
They were both childless and when they died in the early 1990s, I inherited the office furniture from them. It consists of a desk, a large bookcase, a desk chair and a chair; all made of solid burl wood - wonderful heirlooms.
I still sit at the desk today.

by Dieter Lewerenz G2G6 Pilot (478k points)
What a beautiful photo Dieter. Thank you for sharing their photo and story. I enjoyed hearing about their furniture and that you sit at their desk. They look so loving; they had to have loved you very much.
Yes, they were both very lovely people and my father was their favorite relative. I visited the two of them very often with him; they lived in Hamburg-Blankenese right on the Elbe before they went to the retirement home together and spent their last years there. Nevertheless, they still went on vacation every year with a bus company.
What a magnificent photo Dieter if your cousins,

They certainly gain a high ages how wonderful is that

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo
+17 votes

This is a photo of first cousins "John Noog" and Ellen Boy - just a part of my interlocking family tree in East Tennessee. Ellen is the sister of my paternal Great Grandfather John Aiken Boy. John Noog is the brother of my maternal 2x Great Grandmother Delilah Boy Millard. In 1857, Mary Mallonee Boyd took her children, including John Noog and Delilah, left her husband in Jonesborough and moved into a house in Bluff City on or near farm of her sister, Ruth Mallonee Boy, mother to Ellen and John Aiken. Apparently the children of both families spent a good amount of time together, especially the two John's who were very close to the same age. 

In 1873, 24 year old John William Boy married 34 year old Ellen (Eleanor) M. Boy. They had two children together and were married until her death in 1913.

by Emily Holmberg G2G6 Mach 9 (94.1k points)
edited by Emily Holmberg
That is a wonderful story, Emily. Thank you for sharing this photo of John and Ellen.
Thank you Emily for sharing this wonderful photo of John and Ellen I love the photo
Emily, If you would like to have this digital image touched up a bit I would be glad to do it for you.  EZ to day with the right software.  Great photo by the way!
Thanks for the great comments from everyone. Scott, I hadn't thought about it, but yes thanks for your offer to touch up the photo. My cousin Rick and his siblings would probably love to have a touched up photo of John & Ellen.

Here ya go Emily!  Cousin John's hair was bothering me.  I left your photo pretty much as is and just removed the scratches etc.  Nice big photo 8000 x 8000 pixels!  You should frame it and hang it on the wall! 


I like this picture a lot.

Thanks Scott! He does look much better without that stray bit of hair sticking out. smiley

Actually it was just a blemish in the original photo Emily, but it sure looked like his hair!
+13 votes

This is a photo of the Kerrigan Clan Cousins in about 1960. The fourteen children shown in this photo, all cousins, are the grandchildren of George and Korilla Kerrigan, my husband's grandparents, and the children of their three daughters.

Eventually there were eighteen cousins, all still living. Many of them continue to get together, with their families, on regular occasions.

by Robin Shaules G2G6 Pilot (892k points)
edited by Robin Shaules
Robin what a magnificent photo of your cousin, I love the photo every one look amazing on the photo

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo
Thank you, Susan for your lovely comment. This family, though I feel adopted by them, are my husband's relatives. He's the one buried in the shadows in the back behind his grandmother.
I think it is a wonderful feeling you where so close to your husbands relative
Thank you Robin for sharing your photo of such an attractive family. That is awesome that they are still getting together.
I think they're all cousins to someone?  Great family group shot don't forget who they all are!  Thanks for posting!
Thank you, Alexis. They are a pretty close family and all so nice.
Thanks, Scott. I can't forget them even though I didn't know them then.
+15 votes

My daughter and her cousins and their ribbons after a cutie contest

by Deborah Campbell G2G4 (4.7k points)
Gorgeous photo of your daughter and her cousins thank you for sharing
They are definitely all cuties in my book! Thank you for sharing this photo, Deborah.
Susan, I have always liked ribbons!  Everyone gets one, just a different color and I don't really care for blue or red anyway!  Aren't they so adorable at that age, especially these four

Thank you all for the comments. My daughter was the little one on the end. Their daughters are as close as their mamas were

+16 votes

I’ve not posted a pic before, but this is one of my favourite pictures ever. It’s my Mum and her cousin, Ian with their grandmother, Amy; by the canal. Neither of them had siblings so became very close and this relationship Amy nurtured between cousins has passed down to the next generation, where we have a family WhatsApp group!

