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I have been thinking that I need to have a computer based family tree.  I have everything here on WikiTree now.

Are there some applications that would allow me to download my WikiTree info to my laptop software, maybe like Roots Magic, Family Tree Maker etc.

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Thanks for the info everyone.

Just to be sure I understand I can download my WikiTree  profiles to GEDCOM and then to the software of my choice?  Is that correct?

Someone said not to do too many as the file would be too large.  What is too large?  4 profiles?  15 profiles?

Sometimes things don't export all the siblings/spouses, because the software has to limit how far out to look. This will be an issue transferring from one software to another, because they'll be slightly different. I have this issue with, but it does put a note in the record when it doesn't include the relationship, so that's something.

Wikitree's limits are options you can choose for data only, privacy limits, etc. (see this page for more info), and the general GEDCOM limitations are as follows:

General limits:

  • No file can contain more than 10,000 people.
  • Exports of family trees and descendants are limited to 15 generations.
  • Files with over 500 people are processed in a queue to conserve resources. They're generally ready within one hour. You will be e-mailed when it's ready. If you don't receive the e-mail, check your spam filter.
  • No member can request more than six files per day. Repeatedly requesting six files per day is also prohibited. Developers wanting access to more data click here.
  • You must be on the Trusted List of the starting person for a family tree or descendants export unless they are Open.
  • Full Watchlist exports may include private people for whom you are not on the Trusted List if they are nuclear family members of people on your Watchlist, but their information will be limited for privacy.
  • Family tree or descendants exports may include many private people for whom you are not on the Trusted List if they are in the family line and have public trees. Their information will be limited for privacy. See below.
Thank you so much Johathan.  Very good info and very helpful

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If you go to My Wikitree and GEDCOMs, you can download a Gedcom file that you can then import to the software of your choice. You may have to download your info in steps, so as not to make the file too large, but it should help you get there.
by Jonathan Crawford G2G6 Pilot (123k points)
Some things may not download completely from the biographies when templates are used.
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I always advertise Gramps, free open source software. It is ideal with good links to sources and options for extensions.

But there is no software that I know of that has 100% interaction with WikiTree (yet). So you will always need to work on the data afterwards. It shouldn't be too hard to make this for Gramps, so I think it is a mere matter of time.

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (231k points)
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I use RootsMagic 7.

You can download a gedcom file for either ancestors or descendants of an individual fairly easily. When you do so make sure the file extension is “ged”. Sometimes it is saved with the “txt” extension. If that is the case your software will not recognize it. Just rename the file and it should then import.

Be prepared for some work to cleanup the file.

There are some WikiTree specific fields that are exported, you can keep or remove these as you choose.

If the WikiTree profiles have used the middle name field, these will not be imported because it is a non-standard gedcom field.

You may get a number of unconnected “Anonymous” people because of privacy settings.

If a person is not connected to both of their parents (ie, they are erroneous half-siblings) you may get phantom spouses.

A big part of the formatting in the bio narrative is lost as it gets turned into wiki markup or html code, with the result that the bio is hard to read.

Sources remain in the bio and are not put in the gedcom source fields due to how WikiTree is set up. These get the markup/html as well.

One good point, at least in RootsMagic, is that the profile ID (eg, Smith-123) goes into the RootsMagic address field as the terminal part of the WikiTree url for the person. I usually make these a source as they are then easy to see and will print in the reports.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (429k points)

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