Can anyone recognize any of these locations in Värmland Sweden

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I am trying to decipher the location where one of my ancestors might come from. I have three clues from the books found in Riksarkviet.

1) His birth location according to his wifes death record.

2) His living location when marrying.

3) His daugthers living location when marrying.

These records are from Mangskog in Värmland so I have some guesses to what these locations are, but if anyone is able to decipher them I would be very grateful.


Thanks for the great help! With your help I have concluded:

1) Nordgårdsstad, Mangskog

2) Nordgårdsstad, Mangskog

3) dersammastädes  -> Tobyn, Mangskog

I also realized I missed to write the last location:

4) His death location, according to his wifes death record, looks like Gborg (göteborg) but seems far away from Värmland in 1760.

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Karin Andersdotter’s place of death looks like Tobyn (in Mangskog) to me.
by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (131k points)

In Anders marriage record, (comparing the other letters on the page), the place he is from looks like it starts with “Nolg,” but I can not figure out the rest of the place because it is in the center of the book.

The other is really hard to read. Looks like it ends with “staden.”

I was hoping I could help you, but I think I failed. blush

Yeah that one was pretty clear. For his death it says something that looks like Gborg but I have a hard time believing it means Göteborg, seems too far away from Värmland. It also says him being from something that seem to start with U or N, could possibly be Nordgårdsstad as commented by Per S.
No worries, I have been looking at those for hours without finding anything but vague guesses :)
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His living location when marrying looks like "Nolgst." which I think is short for Nolgårdsstad = Nordgårdsstad ('thick L' being common for "rd"), which is a place I find in the house examination records for Mangskog.
by Per Starbäck G2G6 Mach 1 (15.7k points)
Ok thanks, I did not know the L=rd, that seems a reasonable conclusion in that case, I was considering Nolby in Brunskog but didn't really think that was a good match. Thanks for the help!
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The marriage record for his daughter says that Jon Nilsson from Tobyn married Kerstin Andersdotter dersammastädes - so it's not a place name.

by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (437k points)
Aa that makes sense, I haven't seen that word before, only ibidem or variants thereoff. Thanks!
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Something that I found useful is to do a google for, in this case familysearch wiki mangskog, then the first hit will usually be to the familysearch wiki about Swedish research. In the wikipage about the parish, they list place names of that parish:,_V%C3%A4rmland,_Sweden_Genealogy

I do that when I can't read a place name smiley to compare to places that existed.

by Maria Lundholm G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
Hah, I never remember to check the FamilySearch wiki - although their lists are good. When there aren't typewritten lists in a suitable volume of household records, I usually try searching at
Thank you, I was not aware of those sites. Unfortunately I did not find any gborg location in värmland that seems to match his death location.
Oh, it is not so unthinkable that he did die in Göteborg, is it?

One could say it like this: Göteborg is a quite reasonable place for a man from Värmland to die, IF he died far from home. Was he a soldier?
He was a dräng when marrying at least. I guess it could still be possible, but I would have guessed he would have been brought back and burried in Mangskog in that case, and I have yet to find such a burial record. That is why I think it might be a reference to another parish, where he might have lived at the time, his wife moving back to Mangskog after his death to live with her children, but he could of course be burried in Göteborg,  I will check burial records there as well.

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