by Lizzie Griffiths G2G6 Pilot (114k points)
edited by Lizzie Griffiths
Lizzie what a magnificent old photo of your mother and her cousin

Thank you for sharing this
Aw, Lizzie, that's so adorable! Family WhatsApp groups are all fun and games until your cousin recommends that your 81-year-old grandmother tries watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix...
Always great to have a pic of our ancestor, especially a great grandma!  What exactly is the rod your mother is holding?  Were they fly fishing?  Thanks for posting!
+11 votes

My cousins ... Phyllis Ann Hodges-Michels (1838) and Carol Mae Hodges-Gooch (1941) ... the photo was taken in 1942.

by Bill Sims G2G6 Mach 9 (95.5k points)
Nice pic Bill!  The year my parents were married.  Me thinks I see a well pump in the background?  When I was a child my dad built our house over the well and the hand pump was right in the kitchen.  That lawn chair brings back memories as well!  Thanks for posting your photo.
They lived on a farm near Maroa, Illinois ... so had water from the pump and the outhouse for another purpose ... I visited there a few times as a youngster.
+13 votes

SHORT ANSWER- My great-great grandparents were first cousins.

LONG EXPLANATION. It has taken me 20 years to figure out this complicated story, and it has taken me 2 days to figure out how to explain it to you. . .

Yes, some people marry their first cousins. But the Roman Catholic Church forbids marriage between relatives of "four degrees of consanguinity" (people who share great-great-grandparents, or anyone more closely related). Such a marriage may be permitted, however, if the couple has received a dispensation from a church official.

When Constant Cartier and his mother's first cousin Marie Louise Brousseau married in 1803, they had received such a dispensation. (Thank you, Jonathan Boyer, for finding and translating this record!)  Present at this wedding was Constant's brother, Augustine Cartier.

Forty-two years later, Augustine and his family were living in the tiny hamlet of Cooperville, New York, about 28 miles from their hometown of L'Acadie, Quebec. Also living in Cooperville was his sister Josephte Cartier, her husband Theodore Bechard, and their family.

On 28 January 1845, both sets of parents were present when Augustine's son Constant, married his first cousin, Florence Bechard, Josephte's daughter. But there was no dispensation. Why? Did Augustine and Josephte forget that their own brother had needed a dispensation to marry their mother's cousin? Or did they think that they could get by without a dispensation if the priest did not know about that relationship ? Or was the priest himself unfamiliar with the church rules about consanguinity?

The following November, their son Louis was baptized in Cooperville. The record indicates that he was born of "the legitimate marriage" of his parents.

But things got interesting when the family moved back to L'Acadie. Here the priest knew their family, and informed them that their marriage was invalid. The baptismal records of sons Philippe (1847) and Joseph (1849)  do not include the standard phrase "legitimate marriage." Constant and Florence must have begun a complicated process which took several years, but finally enabled them to be legally married in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Their unusual marriage record, dated 14 March 1851, mentions "the dispensation of second degree relationship," and recognizes their three children as legitimate, but does not include the customary mention of the couple's parents or residences. But finally Constant and Florence were home in Canada and legally married. They went on to have six more children, including my great-grandmother Melanie.

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Mach 5 (54.6k points)
edited by Joyce Vander Bogart

A family heirloom photo and I couldn't help myself Joyce, I just had to clean it up because it is such.  I also have cousin great grandparents, Millers in Kentucky.  Took me a while to figure it all out!  Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo!


Wow, Scott, thank you. I have always wondered what she is holding, and now I see that he is holding something, too.
Wonderful picture and great background story.
+12 votes

With my cousin Ruth, who was 18 months older, but we were both a bit uncertain about having our photo taken. This was June 1952 in our garden in Norwich, England. Sadly Ruth died from cancer when she was 54.

by Christine Frost G2G6 Mach 8 (84.7k points)
Cousins and childhood are some of my best memories!  I loved my cousins and we had a bunch of fun while we were growing up.  They are always in my memories!  Love your curly blonde hair!  Thanks for posting Christine!
+9 votes

This is Issac and Sarah Shockey with some of their grandchildren. The young boy on the left in the short black paints is my grandfather Herman Edward Huffman and one of the youngest girls in front is his sister Dola Ruth Huffman. I don't know who all of the others are but they are cousins.

