Should Richard le Roy's father be disconnected?

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Richard le Roy was the father of Siméon Le Roy, a man born in Normandy who migrated to Canada, New France before eventually settling in New Netherland. Richard and his wife are named as Siméon's parents on their son's marriage act, so this point is settled.

However, nothing more is known about Richard. The archives of the parish of Créances (in the current-day Manche department) do not go further back than 1725 (on line, at least) - more than 100 years after Richard's supposed birth. I don't see any reliable source confirming the parent currently attached to Richard, Jacques Le Roux, and believe that Richard's parents should be left as unknown.

In addition to what is in the Research Notes section on Richard's profile, I'll add that the names "Le Roux" and "Le Roy" are very different names (from my perspective) and it's very unlikely they would have been confused in France.

I'd also like to change the Last Name At Birth for Richard to "le Roy" which is the style found on his son's marriage act (the only record we have) and is more conform to the usual style in France at the time.

Please post here if you have more information. Is there any evidence suggesting we should keep Jacques Le  Roux as father of Richard?

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but he says this is the work of a professional genealogist

Thank you. Indeed, not a primary source... Does he ever say which professional genealogist? I didn't see.

I'm a bit concerned about pages like these
I must apologize. I only scanned the weebly then went offline as we had a severe thunderstorm/possible tornado warning.  I disconnect during storms - LIGHTNING WILL FRY EVERYTHING !!! (yes, Miss Isabelle, I'm a chicken LOL)

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I agree that this tenuous connection should be removed.  Simeon is a beloved ancestor.  He deserves accurate and well documented confirmation, if and when data becomes available.
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+3 votes is the better source as opposed to the one Eddie gave, and basically says Richard's parents aren't known, Siméon's baptism was transcribed by Archange Godbout in 1939, records were lost due to WW2.  There are a number of le Roy in the area.

The actual transcription by Godbout can be seen on the profile as an uploaded PDF.

The Le Roux name is indeed not right, and there is no evidence surviving to name Richard's parents, so yes, I agree, disconnection is in order.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
the supposed brother also needs some attention
The supposed brother will have to remain attached to the incorrect father, so he'll be disconnected from Richard.

Unfortunately there's nothing more I can do since I can't access the source that is attached to the "brother" profile.

The source is available on Familysearch (image 214/925). It says:

In 1671, [Marie Taine, widow of Philippe Casier] married Jean Le Roy, of Harlem, and after that went with him to Staten Island.

So nothing about Jean Le Roy's purported father, brother, and first wife.

The book has several other occurrences of Jean Le Roy (not necessarily always the same man). Page 98 (add 16 to get image numbers) has him from Picardy (so not Normandy) and married to Louise de Lancastre, arriving in New Netherland in 1652. I have not checked all of them (see index on image 888). No Richard Le Roy or Jacques Le Roux in the index.

So I guess you can go ahead and disconnect him too.

interesting, a source to get added to sources for the area.  Too bad the man only has a footnote there.
Emile Audy's blog is truly a wonderful piece of work.
Thanks Julien. Indeed there are references to Jean le Roy being related to other French settlers in the area but nothing about his father and mother.

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