by Stacie Briggs G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
Stacie!  Love the braids on the girls' hair...I was going to say pigtails but I'm not sure that is the case any longer!  Thanks for sharing all these cousins!
+8 votes

This is my first cousin 3x removed, Benjamin Crayk.  He fought in the Shetland Highlanders Regiment in WWI and died in France from wounds he suffered.  If you put his picture next to my dad’s picture when my dad was this age, they look exactly identical.  It’s uncanny.  

by Jared Crayk G2G6 Mach 1 (10.9k points)
Love the way you put this image together Jared!  Antique Road Show right here on Wikitree 52 photos!  All documented!  Good job and thanks for Benjamin's service!  So many lost at a young age!
Thanks. I love Antiques Roadshow.
+9 votes

My first cousin three times removed, Hetty Stillwell Lee, (Stillwell-1231) organized Stillwell family reunions in the New York area for many years. My mother, Lucille Dawson Ceruti (Dawson-7102), shown on the left of this picture, remarked that this was a time when she saw cousins that she did not see at any other time.

by Marion Ceruti G2G6 Mach 8 (89.1k points)
Remember when ladies wore hats? I enjoyed looking close up at all of them. Thanks, Marion reunions!  Looks like cousin Hetty was quite successful at getting the family rounded up!  We used to have large family reunions in southern California when I was young, but today is a different story...everyone lives so far apart.  Thanks for sharing this magnificent family photo Marion!
+6 votes

Cousin Rex playing cousin Edward VI in the 1953 movie 'Young Bess'.

by John Thompson G2G6 Mach 8 (81.7k points)
Such a cutie and looks the part for sure!  I will have to check this out!  Thanks John!
Scott,  Cousin Rex, being three years older, I received twice, boxes of clothes and toys.  I remember some clothes with the label Saks 5th Avenue and a toy Staten Island ferry.
+7 votes

This photo was taken the summer of 1959 at our cousins' house in Delaware by the swimming pool. These are all children of my father and his brothers (at the time). If you look closely in the middle, you can see the puppet which was the hit of the visit. I think it was an Ollie puppet (the dragon from Kukla, Fran, and Ollie). Needless to say, all the younger children competed fiercely to have possession. I think the oldest was beyond that sort of thing. She was almost a teenager.

ago by s Davenport G2G6 Mach 1 (16.4k points)
The pool is set up nicely...ladder, slide, water supply, very cool!  Marko?...anyone? Thanks for posting!
+5 votes

My maternal grandfather was born and raised in Niagara Falls.  He later settled in a suburb of New York City, but regularly took his family back to Niagara Falls to visit.  Here are my mom and aunt at either end with their Canadian cousins in the middle.  They look angelic here, but I hear they got up to some high jinks!

ago by Betsy Ko G2G2 (2.3k points)
As I remember when I was just a was always the girls that started it...but they were smart enough to avoid getting noticed, except for pictures like this.  Just think of how many photos we would have today of those days if we had our cell phones!  Thanks for sharing this memory!
+4 votes
My cousins would regularly gather at our grandparent's home and often took group shots on the stairs in the backyard.  I probably have ten different groupings taken in this manner from the 19602.
ago by Steve Hatch G2G1 (1.8k points)
0 votes

My family on my mother's side is big on family gatherings, but this is the biggest one yet. It includes descendants from my mother, her sister, and one of her brothers (the other didn't have children), plus many of their kids and grandkids. Since we all had big families, it's quite a crew. My brother, Archie, was the photographer (bottom right). He died of cancer just a few years later at 46 years of age.

ago by Susette Horspool G2G3 (3.0k points)
edited ago by Susette Horspool
This photo is too big. I don't want to include it on this thread. Now it's on twice, but there's no delete button anywhere. How do I get rid of the whole thing?
I don't know how to delete a photo either, but it's a good photo that people would like to see. To resize it, click EDIT. In the answer box with the green border, put your mouse on the photo, click IMAGE PROPERTIES. This will open the dialogue box. In the box labelled WIDTH, change the number. (Try 375). Click OK and SAVE ANSWER. Good luck.
It worked! After I opened edit, I actually right clicked the photo itself, then changed the width to 375. Then I selected the 2nd photo and hit delete on my keyboard. Now it's a decent post (lol). Thank you.

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